Response to the Huffington Post: Evolution As Well as Creation Should Be Taught in Schools.

An article by Jaless Rehman was published on the world renowned Huffington Post web site on 1 January, 2011. In that piece, Rehman referred to the influence and importance of the works of the globally esteemed author Mr. Adnan Oktar.

In that article, Rehman speaks of the power of Mr. Oktar’s effective and scientific campaign against Darwinism and mentions the scientific evidence, rationality, powerful style and impact of his books. In considering the influence of these books on students, Rehman expresses his own doubts and espouses a one-sided perspective to the effect that students should only be given scientific information, without entering into the subject of Creation.

Our statement on this subject is as follows:

Jalees Rehman should be aware of the dominance of the Darwinist dictatorship in schools

First and foremost, this needs to be made clear: one of the greatest victories of the 150-year-old Darwinist dictatorship has been the inclusion of Darwinist education in schools. Darwinism is now officially taught in all schools and universities everywhere in the world. School administrations and even state officials are unable to speak out on this matter, even if they are opposed to it, and are unable to prevent Darwinist education. New classes are removed from the curriculum in all countries. Just like countries’ official languages and currencies, evolution has become an official ideology taught in schools.

Students everywhere in the world are taught only evolution in their science classes, EVEN THOUGH IT IS SUPPORTED BY NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AND HAS BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY THOROUGHLY DISCREDITED. A one-sided education is provided, yet students are shown NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE. Real scientific evidence is taught in a distorted form, and students are made to memorize a history of life that never happened. Darwinist frauds are still taught as if they were true, and the latest generation grows up to believe that there really was an equine series, that Haeckel’s imaginary drawings were real and that the Peppered moths represent “evolution at work.” Students who realize that evolution is a fraud, on the other hand, are unable to obtain the grades they need to pass if they make any objections. University instructors are removed from their posts and cannot find work anywhere else.

The Darwinist dictatorship that has been constructed across the world, and especially in schools, is highly influential. Astonishingly, evolution is taught as science, despite being a pagan religion based on fraud and having been scientifically refuted.

Jalees Rehman needs to bear these facts in mind when he objects to the teaching of Creation in schools. Evolution is being taught in schools, NOT SCIENCE. A fraud is being officially and blatantly imparted in schools, NOT SCIENCE. All voices raised in protest are immediately silenced. One-sided education is intended to lead a whole generation in just one direction. The aim is to raise a “Darwinist” generation, not a cultured younger generation made up of scientists.

What we object to is one-sided education

There is another fact that Mr. Rehman must not forget. What we oppose and object to is this domination of the Darwinist dictatorship. One-sided education must be put an end to if this domination is to be eliminated. We have no objection to the theory of evolution being taught in schools. But if evolution is taught, then the fact of Creation must also be taught, WITH ALL THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE SUPPORTING IT. Mr. Oktar has expressed this demand many times. If they are genuine, the proponents of the theory of evolution should have no objection to this. Because both subjects will be taught, with their own evidence, and the decision will be left to the student.

Evolution will be taught in that way in schools. But education will also be given about the fact of Creation. This education will be completely based on scientific foundations. Students will only be shown examples of the more than 350 million fossils excavated to date. Experiments will be performed to show whether or not protein can come into being by chance, and scientific work on the subject will be stressed. Observations will be conducted to see whether mutations lead one species to turn into another, as evolutionists claim. Research will be conducted into their claims of the passage from one species to another. This work will be completely rooted in science.

The student will be free in his interpretations and will reach his conclusions solely on the basis of the scientific evidence. That is the kind of education we demand from schools.

There is nothing in this to alarm or annoy Darwinists or lead them to object. Darwinists, who have maintained the absolute veracity of their theory for many years, and if they still maintain these claims then they should have nothing to fear. Because they will continue to teach their own syllabus in schools.

If some people interpret this as “religious education,” then Darwinism, A PAGAN RELIGION dating back 150 years, should not be taught in schools, either. If they regard it as science, then they have no reason to object to it, because our aim is to provide scientific evidence.

This would be an exceedingly fair system. If the theory of evolution, which has been unable to show a single piece of scientific evidence over the last 150 years, is so dominant in schools, then it would be completely illogical to scientific evidence refuting evolution to be brought to schools. This can only mean that they are afraid of genuine fossils and the results of genuine scientific experiments and are thus unwilling to have them taught in schools. In that case, the Darwinist dictatorship will have revealed its true face, and it will be clear just how much the theory of evolution has to do with science.

There is a purpose behind the creation of all things

Jalees Rehman’s concern is based on Mr. Oktar referring to the fact of Creation together with scientific evidence in his works. But the following point has escaped Mr. Rehman’s notice: they refer to the fact of Creation because the scientific evidence in these works points to Creation or a Creator. Someone looking at this scientific evidence will certainly see a total sublimity. For example, Mr. Oktar’s book The Miracle in the Ant, which Mr. Rehman discusses, describes an ant’s extraordinary characteristics that far surpass its own abilities and knowledge. If a person just glosses over these sublime characteristics, he will assume that it is in fact a tiny ant that does all these things. He will be unaware of the message being sent him through all these extraordinary details. This is not scientific. It will do him no good; it will awake no excitement in him and will not encourage any profound reflection.

There is a purpose behind a living thing’s life, the perfection in its physiology, a single protein it possesses, an atom or a fossil from the past. Since nothing in the world is created for no reason, these will not be created for no reason, either. Any rational person of good conscience will immediately realize when he sees all these that a system so full of miracles cannot come into being by chance and cannot be glossed over. Therefore, a detailed knowledge of the life of the honeybee or of an ant is enough for such a person realize that these and everything else HAS BEEN CREATED. That is why the scientific facts and Creation are not distinct concepts from one another. Science always points to Creation.

Mr. Oktar’s works describe how these facts, which people of good conscience can immediately see, are the work of our Creator, Almighty Allah, and that the Qur’an contains references to all this scientific evidence. This is something that anyone of good conscience will long since have grasped. Such a person must also know that the Qur’an contains references to it. Because this is a huge and most exciting miracle. Almighty Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, reveals His sublime existence through this extraordinary evidence He creates. It would be illogical to look at these astonishing signs and not refer to their Owner. Praise for every extraordinary artifact must be directed toward its Creator. If we refer to this dazzling artistry in this world, if we look into its details and are amazed by new scientific evidence and strive to learn ever more profound details, then we must realize and recognize that it is Almighty Allah, the Creator of the world who is also the Lord and sublime Creator of these.

That is why Mr. Rehman is so mistaken on this subject. Students can only develop their true powers of understanding, their abilities to perceive and understand, their capacity for genuine thought, when they recognize the Lord of this majestic artistry they witness. They will then realize that everything has a purpose, and that they themselves were not created for no reason. Everything in Creation shows us the existence of Allah, our Almighty Lord, His infinite Wisdom and sublime omniscience. Allah reveals in these verses that:

We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything between them as a game. We did not create them except with truth       but most of them do not know it. (Surat ad-Dukhan, 38-39)

2011-01-04 17:53:32

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