Prof. Robert Davis, from Glasgow University, warned that the Scottish curriculum is “under pressure” of atheists like Richard Dawkins


The website of the Christian Institute reported that Robert Davis, an education expert from Glasgow University, warned that atheists like Richard Dawkins want to exclude other perspectives and make pressure for a one-sided perspective in the curriculum.

Prof. Robert Davis expressed the pressure of the atheist lobby on the Scottish curriculum thus:

“They want to exclude other perspectives and suggest they are not only wrong, but are invalid and should not be given any kind of space in learning and teaching. The atheist lobby has made a strong impact on schools and teachers and I think that has to be questioned.”

For years, Mr. Adnan Oktar has been expounding a worldwide dominion of Darwinism over schools and universities, and school administrations and even statesmen have been remaining silent against them. Both in his works and the interviews he granted to the press , both local and foreign, Mr. Oktar repeatedly expressed that the evolution has almost become an official ideology in every corner of the world. Though lacking any scientific evidence and wholly refuted in the scientific sense, the theory of evolution is taught in science lessons. A unilateral education is imposed on curriculum while the fact of Creation is entirely excluded. The fact is however, education needs to be free and Creation must have its place alongside the theory of evolution. 

2012-02-29 20:45:25

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