The Faulty Claim that Islands Help Lizards Evolve

As known, the theory of evolution claims that a changing environment and conditions leads to the emergence of new species. However, if those claims were true, new organs and systems should have appeared in the body to support those imaginary evolutionary claims of transformation . The story of evolution is at odds with the history of life and  fossils show that species did not evolve from one another, but instead came into existence suddenly, in their perfect forms and independently of each other. Nevertheless, the advocates of this fairy tale of evolution continues to promote their unfounded claims. 

One  such story is about an incident where a group of lizards left on a deserted island  supposedly went through remarkable evolutionary changes. Let's take a detailed look at this claim.

In 1971, five adult pairs of Italian wall lizards were moved from an island in the Adriatic Sea  to a neighboring island (Pod Mrcaru). When they were examined 36 years later, their numbers were found to have reached in the thousands and their bodies were observed to have grown larger in every aspect. Their heads were now longer, larger and taller and their gut had grown new structures called "cecal valves". So, where are the brand new organs that the evolutionary claims entail?

There are no new extremities or organs that evolutionists were looking forward to find. There are only wall lizards that had been eating well for the last 30 generations, which, in turn, allowed them to simply become more well-fed compared to their ancestors. Besides, the researchers themselves admit to the fact that genetic analyses confirmed these lizards to be identical to their ancestors.

So is the cecal valve, which is claimed to be a wholly new structure, truly a brand new organ? Actually, a cecal valve is a valve that is already known to be in the intestines of 1% of all lizard species. It cannot be defined as a brand new organ or structure. When these lizards were forced to eat only plants , this silent genetic trait became predominant. In genetics, this is known as the gene regulation, where certain genes are activated when the need arises.

According to the modern area of research called epigenetics, phenotypes can change while genotypes remain unchanged. Thus, changes occur in some physical and physiological attributes without the addition to, or removal of, any genetic information from the DNA. The variations potential within the same species also needs to be examined in this context.

The evolutionist remarks made solely based on external traits are debunked by genetics. Evolutionist biases do not simply fail to reshape science, they are torn down by science itself.


2018-07-09 23:50:04

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