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A Detailed Account of the 2nd International Conference on the Origin of Life and the Universe

On May 21st, 2017, the Technics & Science Research Foundation (TSRF) held its second annual International Conference on The Origin of Life and The Universe at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

Focusing on the question of “What is the origin  of life?” the TSRF’s The Origin of Life and The Universe Conference drew a line in the shifting sands of the scientific community, declaring boldly that evidence for a God-driven Creation exists plainly in such fields as genetics, biology, paleontology, physics, chemistry and astrophysics.

Unique among creation-oriented groups, TRSF is THE ONLY Islamic-based organization, and prides itself on its interfaith dialogue. TSRF frequently hosts events, which feature Christian, Jewish, and other leading theologians and scientists from around the world.

Attended by approximately 500 participants, The 2nd Origin of Life and The Universe Conference featured two sessions of speakers.

In addition to the talks presented on topics ranging from the nature of viruses to the complexity of the DNA, conference goers viewed several exhibits of fossils, many dating back millions of years, and enjoyed performances of musicians and the Istanbul Dance Factory.

TSRF has been working for quite a long time to bring to the public’s attention the latest scientific developments offering insights as to the origin of life and the universe, as well as the findings of modern science in an effort to highlight how this knowledge can be used to change our outlook on life.

The second conference provided answers from genetics, biology, paleontology, physics, chemistry and astrophysics to the question ‘How  did  life  begin?’ with the valuable input of scientific figures who are experts in their fields and who have published many academic studies in respectable peer-reviewed journals.

In addition to discussing the latest scientific discoveries of the 21st Century, the speakers provided their insights as to how science can be utilized to build a peaceful world where people can live together harmoniously.

Guest speaker Fazale R. Rana, gave a presentation entitled ‘DNA’s Inspirational Design.’ In his presentation, he described how works in biomimetic and bio-inspiration—exemplified by the inspirational design of the DNA molecule—focuses fresh perspective on the elegant designs of biochemical systems—designs befitting a Creator’s handiwork.

Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, in her speech ‘Why Did God Create Viruses?’ spoke of God’s fingerprints in every living thing.

Carlo Alberto Cossano, MD, with his presentation entitled ‘Informatics Records and Proteins Production’ shared the latest information on how bio-informatics and the design found in proteins show us the flawless Creation of God.

Psychiatry Professor Paolo Cioni’s presentation was on ‘Psyche and the Crisis of Materialist Reductionism’, in which he talked about the failure of materialist reductionism in human mind.

Fabrizio Frautus, in his presentation titled ‘Evolution: Myth or Truth?’, talked about the scientific evidences which refute the theory of evolution.

Oktar Babuna, MD, presented a talk titled “Matter: The Other Name for Illusion”, in which he pointed out a crucial secret of our lives. Throughout his talk, in the light of scientific evidences, he showed the whole material world is really a shadow, and that this is the key to understanding the existence of God, His Creation, and the fact that He is the one absolute Being.

And lastly, Jeff Gardner, in his closing speech said, “That is, at the heart of it, our challenge, our task is to instruct the world that each of us has been made purposefully, and with the purpose of being seen, of being heard and not being silenced, forgotten or disappeared.”

The conference also hosted a ‘fossil exhibition’ along with the book stall, where the audience could see clear paleontological proofs that living things haven’t gone through any change over hundreds of millions of years.

The evidence and scientific arguments provided by our speakers included information that will lead the world of science to the good and right, and enlighten the Turkish youth as well as the whole world. For this reason, our international conference themed “The 2nd Origin of Life and the Universe” was an utterly important and influential initiative that shed light to the whole world and the future.

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