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Masha ALLAH, for me its blessing ALLAH shows me your work to me as a guidance i am blessed and i believe everyone who is aware of you is surely blessed because ALLAH gudies those who he wants.
Engr.Muhammad Raza - PK
Dear Master Sahibu Zaman Assalamu alaikkum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuhu. Iam madly in love with you. You are my soul & life. I hail from Chennai in Tamilnadu state, India where Sahaba hazrath Thamimul Ansari (Raliyallahu Anhu) is buried. Ya Quddoos, Ya Adlu, Ya Hakamu, Ya Wahidu, Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum, Ya Sarmadi, Ya Daaim, Ya Baqi, Ya Dahr for the sake of my love for Imam Mahdi,I beg you to make me the flag bearer of islam. Wassalam Abdulmubeen Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
Abdulmubeen Abdulkader - IN
Dear Master Sahibu Zaman Assalamu alaikkum You are the most beautiful man on earth, You are the darling of my eyes, You are the star which shines beautifully in the horizon, You are the the sun that leads people to the path of peace and prosperity, My beloved has blessed this universe with so much beauty!!!! Wonder how resplendently beautiful the creator of all this beauty would be!!! Ya Waliyyu, Ya Waliyyu, Ya Waliyyu Oh my friend, Oh my friend, For the Sake of Baqiyathullah, Take me as your beloved Rijalullah. And make me your servant submitting always to you. Wassalam Abdul mubeen
Mubeen Abdulkader - IN
Assalamu alaikkum Ya Sahibul Waqt I love you very deeply, more than my life.Through your grace, Allah has revealed to this humble servant the secret of his Greatest name. Please give me Ijazath to recite this name. Wassalam Mubeen Abdulkader Servant of Allah
Mubeen Abdulkader - OM
Dear Master Assalamu alaikkum. I pray to Allah to give me an opportunity to meet you. Insha Allah, am planning to visit Istanbul this year to meet you.You are the noblest person in the world and used to meeting rich and powerful people. Iam a ordinary Indian guy working as a Umrah sales executive in Oman.Iam not sure wether you would like to meet a person of my background. I love you very deeply. I know Allah is protecting you. My deepest aspiration is to see Islam prevail in the world. Iam willing to do anything to become one among your 313 helpers. Wassalam.
mubeen abdulkader - OM
Dear master Harun Yahya Assalamu alaikkum. I would like to kiss your hands and feet and take bayath from you. May my life be sacrificed for you & the sake of islam.I pray to Allah to give me an opportunity to meet your good self. I firmly beleive that you are the promised Mahdi & deliverer of humanity. I pray for the dawn of golden era of islamic caliphate.
mubeen abdulkader - OM
MashaAllah Jazal Allah Khair very useful is a very small word for your website. I beleive High Holtness Sir Adnan Oktar will soon succeed in his mission, Inshah Allah With great regards and many expectations for the Turkish-Islamic Union Humaira Sohail
Humaira Sohail - DK
Masha Allah your website is wonderful.Please convey my salams and best wishes to Dr. Adnan oktar
mubeen abdulkader - IN
Masha Allah Respected sir i got lot of spiritual inspiration from your lectures how can i serve Islam Kindly guide me.
Azra Khalid - PK
May Allah sends upon you all eternal heavenly blessing and make you prosper more and more. May You All be blessed insha Allah. Great job.
Benazheer Zehra - MU
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