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We are aware of the fact that Turkey is going through a very tough time. We are in the End Times, there are a lot of dissensions. These lands that we live on, the Middle East is the place that the intellectual struggle between the system of the Mahdi and the system of the dajjal takes place. Of course there will be difficulties, hardships and pain. After these hardships an amazing beauty will come about. Our Prophet (saas) too lived in a very difficult land and the sun of Islam has risen there. With the help of God, insha’Allah an amazing beauty will come about in Turkey as well.
God creates everything with for a reason, for good. It would be a grave mistake to think about the past and then get sad. God has created the past auspiciously and it is already done. One would live the same destiny every single time even if he is sent to this world for a thousand times. People would not remember anything negative about their past in Heaven. Once a believer targets the good pleasure of God, he would not attach any importance to the past. A believer should put his trust in God and keep his heart at ease.
We have given hundred thousands of martyrs for this homeland yet we have never given a handful of our soil. We would never give. The British wanted to enter Turkey from Afrin in 1918, but our beloved leader Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, realizing the importance of that region, defined a line there and did not let the British even a step in.

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They preach religion as if it is comprised of inextricable rituals and religiousness as if it is very difficult. Religion is sincerity. You need to be wholeheartedly sincere and patient in the face of time. When one attains sincerity, everything does not change all of a sudden with lightning flashes. But in time one would see that positive changes take place all the time.
We need to see the lack of up and coming artists as a national disaster. New artists should be raised constantly. It is very important to increase the number of artists we have as soon as possible. We would be thwarting the plot of the movement of the dajjal if we have a lot of high quality artists. We need to increase the number of our artists in painting, in music, in architecture, in every field.
Death is waking up from a dream. After that moment, after death, the images continue uninterruptedly. The life in this world is a dream. Death is passing to a sharper image from that dream. Muslims would never face anything that would upset or disturb them after the moment they die.
Protection of women is a very important issue. Prioritizing women in every sphere of social life should be guaranteed with laws. Before anything else, everyone should see little girls as members of their own families. If there is a young girl in an environment, every family should protect and watch over her just like they would their own daughter. Young girls are very delicate beings that should be protected conscientiously. Sometimes families oppress their children very much, people should not remain as observers to such oppression.
Anyone who truly knows Alawism would admire Alawites. Alawism means maturity and love. Alawites are people who close the door to bigotry, who are deeply devoted to Hazrat Ali, Ahl al-Bayt, our Prophet and above everyone else to God. Alawites are valiant people with an artistic soul. No one should ever pay attention to those who talk against Alawites.
Every woman is created with a system that measures and recognizes the depth of love very well. When a woman sees love, she measures, scales and knows it thoroughly. There is no woman who would not understand it, there are only those who lie to themselves. Such people only use love as a cover when they jump at the opportunity saying ‘I do love him a lot!’ they see someone very rich or someone with a post without even thinking about love. It is not that person that they love, it is money.
Some people hold big headed, pedant types in awe. They coddle those who act snobbish. They think very little of those who talk about love. One needs to see lack of love as a moral corruption and not give those who do not talk about love the time of the day. The doors of hatred should be closed tight. Hatred is a serious problem in the Middle East, it is important to avoid everything that might incite hatred.
The most difficult times are the times that emphasize the friendships the most. One gets cancer and no one takes their calls. Those with whom they have gone to parties up until that day pretend not to know them. That is a grave moral turpitude. Discarding one’s friend is a grave cruelty.
Many people do not feel ashamed of hatred. They do not take offence from lack of love. The headlines in many websites are either cynic or full of rage. It is not possible for one to live with that much hatred. Love is a very beautiful, very pleasurable feeling. It is outright abnormality to resist love despite the beauty of it. Such people cannot even appreciate the blessing of the beauty when they go somewhere beautiful, they disturb everyone when they go somewhere with their filthy mouths. They take a boat trip and reprimand the captain, they go out to dinner and reprimand the waiter, they go out for shopping to a mall, they look around with their ice cold gazes. This is groveling, not living. Even in the best of conditions a hateful person would be groveling, not living.
When one remains aloof from faith and belief, God would systematically give troubles to that person. There would be a constriction in his mind. The understanding of happiness would be strangled, there would be no power left in his soul for happiness. The doors of sorrow would be opened and the doors to happiness would be closed. Reasoning and judgment would be disturbed. The minds of those whose hearts are devoted to God would be open, their horizons would be broadened and they would be under the special protection of God. It is not possible to harm those who are under the special protection of God, even if the whole world join forces to do so.

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A smart, intelligent woman would naturally be attractive. Both the gazes and the voice of a smart woman would be very attractive. Every sentence such a person forms would bring her appealing. Intelligence turns a woman into a magnificent power. But the majority of women keep their minds under pressure because of their emotionality, fears, worries and unnecessary apprehensions. That prevents them from experiencing the beauty of their natural disposition as is due.
The word ‘Mahdi’ creates a feeling of relief at the hearts of believer. Unbelievers and hypocrites, on the other hand, do not like hearing the word ‘Mahdi’ or the system of the Mahdi.
Siding with love against all kinds of difficulties is the foundation of wisdom. Those who become wild in the slightest clash of interest cannot keep love going. Love is a blessing given to a few people and is a great blessing that necessitates making an effort.
Fear of God is actually one’s worry about the possibility of losing God’s love. This fear is the foundation of love and wisdom. Love becomes strong with fear of God. A believer would always be content with everything that comes from God and would face everything that befalls on him with joy. The fear a believer feels is not the fear of being tormented, it is the fear felt about the possibility of losing the love of God Who loves us this much and Who gives all these blessings.
By the year 2023, Turkey and the Islamic world would be the entering a very enlightened era with the Grace of God.
Believers would want to go to Heaven gloriously with the honor of having proven their love for God to themselves. Going to Heaven after being tested and trained in this world would be a glorious departure and a great blessing.
It is not acceptable to participate in the discourses carried out with a hypocritical mindset by those who use satirical language fueled by rage and anger towards religion. If there is someone who does that unwittingly, you warn such a person with kind words and say; “what you are doing does not comply with the Qur’an,” and that person would then regret doing so and would not do it again, insha’Allah.

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Some families do not teach their children about love. Love is the greatest necessity for children. Children should know how to experience love in all details. They do not teach love of God neither do they teach to love those God created. This is one of the greatest disasters of the End Times.
Believers live with their good conscience. A person who doesn’t live by his good conscience is actually nothing more than corpse. It is impossible for such a person to have meaningful eyes. It is ungratefulness what hurts people the most and what makes them take a dislike to one another. Believers should constantly behave conscientiously and fiercely avoid ungratefulness and selfishness.
Our President Mr. Erdoğan is like a lion masha’Allah, he is complete Anatolian young man. May God give him a long and auspicious life. Our President Mr. Erdoğan will always be the leader of our nation also in 2019, 2029, 2039, with the help of God insha’Allah. He is always in front of the eyes of our people with his good morality, him honesty and sincerity. Our President Mr. Erdoğan was raised by our Master Necmettin Erbakan. He is a faithful and conscientious man of cause, just like our Master Erbakan was. Mr. Erdoğan is never deceived by the fuss people make and he listens to his good conscience all the time.

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Remembering and praising the Greatness of God would have an amazing impact on a person’s soul. Submission to God and putting one’s trust in God would be built on that foundation. Think about all the atoms in one of the objects you see around in your room. God is the One Who knows when and where every single of those millions of atoms would pass through and in which orbit they would all move. Not trusting the Supreme Wisdom that creates and knows the order in all those atoms would be a grave remorselessness and irrationality.
The ability to talk sincerely is not something that is bestowed on everyone. People who are able to talk sincerely are rare. Sincere speech would have an amazing impact on the other side. A sincere tone of voice has a magnificent impact. Most people, because they are embarrassed to do so, or because they do not fully trust the ones they are addressing, talk with an imitated tone of voice and make insincere speeches. With his tone and gaze, a sincere person would be able to take his beloved one to a totally different and beautiful dimension.
It should be made clear that no one should give credit to the false reports made about the Afrin operation. Turkey is advancing very cautiously and very carefully because she is painstakingly careful about the protection of civilians. Turkish army is very conscientious and merciful. There are some provocateurs who want to create an atmosphere as if we are giving so many martyrs. In such a period the best thing to do is to close ranks around the national leader. We – as the Turkish nation- are beside our President Mr. Erdoğan and our honorable army, with God’s help. We will never surrender any piece of our homeland to the system of the dajjal. It is time that the British deep state and their sycophants drum this thoroughly into their heads.

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Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. Only devils in human form would be influenced by the hypocrites. They make friends with the hypocrites. Hypocrites try to appear as devout, honest people. They put on a mask. Satan comes with a mask of a Muslim. They talk about the Qur’an, they praise God, talk like Muslims and those devils in human form like them would be fooled by them and go join them.
Lovelessness would be the greatest disaster that would cause suffering for the whole world. Everyone should be praying to God for love and love should be revived in the whole world. We should not let grudge, hatred and anger take root and become widespread.
Mr. Bahçeli is a very valuable, very smart, perfect person with a superior culture of governance. He adopted the morality and personality the late Türkeş.

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Most people do not know sincere love. Sincere love would not be formed when one is far removed from religion and does not remember God. Both Darwinist, materialist system and the system of the bigotry would kill love from both sides. Only with the system of the Mahdi it would be possible to revive love.
Alawites love God very much and are in love with Hazrat Ali. They have a deep love for animals, plants, people and everything God created in their hearts, they detest bigotry and are in love with Islam in the Qur’an. The existence of Alawites is a great blessing for Turkey. May God deem them precious both in this world and in Heaven. We love our Alawite brothers and sisters very dearly.
Without wisdom, mere intelligence might cause disasters. Hypocrites are very intelligent but they are extremely foolish. They have an evil intelligence yet they are ultra fools.
It is not possible for great incidents that make history to take place with a mastermind behind. Great wars, uprisings, rebellions would not take place without a mastermind behind either. The notion of a “mastermind” is not a conspiracy theory.

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In the subconscious of some people, there is a flawed logic which states that one should endure pain for religion, that people should not laugh, should not have fun and that otherwise it would not be possible to go to Heaven. According to this mentality, the flawed mindset claiming that ‘religion should be inextricably difficult for people to advance well in religion,’ prevails among them. In fact, Islam always brings the freedom of Heaven. All true religions, including the religion the Prophet Abraham brought, the one the Prophet Solomon brought and the religion our Prophet (saas) brought bring the spirit, the beauty, the freedom, the quality and the joy of Heaven. The hypocritical systems on the other hand bring the dilemma of hell, the fruitlessness and the torment of hell. With the Qur’an, Our Prophet (saas) brought utmost freedom and preached this to people. God deemed the freedoms people want in their hearts lawful with the Qur’an. He removed all the pressures on people. Commands bringing freedoms came one after the other with the Qur’an. God removed the heavy chains on people. As the freedoms enjoyed by the believers increased, the hypocrites got jealous and imagined that they had thus attained an advantage in front of the public. They tried to influence people by saying ‘we are more conservative, they are (the prophets and the companions) are living by religion easier and are changing our religion.” All the hypocrites talk about is their criticisms about how the Prophet lived religion. They state that they do not trust the Prophet in every speech they make. They regard every command about the freedoms God revealed to our Prophet with suspicion. Those hypocrites with that treacherous and ignoble mentality became stronger after our Prophet (saas) passed away and created the foundation of the Orthodox Islamic understanding. They added their own horrifying interpretations that humiliate women and claim that women are satanic and should be beaten as if they were in Islam. Muslims that came afterwards claimed that false, fabricated interpretations unknowingly as if they were the commands of God. We will insha’Allah correct this error that reached today from those days by preaching the true Islam as explained in the Qur’an.
Both Palestinians and Israeli are from the line of the Prophets. They are the two sons of the same Prophet. We want an environment in which the sons of the Prophet love one another, in which they live as brothers and companions. Love is the only solution to all problems. When the sons of the Prophet Abraham embrace each other, the region will become Heaven on Earth. This love will be the first step of the Islamic Union.
For friendships to last long, it should be accepted in advance that humans are weak and flawed. In the Qur’an, God says that humans are ungrateful, cruel and ignorant. Those who adopt such an attitude towards God would do much more to other people. In awareness of this fact, one needs to use a rational approach and behave rationally and compassionately without getting upset and exaggerating matters. Otherwise it is not possible to establish relations with anyone. One should always act by looking at the auspicious, good and beautiful aspect of everything.
God says; “The misguided cannot harm you as long as you are guided.”(Surat al-Maida, 105) So as long as we are good, evil ones cannot harm us. We are to serve God, resolutely love and submit to Him. That is what God wants from us.
Quality is crucially important. Culture and art might develop but if they do not have high quality, it would be a grave deficiency. Quality should be brought to the forefront.
Life would become very beautiful with faith. Every person watches an elliptical screen that is in front of his eyes. There is picth-black darkness outside, without any color, light or noise. But there are colors, light an voice in this screen we see. This is a screen in which God manifests all sorts of beauties. When you love the One Who shows you this screen, when you remember Him all the time, you live a very peaceful and beautiful life.
In order to fundamentally solve all problems, Darwinist education should be stopped. A person who is raised thinking that he is nothing more than an animal species can carry out all sorts of malice, ignominy and immorality. When there is a misdeed, its due legal response should of course be given. But what’s important is to ensure that such misdeeds are not done. That is only possible through education. If love of God, fear of God, leaving the mundane interests of this worldly life behind, getting rid of selfishness, love, compassion, feeling compassion to everything and everyone, including animals and plants, are taught to people, people would never commit any offense or have any tendency towards any misdeed.
Hypocrites constantly attack believers claiming that they are against the freedoms believers are enjoying and that freedoms should be limited somehow. They step up saying ‘We are conservative, we have greater piety and taqwa ,’ yet in fact they are incredibly corrupted. They need to present themselves as devout, honest people who have taqwa to be able to carry out their dissension, so they persistently emphasize that they are against freedoms.

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It is not possible to become the Mahdi because of resemblance. It is not possible to make a claim about being the Mahdi based on assumptions and impressions. When the morality of Islam prevails in the world, when Islamic Unity is formed, we will say ‘God knows the truth, this person should be the Mahdi’ for the one whom Jesus Messiah pushes forward to lead the prayer. Other than that, making a claim about being the Mahdi is not compliant with Islam or the Qur’an.
Everything that is detached from God would cause distress for people. People are not independent beings. They are dependent on destiny. Just as the broadcast of a TV channel is dependent on a certain system and cannot step out of that system, we are also dependent on the system of destiny and it is not possible for us to live a reasonable life without forming a bond with God. We lead a consistent, rational and moderate life when we form a strong connection with God.
Even the fiercest opponents have subconsciously accepted the real Islam that brings rationality, love, kindness, beauty and quality to the forefront, as explained in the Qur’an. Everyone is aware of the fact that there is no other livable model other than the real Islam the we are preaching.
True religions bring freedoms. Hypocrites are jealous about the freedom religion brings and they criticize that freedom. Hypocrites unite with those who are against religion and strive together to prevent the practice of the freedoms religion brings. They do not like the religion prophets bring –may God forbid the thought. They step out with the appearance of a conservative hardliner and regard themselves superior than the prophets. Furthermore, they claim that they have even higher moral stance than God Himself, may God forbid the thought. They are incredibly jealous of the freedom the Prophets enjoy, their love for beauty, their living in wealth and abundance, their being vivacious. To cover up their jealousy, they claim that they are more conservative and that the Prophets stray away from the religion. In fact the hypocrites are super corrupted and characterless. They are vindictive, they lack quality and have aggressive souls. Hypocrites carry this same characteristics at every period of time.
The hypocrites do not help the Religion of God. They do not help those who help the Religion of God. On the contrary, they constantly try to stop them. Loneliness is one of the greatest punishments God gives them in response to this. Hypocrites live all alone in constant rage and anger. Only sewage flow out of their mouths and they neither talk about the invalidity of Darwinism, nor about the erroneousness of materialism, or the British deep state or the threat of the PKK. They only talk about the Muslims and nothing more with their swamp-like mouths. Trying to demoralize believers, to dishearten them and to be annoyed with their success is all they ever have in their twisted hypocritical minds.
People want to love and to be loved. Not being remembered, to be forgotten is a very bad feeling. But when people forget about God, God forgets those as well and lack of love, lack of compassion, rage and anger prevail all around.
To have martyrs is an honor for our nation. We are proud of our brave heroes. May God deem their martyrdom blessed. May God give their families long, auspicious, long lives. We envy both our veterans and our martyrs. Every moment of the lives of our veterans brings a great amount of good deeds for them. God has granted them a beautiful rank masha’Allah.

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The multitude of the evil ones is a requisite for the well-training of the good ones. For the good people to be well-trained and well-versed, the evil ones should outnumber them. Just like difficult conditions are provided for the commando training and every obstacle they come across makes them stronger, the multitude of the evil ones is a requisite for the training for the good ones.
When you look into one’s eyes, God shows that person’s character to you in those eyes. Eyes are crucially important. A woman who has beautiful, deep, intelligent eyes would be very appealing.
By straining themselves people disrupt their dispositions. In their natural dispositions people are immaculately clean like flowers. People disrupt their own morality by intervening themselves, had they not done that, had they left themselves be they would be very noble, gentle and very close to God.
Hypocrites give a struggle against believers all day long. Believers on the other hand give a scientific struggle against the satan and the system of the dajjal all day long. Believers present a feast of preaching the Message of God. The hypocrites on the other hand first make attacks like scabby dogs and then cringe cowardly.
This world is a metaphysical environment. There has been a scientific struggle between believers and satan ever since the beginning of this world and this will continue. In this struggle the team of the satan has a fake prophet and believers have true prophets. Dajjal is the fake prophet of this team of the satan. With love, peace, science and wisdom, believers make the beauty of the religious morality prevail all over the world. The system of the dajjal strives to shed blood and make persecution prevail. Although the system of the dajjal might seem bigger and stronger than the believers, it is created to be defeated in destiny.
It would not be possible for love, respect and appreciation to settle in society unless unilateral Darwinist education is removed. It is not possible to protect women and children solely with criminal sanctions. Criminal sanctions will not be deter those who carry out this ignominy. People would continue to see others as an animal species so long as Darwinism, that denies God, faith and morality, is continued to be taught to people. It is impossible for those who regard each other as animals to experience notions such as respect, love, courtesy and appreciation. As youngsters are cornered by Darwinist education on one side, traditionalist Orthodox system on the other side, a terrifying model comes about. The only way to resolve this is to provide the right kind of education and to raise our youth with an enlightened, modern, science based, faith related education.
Death makes the images we see around more clear. Everything is very clear and sharp for believers in the Hereafter; there is nothing out of focus, nothing blurred. There is nothing that would disturb them or that would make them worry.
The fickle traitors of the British deep state are still making plans and devising plots ignominiously and despicably against our nation and our state. Our President Mr. Erdoğan gave them the most beautiful response by saying “Those who want to learn about the Ottoman slap should have look at the Kut Al Amara and the Gallipoli campaign.”
We are one with Heaven. It is like there is a very thin membrane between us, we are that much nested in Heaven. There is no such thing as place in the Sight of God. Place is created for people. God is beyond time and space.

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Hypocrites are working like sewage vacuum trucks. They gather and take away all the filthy ones among believers. They will continue with this task for a while and Muslims would be left an immaculately clean and pure community and by 2023 the moral values of the Qur’an will prevail in the world insha’Allah. At the time of the Mahdi, love will prevail everywhere. Love for God will the topic the Mahdi will emphasize the most.
Servants of God are created as devoted to God. Resisting to admonition becomes the issue here. Violets blossom when left alone. If you step on them they would be crushed. Normally, in their natural disposition people would come to faith, live beautifully and go to Heaven. But since they resist to admonition, since they approach God with suspicion, since they leave aside thinking nicely and avoid doing good, they lead troublesome and distressed lives. Trusting God is what is natural. Disasters follow one another once one starts thinking that his mind is better than God’s. Those who imagine that they are wise would certainly be crushed somehow.
Some people have a propensity to be sidetracked thinking that they are very intelligent and to dive in details and get swallowed. Being sidetracked would generally overwhelm people. That feeling shows itself as crying, sorrow and stress. Not leaving the straightforward path of the Qur’an is of crucial importance.
Some people are created as dead inside. They do not think about the Day of Reckoning. In many verses of the Qur’an God says that -even though people think that they are alive- “they are dead, not alive, and that they are not aware of when they will be raised,” and tells us not to be adversely affected by their unbelief. God creates such people specifically as a part of the trial.
The hypocrites collect and take away all the filthy, characterless, ignoble, despicable people they find around are like the crow that cleans the ticks that are situated on the lion. Hypocrites’ collecting and taking away all those filthy ones is a great relief and a great blessing from the believers.
Being sincere is the easiest thing in this world. But a great majority of the people prefers the contrary. They insistently behave insincerely. Neither their speeches nor their gazes, or their behaviors are sincere. In fact, insincerity would cause great discomfort to a believer.
A sincere person would instantly see the Existence and the Power of God. A person should put his trust in God with all his might and love God with a profound love. We will be tested no matter what, being subjected to this test is a must. God says that He will give enormous troubles even to Hazrat Mahdi. Those who love God would show patience in the face of all troubles and those who don’t would go astray.
Being sincere is the easiest, most pleasurable, most refreshing thing in this world. Most people insistently chose to be affected. Affected mimics, affected speeches. The voices, the gazes and the behaviors of 90% of the people are not their natural ones, they are not sincere. Insincerity pollutes people.
Our brothers should approach God honestly without attitudinizing. One would see the Power of God instantly when one looks around sincerely. How could one trust his own parents if he is not able to trust in this Almighty Power Who has such great intelligence? Trusting your parents whom God has created but not trusting God is an evil disease. When people save themselves from this disease, a profound love is the blessing God bestows upon them. Trials and ordeals are all a part of this love. It is a pleasure to endure ordeals for one’s Beloved. God would not give any burden or ordeal that one cannot bear.
I only abide by the Qur’an. It is freedom that I like. Both women and men should enjoy freedom. Pressure would disrupt one’s ability to think, ability to compilation, ability to create. It would depress people, get them down and disrupt their ability to speak. The Qur’an is a blessing of freedom presented to the Qur’an by God, it is the book of freedom. There is no system, no faith, no understanding of morality that brings as much freedom to people as the Qur’an does.
Jealousy means wanting others to lose the blessings they’ve been given. A jealous person would be saddened when the other is blessed with goodness and would be happy when the other faces malice. That is a grave immorality and a grave persecution. God has a secret knowledge. The envied one would become even more auspicious, even more vivacious and fitter while the one who envies becomes pale, exhausted and devastated.
They have given a very negative education about women. They are educating people by indoctrinating them that women are beings between humans and animals. They also train women telling them “you are deficient, you are half-beings.” They tell them “Your husband might beat you up, he would thus let off steam, you should never complain about that.” And then they claim that it is our Prophet who said that. Our Prophet would have never ever said such an ugly thing. They are giving such a foul education that they become unable to give women- one of the most beautiful blessings of God- their due value. They become unable to love and respect them.
Hypocrites are one of the greatest dangers facing the Islamic countries. Hypocrites present themselves as honest, rational people who live by Islam. But it is not Islam that they live by, theirs is a religion they have come up with in their minds. 99 % of the Qur’an doesn’t exist in the religion of the hypocrites.
Believers would be hasty in doing good. They do not delay anything that would be good and auspicious. Satan wants beauty and goodness to be delayed. For instance, if you are to show compassion, satan tells you to delay it. If you are about to forgive, it tells you to delay it. Satan is always a procrastinator. Believers on the other hand do good immediately in that instant.
Some people do not respect women because they do not see them as the Manifestations of God, as beings that carry the Soul of God. They either regard them as a being that came to existence through evolution or -under the influence of the traditionalist system- they regard women as half-humans. In such a society no one would respect one another. The morality of the Qur’an is required for respect.
Having faith is not difficult. Some people complicate everything for themselves. God wants easiness for people. Religion is easy, having faith is easy. Complicating things is a form of torment people inflict on themselves.

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God does not only create His servant and then leave them. He informs them what He demands through revelation. He has explained what this world is, what our goal is completely, explicitly in a fashion that we would understand clearly in the Qur’an. Consequently we would only attain salvation when we fully abide by the Qur’an.
Talking ill about someone in his absence would destroy love and harm respect. Talking behind a loved one is like cutting the branch one sits on. That would make one unable to look at the face of that beloved one. One needs to strictly avoid doing that.
Utmost freedom within the limits of the Qur’an, without preventing another’s happiness, without causing pain to anyone is the only limit to freedom.

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God delays the Last Day for the Mahdi. But the majority of the people -apart from the 313 people around him- would assume an attitude that is fiercely against the system of the Mahdi. In the hadiths it is stated that “if Mahdi is taken away from this world for a single moment, the Last Day will come in that moment.”
High quality countries do not collapse. Countries in which women enjoy their freedom, in which arts and beauty progress, do not collapse. Those countries in which arts and aesthetics are destroyed, in which women are oppressed - May God forbid- collapse. Therefore our President Mr. Erdoğan’s speech about the importance of culture and art is crucially important.
A hypocrite is a being God specifically creates and is like a machine vacuuming filth. They collect wherever they find an ignominious, unbalanced, coward, characterless, dark person with weak personality who imagines that every noise is against him, who had infiltrated among Muslims somehow, like a sewage vacuum truck. Consequently the hypocrites are like a sewage machine that purifies Muslims.
God educates people in every second of their lives. It is not possible for people to be educated without hardships and ordeals. The education we receive in this world is perfect. We learn the morality that we will live by for all eternity with the training we receive in this world. This world is like a small container, in this small container the beautiful attributes one attains accumulate and that accumulated goodness would go on for all eternity. Bravery, altruism, patience, mercy accumulates here on people and in Heaven people would be praised, exulted and happy with that beauty they attained here in this world for all eternity.
Heaven is very similar to this world but it is like a new form of a dream. The reasoning changes completely but those reasons would seem very rational to us. Just like we are not surprised in the dreams we see, we will not be surprised in Heaven either. In Heaven, there will be houses, gardens, malls and everything we like in this world. The greatest pleasure in Heaven will be the love of God.
The Qur’an and sincerity is the remedy for spiritual contamination. It is important to approach the Qur’an with wisdom. Completely trusting the Qur’an and fully abiding by the Qur’an without making any additions or subscriptions would bring about relief and comfort.
The buildings should definitely carry an artistic value. It is not right to construct buildings only based on functionality. When looking at a building the first feeling that it evokes should be admiration. Architecture based on functionality only uglifies cities.
Just like the existence of everything we see around has a meaning and a goal behind, the existence of humans has a goal too. Some people imagine that God has – may God forbid the thought- a limited power. They imagine that God sits on His Throne and only oversees people. Actually saying God is the Almighty with Infinite Power is not a compliment; Almighty God does have infinite Wisdom and infinite Power.
The martyrdom of our heroes is a matter of pride for our nation. How nice is it that they already attained Heaven and have met our Prophet and other martyrs. We are still here waiting, we would insha’Allah join them if they call us. May God give a beautiful patience to their families and surround them with auspiciousness and beauty.
Hypocrites have a good nose for filth. Just like sacarab beetle they instantly recognize filth. They instantly detect the sold ones with the filthiest gaze, who are ready to do any kind of immorality, who are weak, hung-up, loose, spineless and thin-skinned and call them on saying ‘come to us.’ When that filthy one goes, Muslims feel relieved. Every hypocrite that leaves would be a great scourge for the hypocrites. Their filth increases incrementally and they get drowned in it as they hoard that filth.
As the hypocrites leave, the environment Muslims live in attains even higher quality. Hypocrites are filth collectors. They add new comers to their collection made up of filth. As they add psychos, filthy, opportunistic people to their collection, their sewage widens every more. Muslims rejoice over this cleansing and feel relieved. Hypocrites continue to swim in that filth, in their own sewage. We cannot even imagine the visual pollution that would appear had the hypocrites not leave. That would be like a nightmare, like Hell. It would be impossible to picture the horribleness of the environment such people exist. That is what God means when He says ‘believers are clean’. God cleans all the filthy, ignoble, characterless, undignified hypocrites among Muslims. Thus Muslims would be saved from that scourge. Instead of those filthy hypocrites, God sends Muslims very devout, loyal, beautiful, healthy, fit, humble, wise, hardworking and loving people.
The hypocrites imagine that they are sat loose. They never understand the fact that God creates every single step they take. The hypocrites are like the vacuum cleaner of Muslims. They vacuum in and clean out all the filthy ones among Muslims. They collect all the ignoble, characterless, undignified, mindless psychopath who have doubts about everything and take away with them. Because they are fools they would be delighted when new filthy ones join them. They gather all the filthy ones, go sit with them and foolishly rejoice saying ‘see how many filthy ones we have.” They work just like a sewage vacuum truck, collect the filth left here and there and are very much zealous about their work as a sewage vacuum truck. That is actually a blessing for Muslims. As the filthy ones are cleaned out, new, fit and immaculate people constantly come join Muslims. That circulation would create a perfect structure. Every new comer would be more faithful, more loyal, stronger, fitter, more beautiful and higher quality. Those who leave are always diseased, filthy and rotten ones. Consequently, this cleansing operation of the hypocrites is very important for Muslims to remain immaculately clean all the time.

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We will insha’Allah put an end to this fight between Israel and Palestine. We want these two peoples both of which are from the lines of Prophets to live together as brothers. The one who martyrs an innocent Palestinian and the one who martyrs an innocent Jew are both persecutors. We are against all kinds of persecution. We want our dear Palestinian brothers and sisters to live in peace and safety. We want the Jewish people all of which are the children of the Prophet Moses who are in our safekeeping to live in safety everywhere. By the Will of God this beautiful peaceful environment would be attained in the time of the Mahdi.
Patients expect compassion and attention from doctors for good reason. Treating doctors and health personnel with tenderness and affection is the responsibility of all our people. They should be respected, held in high esteem and treated with tenderness and affection wherever they go.
When we talk about the system of the dajjal, some people imagine that we are talking for the sake of talking. Actually this world is a metaphysical place. The system of the dajjal is really influencing this world with a negative electricity, the system of the Mahdi is really giving an intellectual struggle against this. Lack of love is one of the gravest disasters the system of the dajjal caused. Inability to experience love is the greatest pain people suffer in this world. Almost no one knows how to love and how to be loved. Almost everyone is weary of others and believes that love doesn’t exist. It is the system of the Mahdi that will remove this disaster.
Hypocrites strive day in and day out for Muslims to disperse. Those activities of the hypocrites actually create the exact opposite effect on Muslims, they clamp together even tighter and close ranks. And that causes a great pain for the hypocrites. The hypocrites want Muslims to dispense. Their goal in that is the following: as they traitorously and selfishly leave Muslims, they would also be leaving all Muslims who’ve been suffering all over the world. They would be leaving God, God’s religion and God’s command to live Islam altogether. Since they present themselves as if they were Muslims and because they are very arrogant, they – in their own twisted minds- want Muslims to disperse completely to save their image. If Muslims disperse around they would only be one of those who broke away. The crime they committed and the evidence of that crime would then be lost. That is why they strive day and day out for Muslims to disperse. Those activities of the hypocrites actually create the exact opposite effect on Muslims, they clamp together even tighter and close ranks. And that causes a great pain for the hypocrites. As Muslims spread like wildfire as an opulent and glorious tree, the hypocrites rot inside on that soil.
Making mistakes is a human attribute. Humans are weak creatures; they might repeat their mistakes. Getting angry with that would be uncalled for.
People who are lazy for thinking would not be wise, would not be able to think deep. When that is the case, they lose their joy and happiness, they lose their reasoning and their ability to judge. Keenly preserving a constant, sharp closeness and attachment to God, constantly trusting in God would make one’s mind sharp and precise. People would then advance on a straightforward, steady path. But of course one would be tested while advancing on that straightforward path. Some people assume that they would not face any difficulty once they love God and put their trust in God. That would not be right. Loving God very much doesn’t mean removing all difficulties. Prophets live in the hardest of conditions. For instance, Hazrat Hamza loves God very much and God makes him a martyr, Hazrat Ali loves God very much but God makes him a martyr as well. Believers would most definitely be faced with difficulties, this is the condition of the trial.
Every single breath our soldiers take in is a good deed. They are risking their lives in the defense of our homeland, in the frontlines. Those dear ones of ours are earning great good deeds for every second they spend on those frontlines. How happy are they who are serving their country in the frontlines.

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Being very honest and candid is the most beautiful way of transferring love. A woman would understand honesty very well. Once a woman sees sincerity, her love would pour out in full flood. A woman would first look to see if the other side’s door is open or close. If that door is closed, if there is insincerity, terms of endearment would have no impact on women. The depth and meaningfulness of one’s gazes, the passion in those eyes, the tone of one’s voice, the emphasis and harmony in that voice are very important for a woman. A woman instantly recognizes a sincere voice and a sincere gaze. If there is a game behind, a woman would never give her love. With insincerity, the doors of love would be closed.
People who know love would never have enough of love. Love opens to infinity. It has no end and no limit. Not being able to have enough of love and to be still hungry for love is a beautiful blessing.
The system of the dajjal has besieged women from two sides. The traditionalist Orthodox system regards women as ‘half’ humans. They claim that women are equivalent to the satan and that one should the exact opposite of whatever women say. Their philosophy of life is based on misogyny. Darwinist system also regards women as half-human, half-animal. They regard women as creatures that have not completed their evolution. Since these two wrong systems rule in the world in general, women are suffering and are being oppressed everywhere.
It will not be possible to establish peace in the world without intellectually bringing down the system of the dajjal. With the system of the Mahdi, peace will prevail in the whole world as the attacks of the British deep state will be completely wiped out.
There had been an enormous wedge between conservative Muslims and modern Muslim. They were trying to create a fragmentation by dividing the society into two, we got rid of that scourge. We have shown that the modern section of the society can be hand in hand with the conservative section and that they are not foes of one another.
The British deep state uses homosexuality to weaken the spirituality in Muslim countries. In their own twisted ways, they are trying to legitimize homosexuality that God deemed unlawful. It is of crucial importance that all the institutions of our state are vigilant against this grave threat.
Most people do not come across sincere love. Sincere love would not require affected statements. Affected statements, exaggerated emphasis, exaggerated mimics would be most disturbing on the contrary. Sincere love would be recognized in one’s voice, eyes and the electricity of one’s body.
Humans are created hungry for love. Sincere love is the one thing that effects the human soul the most. The soul would be disturbed by fake love and would be in search of sincere love.
Difficulties in life do not necessarily make life bad. This world is a place of trial. If people use their intelligence and good conscience, life would be like Heaven. Life would be best during the time of the Mahdi. Right now the reason why life seems bad and difficult is the system of the dajjal. Once the system of the dajjal collapses and the system of the Mahdi prevails, everything will be very beautiful, insha’Allah. Our brothers and sisters should pray for the appearance of the Mahdi.
Crying and sorrow do not befit believers. Crying a lot and laughing less is the characteristic of the unbelievers. Believers do not cry, they would always be joyous, living in beauty and auspiciousness.
God created religion as very easy and gave believers utmost freedom. But the bigots claim that religion should not be like this that there should be many bans and difficulties, “that is why we should make some additions,” they say. That is the plot of the satan. Satan, that is the movement of the dajjal, wants to make religion a deadlock, it wants to make it complicated and inextricable so that no one would be able to live by. The system of the dajjal tries to stop those who sincerely want to live by the true religion, who want to preach the true religion. But no matter what the followers of the dajjal do they would be striving in vain. The right and the true will always be victorious.

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Constantly making evil and filthy plans causes enormous stress on the hypocrites. Their cells cannot stand that lack of love, that stress and they start eating their hearts out. That is why the hypocrites wear down and age very rapidly. They become unrecognizable in a very short time. They can never find happiness, they live in an inconceivable stress but they try to imitate happiness on the other hand, they put on a theatrical show and that tires them, wears them out immensely. Eventually the hypocrites become devastated because of that distress, that rage and die. God says: “Say, ´Die in your rage’.” (Surah Al-Imran, 119) In another verse God says that He will give the hypocrites a narrow, dark life. That would also cause their collapse. “But if anyone turns away from My reminder, his life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Rising We will gather him blind.”
We are the only community that scientifically refuted Darwinism, - that communicates the fact that the Islamic Union would certainly be founded - that fervently awaits the second coming of the Prophet Jesus Messiah and Hazrat Mahdi - that values women to this extent, - that puts forth the dilemma of the traditionalist, Orthodox system, with the Qur’an - that is very keen on not making any concessions from the Qur’an - that explains the fact that it is not acceptable to preach religion in return for money, - that gives the glad tiding that the moral values of Islam will prevail all over the world.
The hypocrites become instrumental for Muslims’ attaining great amount of good deeds. “Qualified” hypocrites pester Muslims with strong faith so that their profundity and quality could increase even further. Every activity carried out to annoy the hypocrites become instrumental for the strengthening of Muslims and the increase in their imposing glory.
Religion brings freedom to people. Some people got into a panic when they saw that religion brings freedom. Actually, religion is the system that brings the highest level of freedom to this world.
Sincerity is the only solution for keeping one’s subconscious clean and pure. Once sincerity is attained, the body automatically cleans the subconscious automatically.
Ataturk was a classy, devout person. Those who protect the values Ataturk brought should be modern, enlightened, high quality, class and devout. Protecting the values Ataturk brought is only possible by emulating his devoutness, his living by Islam as described in the Qur’an, his kindness, his good manners and high quality.
Love, peace and brotherhood is what is natural. People should be taken aback from wars and conflicts instead. The fact that there are factories producing materials to kill people is what is abnormal. What is natural and rational is for conscientious people to unite and say ‘What are we doing? We should put aside all weapons and live together as brothers.”
Some people believe that they should certainly give form to women’s lives. That doesn’t suit to respect towards women. Women do not interfere in anyone else’s way of living. No one should interfere with their lives either.
Homosexual upper identity is above all ideologies and faiths for the British deep state. When the British deep state wants to lay hold of some place, they spread homosexuality among that society. A Japanese homosexual would then come fight at the ranks of the PKK. They are gathering homosexuals from all around the world at the Turkish border with a special goal. They are using homosexuality as an upper identity to completely degenerate the region and to corrupt all the values.
A person’s sincerity would instantly be understood from the cordiality in his manners and language. One feels at ease and peaceful in the presence of a sincere person. The negativity of the insincere person would be felt instantly. Our Prophet (saas) was a very sincere person, people felt very at ease and safe in his presence. Hazrat Hamza came to him while he was fully armed yet he instantly found tranquility and peace when he saw our Prophet’s positive tone and electricity.

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Accepting the concept of evolution means accepting that everything came into existence as a result of coincidences. Darwinists claim that everything happened as a result of coincidences. Those who claim that the concept of evolution exists in the Qur’an say that God created those coincidences. It is apparent that is is actually what the Darwinists want to hear. God says that He created everything with His command ‘Be’. There is no mention of an evolutionary process in the Qur’an. Those who try to reconciliate Islam with the theory of evolution do not talk about the realm of spirits that existed before time and space was created. Humans did not come into being gradually. Everyone who has ever been created had already existed in the realm of spirits. They have all come into existence in an instance as a result of Creation by God.
Let us develop a very modern Turkey in line with the Qur’an, shaped with the understanding of freedom defined in the Qur’an. If Turkey becomes ultra-modern, if women are provided an environment in which they would live freely as they like, if freedoms are broadened, Turkey would become the strongest state of Europe.
If Turkey becomes very modern, all the attacks made against Turkey by the West would be rendered ineffective. If Turkey emphasizes that we advocate an ultra-modern life-style, there would be no such thing as the US support for the PKK either. Turkey would certainly continue her justified, rightful struggle against terror. But it is of crucial importance to emphasize that Turkey is a modern country, if we are in search of a solution from a philosophical point of view.
Dreams are predestined as well. One cannot have a dream other than what is preordained in destiny. Even a dream one has seen when he was 20 years-old, in 1999 September 21st at 2 am, is defined in his destiny down to the smallest detail. Dreams are necessary for one’s education. One would improve in his dreams and gain experience in dreams.
The result of one’s prayers is simultaneously created with the prayer itself. It would be wrong to think that one would first pray for something and then a change would occur. That prayer and the change it would bring have been created simultaneously an infinity ago.
The society should be injected with love. It would be great if our state follows an official policy for people to love one another. Lack of love would ruin a society. Keeping love constantly on the agenda is of crucial importance.
Religion would not destroy one's life. Religion gives joy to life. When people are religious they become lively, joyous and full of life. Since the traditionalist understanding of Islam preaches the opposite of this, people regard being religious as being introverted and as forfeiting life. When that is the case, they wait to get older to start practicing religion. They think; ‘When I get older I will not enjoy life anyway, so I won’t be losing anything while practicing religion.” Actually religion is practiced both while young and while old. Delaying the practice of religion to one’s old age is a delusion caused by the traditionalist understanding of Islam.
Saying “You do this and I will bear your burden, the responsibility would be mine,” is something done by those who do not know. A person who attaches importance to religion would never use such a language. According to the Qur’an, no soul would ever bear another’s burden. “No burden-bearer can bear another´s burden. If someone weighed down calls for help to bear his load, none of it will be borne for him, even by his next of kin. You can only warn those who fear their Lord in the Unseen and establish salat(prayers). Whoever is purified, is purified for himself alone. Allah is your final destination.” (Surah Fatir, 19)
This world is a transient place for trial. We are watching images on a screen. Getting angry with the images on that screen would be very humiliating. Just as one would not get angry with the movie he watches, it is not acceptable to get angry with the details of the images that you call your life as you are watching it in front of that screen. Getting angry would make one a laughing stock.
It would be an abnormality if we do not defend ourselves against those who try to annihilate Turkish Nation. Every Turkish citizen should stand by our President Mr. Erdoğan in this rightful cause. We would not stand by as mere observers during the attacks carried out against our nation. We, as the Turkish Nation will not let the PKK have their way.
The great majority of the religious conservatives do not even think of preaching religion to women who wear décolleté. It is not right to discard such a great mass. It is the responsibility of Muslims to communicate the message of God to such people as well. We are practically the only community who is able to reach that segment of the society. We have been instrumental for that segment of the society to love religion, to agree with Islam and to see the fact that religion is easy to live by.
A strong movement of dajjal is necessary for the trial of Muslims. What is miraculous is that those who believe are able to defeat the system of the dajjal despite their limited means. The Prophet Abraham defeated all the armies of Nimrod with his limited means, so did the Prophet Moses and our Prophet. God says the followings in the Qur’an: “Those who are unbelievers should not imagine that the extra time We grant to them is good for them. We only allow them more time so they will increase in evildoing. They will have a humiliating punishment.” (Surah Al-Imran, 176) “Do not be deceived by the fact that those who do not believe move freely about the earth. A brief enjoyment; then their shelter will be Hell. What an evil resting-place!” (Surah Al-Imran, 196,197)
Hypocrites are ruined in this world and they will also be ruined in the Hereafter. They are humiliated in this world and they will be humiliated and disgraced in the Hereafter. Hypocrites are doomed to isolation. The society ostracize them, people hate them because even the unbelievers instantly understand the ignominy and the evil character of the hypocrites. As the hypocrites attack believers, the believers’ horizons widen, their determination and ability to struggle increase, they become even more beautiful, even more joyous. The hypocrites on the other hand collapse even further and their disgrace increases even further.
The lifespan of the hypocrites are always short, because all their lives pass in jealousy, greed, disgrace, humiliation and fear. They assume that every image is against them, that is why they so readily wear down and collapse. Since the hypocrites are hostile towards God, their cells become hostile towards them and thus they age very rapidly.
Every single member of the Turkish nation is responsible for defending his homeland, his nation and his flag against those who want to annihilate the Turkish nation. Being a ghazi or a martyr is not intimidating for us, on the contrary we regard them as an honor. We will take a very hard line against the PKK and intercept all their attempts. We fully support our President Mr. Erdoğan. Together with our police officers, soldiers and all the institutions of the state, we are right beside him. A national leader means the state. Closing ranks around a national leader means closing ranks around the state. All our enemies would flee once we close ranks around our President Mr. Erdoğan.

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A profound love for God is required before all else for respect to exist. Once one’s attention is constantly given to God, respect would come about. Otherwise selfishness would develop and people would almost be reduced to a bestial state and become aggressive.
Turning away from God and diverting all attention to those He created is illogical and unscrupulous. If one does not give his attention to God and act solely according to those He created, God would crush that person. The goal there is to make it possible for that person to turn towards God.
All hardships, all troubles are created with wisdom to bring goodness. No hardship could ever come about accidentally. Everything is created neatly, systematically and orderly in a timely manner.
Children should be approached with respect. Having a child inside a house is a great blessing; that child would be the greatest luxury of that house.
Stingy people who are ungenerous about love wouldn’t know how to compliment others and how to speak nicely. God gives love and beauty to those who love God. It would not be possible for those who do not understand love, who are filthy inside and out, to speak nicely and say words of wisdom.
We have cleared off the damage bigotry has caused, the understanding that caused youngsters to keep clear of religion. Right now youngsters are able to approach religion easily and at peace. The reason why they could crush Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan that easily was the lack of the quality and the rule of bigotry in those countries. They wanted to do something similar to Turkey as well but by the Will of God we have ruled out that fitna, that dissension.
Women are able to think more profoundly in comparison to men; their concentration is sharper and their analytic power is stronger. Their understanding of beauty is very nice. Women are very amazing, special creatures. A religious woman is the most perfect being in the world. A consistent, well-balanced, God-fearing woman who loves God a lot is the most beautiful blessing in the world.
One should enjoy utmost freedom under the condition that he would not do harm to others. The Qur’an is the Book that describes freedom.
The British deep state imposes homosexuality upon the whole world as a higher identity. They are using homosexuality to rule out the concepts of religion, nation and homeland. They are acting jointly almost as a clan and defend one another. Homosexuality is encompassing the whole world as a secret power; it has become a power higher than communism, fascism and capitalism. Although a Japanese and a black homosexual are very different from one another in respect of religion, nation, faith and race, they support one another under all circumstances. A judge in Pakistan protects a homosexual coming from Venezuela for instance. The world media is largely in the hands of homosexuals. They insert homosexuals into almost all sections of the society and are using them against patriots, against religious people. We need to be aware of this threat and take the necessary scientific precautions.
A person who constantly thinks about God, who loves God and is sincere all the time would always think good. Those who submit themselves to God would think in the best manner all the time.
Our homeland is our honor and our virtue. There would be no meaning to life after losing this homeland. Giving our lives to protect this homeland is sacred for us. We are all ready to serve to protect our country on the front lines if our state entrusts us that task.
Our martyrs are the honor and pride of our nation. Giving martyrs is not something we would be weary about. We are a nation that has given 200 thousand martyrs in Çanakkale. We have given ten thousands of martyrs in a single pitched battle. Our country, our state, our flag and our nation are sacred for us. We would never let anyone speak impertinently about God, about our homeland, about our state and nation. We would not let any attempt against them. We would never ever give away a single stone of our homeland. Asking for kilometers long land or a single stone doesn’t make any difference for us. All 83 million of us would lovingly choose martyrdom instead of having our homeland divided. Trying to wear down our government by using the number of our heroic martyrs as a pretext is a dissension, a fitna. If they imagine that we would say ‘we have given too many martyrs, we should give up this struggle,’ they are wrong. To protect our homeland, our flag, our state and nation we would altogether be martyrs if need be.

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Rain showers and then sunny days come after pitch-black clouds. Bright and shinny, very beautiful and very vivacious days will follow these troubled days insha’Allah.
Sincerity is the foundation of good morality. Being in constant connection with God and not thinking negative about God not even for a second is very important. Most people fail to do that. Sincerity is the foundation of good morality. Being in constant connection with God and not thinking negative about God not even for a second is very important. Most people fail to do that. They can turn against God in songs, in poems and in daily chit-chat. For instance they talk against destiny and assume that nothing would come out of it. In fact God would certainly reciprocate for turning against God. They get spoiled when they are given blessings and turn against God in times of difficulty. It would not be possible for a person with such weak conscience to have good morality and be mentally sound.
To attain perfection, there is need for negativity. Negativity is necessary for the development of the soul and mind. Had everyone been positive and good and beautiful, our spiritual world wouldn’t have developed. Things that appear to be abnormal and negative make the soul more careful, more polite and more stable.
Women will be free in the perfect sense of the word during the time of the Mahdi.
A sharp mutual prejudice used to rule between the religious conservative section and the secular section of the society. A flood of rage was waiting at the door and the society was divided into two in the smallest incident. We have removed that rage and reconciled these two. Our modern, enlightened and vivacious side, and our being very devout has been the living proof showing that both sides can come to terms and reconcile.
Holding tight to the rope of God means living by the Qur’an uncompromisingly. An overall devastation occurs once one starts making concessions about the Qur’an.
Making a joke is not something easy. It requires intelligence, care and will-power. The jokes most people make generally aim to offend and humiliate the other party. These cannot be regarded as jokes. Such a language would be impertinent. Behaviors aimed to nourish one’s own arrogance and disgrace the other side are unacceptable.
May God bless the martyrdom of all our soldiers who’ve been martyred. We cherish and celebrate their martyrdom. May God make our army victorious in the air, on the sea and on the land.

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Every opinion, every thought should be respected. We need to be respectful towards Christians, Jews, Alawites, Sunnis, atheists, towards those who go out and have fun, those who laugh, those who do not laugh, towards women, towards everyone. Interfering in people’s lives is unacceptable. Everyone should be able to live as ever they like.
All the institutions of our state should be on full alert against the homosexual clan that acts in an organized manner all over the world. There is a homosexual structuring that protects one another all over the world and that acts like a clan. It is possible to see a communist allying with a conservative in homosexuality. For such a conservative being homosexual might become even more important than religion. For such a communist homosexuality might become even more important than their ideology. That is why they very easily get along and form an alliance. They unite and carry out an organized activity against devout, sincere and genuine believers. It is of crucial importance to keep all the institutions of our state on full alert against this threat.
May God give strength and power to our army. May God deem our army victorious with goodness, benediction and gentleness.
It is not possible for a person who really fears God and fully comprehends the Greatness and Supremacy of God to practice the commands of the Qur’an imperfectly.
In the Qur’an God tells us to give a struggle ‘until there is no more fitna (dissension) and the religion is God´s alone.” (Surat Al-Anfal,39) Homosexuality, Darwinism, materialism, communism, the PKK and other terror organizations, all sorts of perversion… All those are dissensions. If we strive against all these dissensions with science and knowledge with all our might, God would give us the abundance of that and would make Islam prevail all over the world.
May God bless and approve the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers who’ve been martyred today. May God bestow a beautiful patience, peace and abundance to their families. As a nation, we have come to these days giving martyrs all the way since the battle of Malazgirt. That is an honor for our nation. May God bless the honorable campaign of our glorious army.
We need to see the decrease in human quality as an alarming situation. The increase in the number of common people who are hateful, with simpler minds, getting more and more selfish and narrow-minded, is a grave danger for the society. Under the disguise of modernity, these people are not troubled to see homosexuality - that God deems unlawful- advocated. The advocates of homosexuality support and defend one another like a clan. They appear to be conservative but are constantly very close with homosexuals, advocating and trying to legitimize them. Homosexuality is an abhorrent sin that God deemed unlawful. Protecting our youth from this disaster is a national matter of crucial importance.
The Prophet Jesus has a very strong faith. His faith is so strong that it is a role model for others. The profundity of his faith would be understood from his speech and his manners. He is very clean faced. His grandeur would instantly make it understood that he is a Prophet. His gaze, his face has the profundity of prophets. He has a very sharp intelligence. Jesus Messiah knows both the Torah and the Gospels and the Qur’an by heart. He will be an ultra modern young man. He is a humble and lenient person. His intelligence and profundity is far above the people we’re accustomed to see. He will return to this world as the vizier of Hazrat Mahdi.

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It is very nice to have the morality of a dervish. One doesn’t need to have broad financial means to avoid selfishness. One can be selfless and altruistic even with limited financial means. A person who is not lost in the transient pleasures of this world, who foregoes mundane goals would have zero egoism.
People do not feel sincere love to one another because most people do not trust one another. All they know is to assume pose after pose. One needs to be in search of intelligent, wise people. Finding wise, God-fearing, selfless people and becoming friends with them is important. People who really know how to love are rare; one should never leave such people after finding them.
Hypocrites imagine that they are at liberty of behaving as ever they like. Since they are fools, they cannot perceive the fact that God is the One Who does everything and that every step they take is preordained in destiny. They imagine that they are free to behave as the jackals they are, in fact God drags them into their humiliation but they are not aware of this fact. They constantly are disgraced and are constantly humiliated.
Being sincere is our sole responsibility. It is as if we are sailing on a boat. No matter what we do on that boat, the boat would sail. Destiny doesn’t change, it goes by as God preordained.
Unity of society is important. There is bound to be opposition, there should be an environment in which everyone would be able to voice their criticisms and the other side should be allowed to respond to these criticisms; all these are perfectly natural. But striving to prevent any damage on the spirit of brotherhood during such difficult times of Turkey is of crucial importance. That is why we need to keep the language used as calm as possible and be even-tempered.

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Believers’ loyalty and faithfulness would be very strong and indestructible because of their loyalty to God. Loyalty that is not forwarded to God would not sustain, it would be fluctuant and short termed. Such loyalty would not be trustworthy.
Darwinist education is a grave disaster. Darwinism denies the existence of God. Darwinist education creates the philosophical foundation of the PKK. Emphasizing this fact insistently and raising awareness about this threat right away is of crucial importance.
We need to create a thorough program to make it possible for people to appreciate Ataturk as his due, to re-introduce Ataturk to our youth. The Directorate of Religious Affairs should give sermons in mosques and the TRT (Turkish State Television and Radio) should broadcast about his personality day and night. Ataturk should be very well known by our youth. Atatürk was a perfect gentleman, an ideal leader in whom the British upbringing is united with the Ottoman palace etiquette and palace gentility. All the clothes of Ataturk are very stylish, all his speeches are kind, polite and very classy. Ataturk was a very intelligent, very wise person. God sent Atatürk as a blessing for the Turkish nation. Had Ataturk’s understanding of quality been adopted by our youth, we would have been the most perfect country of Europe. Let us keep Ataturk constantly on the agenda from now on, let us have him embedded in the minds of our people as the ideal Turkish person.
One other good aspect of our activities is that we have an understanding that conciliates the conservative part of the society with the secular part. There is a lack of communication between these two parts that is being used by those who want to dissociate the society. Many examples of these have been experienced in the past. Our activities are of crucial importance to avoid experiencing similar incidents again. Both parts are the children of this country, both sides are valuable. When there is a rigid understanding, it would not be possible for the conservative part to reach people who live by the shores, to the secular ones. Both sides continue their lives among themselves. By explaining the fact that the Qur’an brings democracy, secularity and freedom, we remove the prejudices of both parties. But it seems as though some bigots are determined to divide society, so we are trying to correct this. We will insha’Allah live together as brothers with love.
What ever is preordained in destiny will happen insha’Allah. Before the appearance of Imam Mahdi, there will not be peace, tranquility, serenity in the world. May God make Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) – that beautiful prophet of God- appear as soon as possible. There is no other salvation.

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Some people try to solve everything by getting angry, upset or offended. That is why they have no one they love around them . In fact, people should be forgiving, compassionate, merciful, understanding and should live every incident knowing for sure that God is the One Who creates it. Otherwise it would become very difficult for them to have friends and companions; they cannot be happy and cannot sustain love.
It is very important to start each day by remembering the Greatness of God with a profound faith and trust in God. Waking up knowing the Greatness of God would give an amazing relief to the hearts; talking about and remembering the Infinite Greatness of God is what brings relief to the hearts of the believers the most. A person who wakes up in such a mindset would be very comfortable and would put his trust in God with all his heart all day long. But if one forgets about the Greatness of God, such a person would be in fear all day long.
The one who loves God the most, the one who opens his heart to the secrets of God the most would experience love the most. But right now, the world is stripped off love and that is a great disaster. This is the massive plot of the dajjal; people are experiencing this lack of love. Those who experience love are very few. There is a grave rage, anger and hatred in people. Let us thwart this plot by talking about love relentlessly.
God creates the hypocrites with their duty to carry out their ignominy, immorality, infamy, villainy and treachery. They are carrying out these acts with the whisperings of the satan. As a result of their acts believers are blessed with abundance and their ranks are elevated, their places in the Heaven broadens while the hypocrites are doomed to devastation and desolation.
A believer should fear and love God very much; should avoid being egoistic and selfish; should keep his mind alive by constantly thinking on facts leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an. Only then one could be level-headed and well-balanced all the time.
The most valuable person is the one who abides by the good pleasure of God the most, the one who is most meticulous about the good pleasure of God. One should always look for and chose the act that would bring him the good pleasure of God the most, not just any act but the one that would bring him the most of God’s good pleasure.
A sincere, honest person would naturally be knowledgeable and wise. Our Prophet (saas) was illiterate but he was an enlightened wise person. Knowledge and wisdom is a blessing bestowed upon honest, sincere people. Those who are sincere would be able to distinguish negative from positive, right from wrong.
Lack of love is a deep trouble. An inconceivable lack of love prevails over the world right now. In order to change this state we need to keep love constantly on the agenda. The members of our government, ministers, journalists, broadcasters should constantly talk about love and keep love on the forefront. If the word of love is constantly mentioned, people’s hearts would be relieved.
The most crucial step that should be taken to put an end to terror and the existence of the PKK is to immediately stopping the Darwinist education. Instead, the existence and Oneness of God and the invalidity of the Darwinist claims should be explained to the youngsters who’ve been receiving Darwinist, materialist education starting with their junior and senior education. Youngsters are receiving anti-scientific education starting from their years in junior high school which wrongfully teaches them that their ancestors were apes and the their forefathers lived in communal societies. It becomes very easy for the PKK to persuade people who’ve been brought up with this by saying ‘conflicts, terror, anarchy are merely the clash of thesis and anti-thesis’. We should educate these youngsters with science, persuasion and indoctrination. This is the only way to dispel the destruction done on them. The system of the dajjal uses Darwinism and against that we do need anti-Darwinist education. Against the claims of Darwinism, the facts leading to faith and the miracles of the Qur’an should constantly be told in books, periodicals and conferences. Only with the Qur’an can Turkey stand against the system of the Dajjal.
My goal in this life is to earn the approval of God, His Mercy and Heaven. The approval, the good pleasure of God is above all. I want God to love me and I want to love God the most.

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There is an immense amount of bloodshed in the Muslim world right now. In fact, the persecution going on right now will come to an end the moment Muslims unite around a leader.
One should focus all his attention to God while reading the Qur’an. God wants us to seek refuge in God from the satan before reading the Qur’an. By doing so a person’s mind would become much more lucid and thus he would understand the Qur’an much better as seeking refuge in God gives one a stronger ability of understanding.
The greatest reason for my determination on the Path of God is my faith and love in God. There is nothing else in this world to devote one’s attention other than God. Believers should live their lives for God, love for God and strive on the Path of God for the good pleasure of God.
Both the hypocrites of our days and those at the time of our Prophet, are satan incarnated. The hypocrites of our days also are working to prevent the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi and the coming of the Prophet Jesus but you will see that they will all be disgraced and degraded.
The hypocrites act on their animalistic instincts because they do not have souls. The hypocrites of the time of our Prophet (saas) were waiting for the death of our Prophet (saas). They assumed that our Prophet would pass away and all his wealth would be theirs so that they would use them to their likings. However they have gone mad when they realized that our Prophet became even younger and healthier as years passed by while they worked like dogs and served him. That made them crazy.
People will experience many wonders, many miracles in the coming years. This is a great blessing for the youth of this period. They will see the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi, the Holy Ark will be found, they will see the holy relics, the treasures underneath the Kaaba will be discovered, the grave of Nimrod will be opened and all the secret information buried there will be revealed, all the secrets of Egypt will be revealed. The freewill of the mind would not be taken away but amazingly wonderful events will take place in the next 3-5-10 years.
God sends the people of hell to this world simply to make an example of them. Their existence is important because the believers who see them appreciate the value of their own faith much better and their closeness to God increases. The people of the hell do not have souls; they are dead inside. Had God shown people their true faces, people wouldn’t be able to go out to streets out of fear but God does not make them obvious.
Ataturk is a blessing from God on Turkish nation. Without Ataturk, Turkey would not have developed into such an enlightened structure, we would have been divided and assimilated long ago. Ataturk had been instrumental for our having such a perfect youth. He has formed a national army, a national assembly. He had turned the scattered understanding of Islam bigots have created into its true, neat form that is explained in the Qur’an by means of the Divinity schools, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Islamic Divinity high schools, he had opened. He was a very classy, high quality perfect person. He has turned a state that was about to be fall into pieces into a modern country.
The ability to see details is a sign of intelligence. For instance a painting would become beautiful with details, a technical equipment, the decoration of a home, the make up of a woman, the attire of a man would become beautiful with details. When one compliments another the details in that compliment would please that person. But one needs to avoid turning that ability to see details into a scourge. Seeing details to make life beautiful is nice; but it should not be in a sense that would make life miserable.
We are against the PKK, a structuring that wants a communist, Stalinist state, that carries out massacres and that wants to divide Turkey. Otherwise our Kurdish brothers who are friends with Turkey, who are respectful towards Islam, the Qur’an and our sacred values are very dear to us.
We are fully supporting our President Mr. Erdoğan and the operation our honorable soldiers are carrying out with our President at the South East borders. No one should try to distract our attention with vain attempts of changing the agenda.
Compassion is an important characteristic of the believers. Believers should be compassionate and merciful because showing compassion and mercy is the command of God. Being compassionate and merciful is a religious obligation.
People should be approached with kindness and compassion. Discarding someone saying ‘I do not like this one’ is unacceptable. No matter what, one should approach others compassionately, mercifully and with the intent of correcting them if they are making a mistake.
Being sad is clearly unlawful according to Islam; it is forgetting God and it is idolatry. A person who is sad – may God forbid- is actually saying ‘ I do not believe that God is creating the best of everything, I do not like the destiny God has created.’ God would instantly respond to such an act, take away one’s wisdom and such a person would be prone to making all sorts of mistakes.
The path of our President Mr. Erdoğan is an auspicious path; it is a path of goodness and the language he uses is an auspicious language. He is acting in compliance with the Qur’an and he will continue to do that. He should keep his heart at ease and not carry the least of worries, the Turkish nation is right behind him.

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Marriage is an act of worship. With marriage, one chooses her/his companion in the Hereafter. One gets married for the love of God to be able to fully experience love, passion and the most beautiful feelings.
Faith brings a solution, a remedy to every problem and clears out every trouble. It turns every incident into goodness. Without faith everything that happens would turn into a malice and harm.
Sincerity and always thinking positively about God is the only way to success. A clear mind, a clear love, a clear faith and being sincere is the only way.
Ascribing individual power to incidents and individuals, imagining that they have their own powers would be idolatry and also cruelty in the Sight of God. God is the One Who creates every incident, everything is under God’s control. Nothing happens unless God wills so.
In the End Times everyone will understand that there is no need for wars, fights, disagreements. A system of guardianship would be established and a great system based on sacrifice would come about. Those who are rich would lovingly and willingly share their wealth and there would be no one in need. All wealth would be distributed justly and everyone would live in prosperity and welfare.
God would not accept any excuses in the Hereafter. God would hold the people of hell accountable of what they have done and would make them speak. God would thus show how ignoble and fickle the people of hell are and why they did deserve to be put in hell and would give relief and exhilaration to the hearts of believers.
Excitement is nice. An intelligent and wise person would always feel the excitement of seeing the artistry of God and would not be subdued and still.
Believers are educated with hardships and troubles they come across. We could not advance any further and gain profundity without them. The hardships a believer experiences would be instrumental in the increase of his faith. The hardships one is given would be just as much as one could handle.
The evil ones would always be defeated and the good ones would always be triumphant.
People’s inability to forgive one another is one of the reasons behind the lovelessness in the world. They get upset and angry about everything and then do not forgive. They would thus be fooled by the plot of the satan. In fact, in the Qur’an God advices us to forgive. “Make allowances for people, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” (Surat Al-A’raf, 199)
A person with an open conscious can never deny the existence of God. Such a person would never do that, it is impossible. But those who do not have a soul- for instance the hypocrites- can do that, they deny the existence of God. They are already dead inside, they are the people of hell. God refers to hell as the realm of the dead in the Torah.
Some people are in a panic since our President Mr. Erdoğan will become even more powerful if he unites with the enlightened and modern section of the society, so they are trying to do whatever they can to drive a wedge between our President and such people. We will always keep our enlightened, modern youth right beside our President Mr. Erdoğan insha’Allah.
If there is anything wrong we have done, they can warn us giving references from the Qur’an. We are not doing any act that is deemed unlawful in the Qur’an and we would never do. Since those who criticize us are also aware of this fact, they are unable to say that this is unlawful according to the Qur’an, they merely say this is unlawful in my opinion. We abide by the Qur’an not anyone’s own convictions. We would heed the advice the moment we are warned with the verses of the Qur’an. We are positive people. We accept and embrace what is right the moment we see it. But they fail to bring us any evidence from the Qur’an.
The British deep state and the homosexual global structuring are in a campaign against Turkey. They are trying to – in their own minds- disrupt the quality, skill and the reliable structure of the Turkish state. To prevent this threat, the secular, enlightened and cultured members of the society should definitely support our President Mr. Erdoğan and not leave him alone.
Enjoining good and forbidding wrong (al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar) is a religious obligation for Muslims; that is the responsibility of all Muslims. It would be wrong to be offended or upset when the commands of God are reminded.
Islam in the Qur’an, Islam as lived by the Companions of our Prophet (saas) is a perfect religion that brings joy, welfare, relief and a enlightened understanding of quality and arts to the world. There is a small minority that tries to destroy this religion. We will continue to communicate the right and the true path with the Qur’an, with knowledge and wisdom no matter what they do and we will practice the commands of God definitively insha’Allah.

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Some circles will continue to be disturbed by our efforts so long as we stand firm against Darwinist, materialist ideologies, so long as we stand against the PKK, against homosexuality, against the British deep state, so long as we continue to advocate the AK Party, so long as we continue our support for the MHP. Yet we will never give up this right course of action. The reason for some people’s disturbance about us is actually not the revealing clothes they see on the screen. The real reason for their disturbance is that we reveal the British deep state, that we explain the invalidity of Darwinism. Some circles will continue to be disturbed by our efforts so long as we stand firm against Darwinist, materialist ideologies, so long as we stand against the PKK, against homosexuality, against the British deep state, so long as we continue to advocate the AK Party, so long as we continue our support for the MHP. Yet we will never give up this right course of action. We will thwart the plots of the British deep state every single time with laws and the legal system, with knowledge and wisdom.
May God bless the martyrdom of our heroic soldiers. May God give their families a beautiful patience. What a beautiful rank they have been given, may God bless us with that beautiful rank as well.
If we explain people that they carry the Spirit of God and that those around them carry the Spirit of God as well, they would all love and respect one another. But it would not be possible for them to love and respect one another if they see each other as an animal species, as a bacterium. On the other hand, the misogyny of the orthodox traditionalist system strips people of love and beauty.
A believes would want to turn this world into Heaven on earth. The satan wants this world to be like hell. It wants hatred to spread. Note that most of the people you see around hate one another. If they love one political party, they hate all the others; if they support one sports team, they hate all the others. Actually the fact is that all of them are the children of this homeland. Everyone can live together nicely, brotherly by showing respect to one another. While it is possible to live brotherly side by side, the existence of an inconceivable language of hatred is a result of the attacks of the dajjal. We strive with all our might to put an end to this filth of lovelessness intellectually with science and wisdom. With love and respect, we constantly strive to make people love quality, friendship, beauty, brotherhood with positivity and thanks to God we are succeeding. You will all see in 3-5 years that friendship and love will be victorious.
May God give our soldiers strength, power and health. They are the valiant heroes of the world’s most compassionate, sublimest army. May God make our army triumphant.

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Claiming that it is not possible to have fun and entertainment in an environment in which the Qur’an and religion is discussed would mean taking Islam out of a wide expanse of life. The Qur’an is everywhere in Anatolia, they are dancing halay and have their weddings in houses where there are copies of the Qur’an. Women and men of Black Sea play horon together. They have the Qur’an with them as well. In the Southeast of Turkey, women dance halay together with men. They too have the Qur’an. God’s name is mentioned and verses are read, the Prophets are talked about in djemevi in which women and men whirl together. Do they think all those should be banned as well? Since such a thing would not be acceptable, it is important to create an environment in which people will be able live according to their thoughts and their faiths comfortably.
Most of our brothers are unaware of the plots the British deep state has devised against our nation during the last 200 years. We do love and respect the British state and the British people. But our scientific struggle against the British deep state will always continue. British deep state has always been the one behind all the events that has taken place against Turkey up until now.
Many people fail to realize the fact that the British deep state is the real power and the threat against Turkey, because they give their attention to many other things. It is the British deep state that organizes all the dissensions and the disorder in the Middle East. People would actually see this fact clearly if they examine the events in the recent history. Since we have removed the veil on the British deep state with documents, since we have revealed the system of the Mahdi, they have all been highly disturbed. With science, wisdom and the legal system, we will continue to raise the veil on the system of the dajjal.
The British deep state has always attained results in the Middle East by dividing people; they weaken countries by setting people against one another and thus attain what they want. Their local coconspirators are also used to this end. That is why uniting around a leader is crucially important. If we close ranks around our President Mr. Erdoğan, by the leave of God, they will not be able to do any harm to this nation. Since they are very much disturbed by this unity, they are trying to give our group a hard time. Our works have dealt the most influential intellectual and scientific blow to materialism and Darwinism and the Government could thus settle on a very strong philosophical ground. The right wing governments of the past, while Menderes, Demirel and Özal were in power, the right wing did not have an ideological footing. Our activities have prepared a very sound ideological footing. Prominent names of the left wing are openly stating this fact saying: “this foundation is provided with the works of Adnan Oktar.” Both by means of these works and many wise precautions they have taken in many aspects, our government is very sound and strong, by the will of God.
Our martyrs are the pride and honor of our nation. How happy they are that they have reached Heaven and the Messenger of God. Our trial on this world is going on while they are dining at the dinner tables in Heaven. They have thus concluded their trial honorably. May God give their families auspicious and long lives.

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Loyalty to the state is the 5 thousand years-old consuetude of the Turkish nation. There is only one leader of the state and 83 million of us will proceed with allegiance to that leader. We, as a nation, are brave, valiant, compassionate and good mannered. Most important of all, we are a nation graced by God. With God’s held, we will insha’Allah see very beautiful days.
Bigotry is the plot of the satan; it is the religion of satan. Islam is the religion in the Qur’an. Islam is a pure and immaculately radiant religion. Bigotry is like mixing milk with poison. Islam is the religion of good manners, joy, high quality, vivacity, happiness, love and peace.
We will insha’Allah give the best response to those who are foolishly trying to isolate our President Mr. Erdoğan and to leave him alone with petty plots, by making him our President in 2019 as well, with at least 70 % of the votes.
May God bless the martyrdom of our soldier who’s been martyred in Hakkari. What a blessed destiny he has. All our martyrs very dear to us; they are our brave, valiant heroes. Tonight, they will insha’Allah be dining with our Prophet, the Messenger of God (saas) in Heaven. May God honor us all with the rank of martyrdom.
Everything happens for a reason and for the good of the Muslims. There is nothing that could harm Muslims. Whatever happens is for the good of Muslims. Including those one might say ‘well, that cannot be good’ has a way of turning out for the best, for Muslims.
Love is the only goal of sincerity. The goal of everything you find beautiful is love. Satan is trying to kill this feeling. Both in the Darwinist and the orthodox fractions there is a desire to remove this love. With all our might, we are preventing this with knowledge and wisdom.
Ataturk wanted to establish a country consisting of enlightened, progressive, sophisticated, knowledgeable, cultured, valuable people who understand arts, music, statutes and paintings, and who are determined to bring this country to a level of civilization that is far beyond Europe. However some people have never liked Atatürk. These people are ignoble ones who try to bring down Turkey. The fact is however the majority of our youth consists of enlightened people who have a good head on their shoulders. That is why no one could ever be able to do any harm to the Republic Ataturk founded.
The French President Macron and similar people should save their unsolicited advice to themselves. Turkey is giving a justified struggle against terror and is defending herself. Turkish army is extremely careful to avoid the slightest harm on civilians. They are advancing towards Afrin step by step with utmost care.
The PKK should be scraped completely from the region. No country would ever accept the existence of a terrorist structure in the region. Turkish army is very rational and very compassionate. Our army is the most decent, most compassionate and most merciful army of the world. Had our army wished so, the operation would have lasted in a split second but to avoid any collateral damage on civilians they are advancing very carefully and very meticulously. No one could ever make an accusation against Turkey and our country.

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Muslims come from Heaven, that is why they have a tendency in their soul towards Heaven. They learn about high quality in Heaven and that is why they search for the highest quality in the houses, clothes and people around them in this world. Quality is the yearning for Heaven, it is searching and putting the quality we have learnt in Heaven into practice in this world.
A person who puts his trust in God, who submits to God would never ascribe any partners to God. If a person who has fallen ill says ‘ I will now go to the doctor’s, the doctor will give me a pill and that pill will heal me,” that person would be ascribing partners to God. One should say ‘I will go to the doctor’s and God will make the pill the doctor will prescribe instrumental and if God wills so, I will get better.”
National idealists are the civilian guarantees of the Turkish nation. They have always been instrumental in many auspicious acts and services at every period. They are a group of gallant, noble and great young man who have the state discipline, who have devoted themselves to God, who advocate their own nation, their own philosophy and religion. May God increase their numbers and their fervor. I support them till the bitter end. Especially in such a period they should be very well protected and watched over. It is very crucial to raise such a youth. May God speed them.
During such times, it would be a shame and a sin and an ignominy to demoralize our people, to share the morale values of our people, to create suspicions and to adopt a negative attitude against our soldiers and police officers. Standing beside our state and government is what befits every patriot during such times. While our country is going through such crucial times, every patriot should support the candid and sincere precautions our Government takes. Impeding the works of our state or Government would be very unseemly. During such times, it would be a shame and a sin and an ignominy to demoralize our people, to share the morale values of our people, to create suspicions and to adopt a negative attitude against our soldiers and police officers. Standing beside our state and government is what befits every patriot during such times.
We do love and respect British people. Our intellectual struggle is against the British deep state that is also bothering the British state and people. We are alert against all the plots of the British deep state and we will always be alert.

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An egoistic person could not experience love. Such people are emotional, prone to lying and are in war with themselves. Since they bring about scourges on themselves, it is not possible for them to know and experience love. A person who really loves God - one who is not egoistic- would have a superior morality. Loving such a person is a great blessing. To experience love both sides should submit to God and should be freed from egoism.
The hypocrites are incarnated satans. The attacks of the hypocrites are actually the attacks of the satan against Muslims. These attacks become instrumental in increasing the quality of the trial Muslims are subjected to. The hypocrites are instrumental in Muslims’ becoming stronger and holding closer ranks. Each attack of the hypocrites is in fact a blessing for Muslims. God creates everything for a reason, with wisdom.
I have been writing about love for Atatürk in all my works for at least 20 years. With all necessary documents we put forth the fact that Atatürk was a sincere devout person. My works have been instrumental in removing the anti-Ataturk approach in some circles among the conservative fraction. With laws and the legal system we will not let even a single word uttered against Atatürk.
The soul dies in cruelty, people feel an intense pain in cruelty. No matter how much wealth one lives in, such a person would feel an intense pain in every moment of his life. Success in not in the wealth attained. Living in happiness and joy is success. And that is only possible with faith.
Reason and wisdom develop with obedience to the Qur’an. Even a person who you know as wise and reasonable would go astray when he forgets the Qur’an and cannot be wise anymore. For wisdom to develop, one has to abide by the Qur’an.
Bad words belong to those who utter them. Our founding father, Atatürk would never lose value with those things said against him. On the contrary, our love for Ataturk would increase in folds. Those who are against Atatürk are merely a minority, our people would never ever take them seriously or attach any importance to the things they say. Atatürk is a really, gallant appreciative person. He is the son of this land. Ataturk has founded religious vocational high schools, had Divinity Schools opened, had the Qur’an translated into Turkish and distributed thousands of copies in Anatolia free of charge. He always carried a copy of the Qur’an in his pocket. He had great hadith collections translated into Turkish. Those who did not provide even one in thousands of the service Atatürk has done are now talking ill about him.
Turkey is giving a vitally important fight right now. Not supporting this struggle would be treason. If you are accepting the foundation of a PKK state right beside your borders, that means you are accepting the division of your homeland. Turkey is giving a vitally important fight right now. Not supporting this struggle would be treason. If you are accepting the foundation of a PKK state right beside your borders, that means you are accepting the division of your homeland. Right now this is the legitimate defense of our homeland and of our people, not supporting this struggle would be treason.

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When the Islamic Unity is established, every single day will be festive. Everywhere will be superb beautiful. Since there will a system of guardianship among believers, everyone will be charged with protecting one another. There will be no fear for the future. Hazrat Mahdi will be the one who will give this spirit of love to the world. God will make love prevail in the world by means of Hazrat Mahdi.
Loyalty to God would show itself at times of difficulty. It is very favorable if a Muslim stands firm and strong when faced with 3-5 difficulties at the same time. At the time of our Prophet (saas) Muslims were besieged from two sides. The hypocrites at the time ‘thought unworthy thoughts about God and His Messenger.” In the end, Muslims were victorious. And those who were shaken and who begun to suspect have lost.
The Turkish army is fighting against a communist, Stalinist, atheist, irreligious terrorist organization. Turkish army is absolutely right in this fight. As a nation, we stand firm right beside our army.
One should constantly change and perfect his personality. Saying “this is who I am, I won’t change!” is not an acceptable rationale. One who has a soul would constantly develop and perfect his personality.
When there is a deficiency in a person’s love for God, God would not bestow the love of His servants to that person. Love would not be given to those who present less love to God. Those who love God a lot would swim in the sea of love, so to speak, and be very lively.
God wants His servants to be sincere and honest. Sincerity is the most important virtue.
There is no verse in the Qur’an that deems paintings unlawful. The claim stating that paintings are unlawful is merely a superstition. Paintings are a blessing, a beauty.
The Infinite Power Who holds sway over all the images every single person sees, righteously would demand a constant connection with Him. When one is in contact with God, everything in his life would be very nice. When one severs his connection with God, there would be problems and distresses in single moment of his life.
Weakness of faith causes a horrendous strain on people. This strain is in the basis of the rage they feel for one another showing intolerance in the smallest of incidents. Weakness of faith causes a horrendous strain on people. This strain is in the basis of the rage they feel for one another showing intolerance in the smallest of incidents. With this intense strain, they want to free themselves from that tension as soon as possible by bursting immediately. Such a problem doesn’t occur when there is no weakness in faith.

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Every speech of a person who centers himself in God’s Existence would be beneficial and auspicious. Such a person would avoid empty talks. Since a Muslim knows that God would ask how he spent his time, he would make the best use of his time. He wouldn’t waste any time.
Humans are delicate beings. They are created for God. When people are unable to find love at home, among their family, at the streets, at school, while having fun, they feel extremely tense. The love people have lost for centuries will come back in 3-5 years. We will altogether see that insha’Allah.
A sincere, honest person would be the one with the highest quality. A sincere person would have a candid connection with God. Such a person would wholeheartedly submit to God. Every movement of such a person, every word they utter, every attitude they adopt would be high quality. Some people claim to have high quality yet they look down on people. High quality is not something like that. Quality is the highest level in understanding of love in one’s soul.
Good morality is a system that gives people happiness. Even if there happens to be a single arrogant person in an environment, all of the people there would be uncomfortable. People with good morality would be instrumental for happiness wherever they go. It is good morality that makes Heaven beautiful. What makes Heaven beautiful is people’s behaving nicely, not upsetting one another, everyone’s being balanced and level-headed, not having anyone saying inappropriate things, not having any hypocritical people, everyone’s experiencing a fervent love. It is not the rivers, the lands of the Heaven what makes it beautiful. God Himself has the best moral values. Muslims want to adopt the moral values of God. God forgives people in every case, people might not be able to forgive sometimes. God wants to save all His servants, people only feel closer to some people. God does not want people to be approached with ill intentions, He wants people to be approached with good opinions. People have shortcomings when it comes to having good opinions of others. Muslims aspire God’s good morality. When Muslims adopt the good morality of God, they feel at ease themselves and also make people around them feel at ease. This morality is the basic characteristic of Heaven. And the main purpose of this good morality is love. It is for loving God and those created by God.
The hypocrites do not have any friends in this world and they will be all alone for all eternity in the Hereafter as well.
With the Islamic Union there will be beauty on top of beauty everywhere. There will be vineyards and greenery all around. People’s happiness, joy and peace would be reported every single day. Youngsters will be able to have fun as they like, there will be places in which they can have fun in safety. The architecture will be spectacular. We will, insha’Allah, see that the world is like Heaven on Earth, for the very last time.
The hypocrites constantly swear in the name of God because they try to present themselves as if they are on the side of Islam. They try to give the impression as if they were honest. People with weak faith might sometimes be fooled by that. In fact the hypocrites are featherbrained. God says ‘they are like propped-up planks of wood.”
Owning and protecting our President Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan as a nation is one of the most crucial things to do during this time. The reason why they are targeting Mr. Erdoğan is that they imagine that they would cow our people into submission if they overthrow him. That is why we need to close ranks around Mr. Erdoğan. In 2019 we will insha’Allah make Mr. Erdoğan the head of our people, our President once again with at least 70% of the votes.

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Love and trust are the prerequisites for the Islamic Union. Islamic Union means the prevalence of an immaculate justice, cooperation, watching over one another, friendship, companionship, mercy, quality and beauty.
May God bless the martyrdom of our brave soldiers who’ve been martyred during the Olive Branch Operation. We admire every single one of them, they are our brave heroes.
Street artists are people who strive to make others happy. Passing by such people without even looking at their faces is a grave unscrupulousness.
Science discovered many topics that are already explained in the Qur’an, only very recently. The fact that two sees do not merge and run side by side is one of those miracles. The fact that everything came into existence in an instant with a Big Bang out of nothing is another scientific miracle described in the Qur’an.
Jealousy over happiness started with satan’s jealousy of the Prophet Adam. Good people should know that there will definitely people who will struggle against them. God did not create this world for us to live like there is no tomorrow. It is a Muslim’s duty to live in a state alertness and vigilance every moment of their lives.
Hypocrites want others to feel their so-called greatness, they are after an artificial prestige. That is why they try to give the impression they are living by religion and pretend that they are devout Muslims. While doing that they regard themselves greater than – may God forbid the thought- the prophets and God. What is weird about the hypocrites is that they devote all their time to struggle against Muslims instead of going and joining the unbelievers and living with them. They become enemies of the Prophet and the loyal companions of the Prophet. They carry out activities against Muslims day in and day out and they even risk death. But while struggling against Muslims, the hypocrites constantly waste away. Since satan has gotten hold of them, they are very restless, like mad cows they do not know what to do where to strike. That is why even unbelievers do not approach them.
Faith is the manifestation of good conscience. A faithful person would be merciful, charitable starting from his childhood, such a person would always be on the side of what is right and just. The mental state of people of faith would be positive starting from their childhoods. As the evidence of faith they see around increases so does the fervor of their faiths, and their faith flares up and enlightens.
We are all subjects of a destiny. It is like we are in a sort of movie. This movie would never change. Understanding the inalterability of this movie means submission to God. Every question one is asked is the question defined in destiny, every response given is the response in defined in destiny. Even if you rewind and watch the movie a hundred times the same things happen every single time, destiny would never change.
Since they lead an introverted life, some of our brothers from the right wing do not understand how important our reconciliatory attitude is. In the past, there was a great gap between the Atatürkist secular fraction and the conservative fraction. We have explained with proof that Atatürk is a sincere believer and that there is secularism in the Qur’an. We have shown them that religiousness is an exuberant life. We have ensured that this gap between these two fractions is closed. In many countries coups are plotted using this gap between these two fractions. We have thus been instrumental in preventing such a dissension.
I have never personally met our President Mr. Erdoğan but I see that he is striving with all his sincerity on the Path of God. He protects and watches over all Muslims, he is a valiant person, he doesn’t even flinch under the pressure of the British deep state. We have seen his honesty since his served as the Mayor of Istanbul, we know him. We will be by his side till the bitter end, insha’Allah.

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The hypocrites use the verses of the Qur’an to cover up their immorality. Those who have martyred Hazrat Ali also claimed that they were acting according to the Qur’an. The hypocrites are the worst weasels and the most vicious ones of the world yet they try to present themselves as if they are honest.
What God wants us to love Him as His due and to be sincere. We would then be gaining His good pleasure.
It is against good conscience to say “we will not provide financial aid to you if you do not come to the table with Israel” to Palestine. Palestinians are a handful of people, their means are limited, they survive with the foreign aid they receive. It is a shame to use such a language to these people. People should not treat other people they way they don’t want to be treated. No country should ever adopt such a language towards Palestine.
The satan claims that people will not love one another and that they would not love God. It says that people will become cruel, selfish, loveless, merciless and will shed blood. To prove itself right the satan imposes lovelessness on people with all its might.
Everything is for the good of Muslims. God always enwraps Muslims with goodness. Whichever way they go it would be good and auspicious for them; It is good for them if they turn right, it is good for them if they turn left.
Patriotism does not mean racism. One’s homeland, one’s country is a blessing for that person. It is a beauty that a person loves his homeland, his country.
Love is the foundation of life just like breathing. Satan has taken away love from the hands of people, that is what actually is surprising. Love should not be something that will be searched for and found. Love should prevail everywhere.
One needs to pray to God saying : “My God make me friends with a servant of Yours who will not be egoistical and selfish, who loves You very much and Who You love very much, who will contribute to my faith and my personality, who will see me precious, who will love me and respect me.”
I want the whole world to love one another. The Chinese, Americans, Russians, Pakistanis, everyone is very sweet. Let everyone love one another. Let the youth be merry. Let us all sing songs and dance. Let us plant flowers in front of everyone’s home. Let us remember God altogether. Friendship and companionship are very pleasant and beautiful. It is unbelievable that there are fights, conflicts and disagreements instead of what is beautiful and pleasant.
Destiny God created is perfectly beautiful. God created everything, every fine detail in just the way that people would handle. God created every person’s destiny in just the way he could handle every trial he is subjected to.
The world is a place of a strong and keen faith. When God is forgotten, when thanks are not addressed to God, God crushes people all around the world. Unless people return to God, God would not give relief to people. If people return to God, the whole world would instantly find relief.
Communism that came about through ideas would only go away with ideas. Godlessness that comes with ideas would go away with ideas and with ideas faith would settle in. Otherwise it would not be possible to attain definitive results in the struggle against the PKK.
Every time God’s Name is remembered, one’s heart would find relief. You say ‘Allah-u Akbar” you see that you are under the protection of that Infinitely Great Power and you have a clear mind freed from all the daily troubles. When you remember God’s Name Akbar all the troubles would leave you. When you forget that God is Great, all troubles would heap on you. You say Subhan Allah, you think that God is above all sorts of deficiencies and shortage. Some people seek refuge in God but they – may God forbid- imagine that His Power is missing. God never gets tired, never sleeps, never gets bored. Knowing that God is above all sorts of deficiencies and shortage is a great comfort. You say Alhamdulillah, you feel relief when you thank God and the blessings bestowed on you would increase. You say Astagfirullah, you seek refuge in God’s Mercy and that is a great beauty.
Muslims criticize themselves every single day. Not wasting time, searching for the act that would bring them the good pleasure of God the most and for the right course of action, avoiding wastage, say the most appropriate things… these are subjects Muslims should always think about.
Darwinist education is something that directly targets people’s faith. In Darwinism, there is no belief in God. There is no morality, there is no family. Opening the door to something like that is a grave sin. Darwinist education means educating people to deny the existence of God. Trying to explain the universe through coincidences under the name positivist education is not acceptable in respect of reason and rationale, nor in respect of morality, good conscience and faith. Had the Darwinist education be stopped worldwide, the greatest blow would be dealt to the system of the dajjal.
Once the Darwinist education is stopped, the PKK problem would come to an end instantly. They have been striving to end it with armed conflict for the last 50 years. Had they given a scientific struggle, the issue would have been solved within six months. The absence of faith in God is the foundation of communism. Kurdish youth is actually religious. It is important to remove the root cause that pushes the youth towards communist terror. With Darwinist education, that is also called the positivist education, faith and belief is very much weakened among youth. When that is the case, the PKK very easily persuades youth about terror. They say ‘Look, you were an animal, there was a primitive communal society in which everyone was equal and everything was shared, that is the law of nature. If you do not believe me see that this is taught as science at state schools.” They present killing as scientific and are being educated saying “do you not step on a bug and kill it on the road, do you not pour tincture of iodine on bacteria, humans are an animal species and killing them is a requisite of the nature.” They have tied down the youth with reeling and the only thing you are expected to do is to unreel it and to give counter training to do so. If you do not provide that counter training and instead give them an education that ensures their access to the communist terror sources and raise youth as Darwinists, then you would –may God forbid- be laying the ground for the PKK.

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Ataturk is a hero loved by the whole Turkish nation. All Turkish world -from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan- admires him. We, as a nation, do not want to hear an attitude that do not befit respect towards Atatürk.
We do not want a single word broadcast against Ataturk. All 83 million of us love Ataturk very much. We do not want to hear a single word broadcast against Ataturk. With laws and the legal system we will not let that happen. Ataturk is a very precious piece of this nation. He is the one who put an end to persecution. He is a martyr. He is a valiant hero.
Their knowledge about many issues is wrong. God does not curse a nation as a whole. If you claim that a newborn would also be cursed just because he is born a Jewish you would not be acting in line with the Qur’an. The child of an atheist mother and an atheist father would be innocent as well. Children are innocent. God curses the irreligious, faithless, cruel Jews, cruel idolaters, cruel hypocrites. They never mention the fact that God curses the idolaters. In many verses of the Qur’an, God talks about faithful Jews. He says not all of the People of the Book are the same. It is not in compliance with Islam to declare the whole of a nation as cursed. That is a pagan belief reminiscent from the period of the idolaters. Real Muslims differentiate the cruel ones from the aggrieved ones and protect those who are aggrieved.
There is the bigoted system of the left wing. They advocate the ideas of 150 years ago. And there is the traditionalist Orthodox system. Both of them regard women as –allegedly- underdeveloped beings and neither of them attaches any importance on women. People are torn between those two loveless systems. And that brings about an exponential collapse. Since we are carrying out an intellectual struggle against both of them and are draining the swamp, they come down us with all their means. They have resorted to unlawful means for many times yet our intellectual struggle continued under all circumstances. It will also increase exponentially from now on as well.
It is not possible to solve problems among friends other than forming an alliance in the Qur’an. Everyone might have a different understanding. But if an alliance is formed in the Qur’an, the path would be straight and right, conflicts would be solved.
There wouldn’t be a trial without the hypocrites. At the time of our Prophet, it was the hypocrites who incited idolaters against Muslims. Their existence becomes instrumental in the increase of worth of the good deed attained. There wouldn’t be a trial without the hypocrites. At the time of our Prophet it was the hypocrites who incited idolaters against Muslims. Their existence becomes instrumental in the increase of the worth of the good deed attained. Hypocrites bring fervor and excitement to the lives of the Muslims and become instrumental for a strong and sincere intellectual struggle. Hypocrites are useful for Muslims both in this world and in the Hereafter.
A loving expression cannot be formed on the face of a person who has frozen his mind. Such a person regards love as gullibility. They imagine that grievance, hatred and insincerity means vigilance. Inside the swamp they are, they do not even understand that their lives pass by groveling. Regarding love as gullibility is a grave turpitude.
The ideal of the Turkish nation is to ensure the rule of the Islamic morality throughout the world. It is not based on racial concepts. It is another way of verbalizing the system of the Mahdi . The result attained at the end of the scientific struggle given until the religion is God’s alone and dissension is removed from the surface of this word, meaning the rule of the loving morality God wants throughout the world is known as the ideal of the Turkish nation.
A great majority of people does not know love. They only know the imitation of love. They mention it in movies, in poems, in books but they do not know real love. In fact love is the real purpose of the world. Love is the reason for the existence of our 5 senses. 5 senses have been created to serve love. Without love, life turns into hell.
Darwinism lies at the root of Marxist, Leninist, communist ideology. It is not possible to put an end to communist terror in the real sense without explaining the invalidity of Darwinism. Darwinism is the main issue. Scientific struggle against Darwinism is the most crucial issue.
As the characteristic of Turkish nation, Turkish army is very compassionate. Our soldiers come from Anatolia, their mothers are religious, fathers are religious, radiant people of Anatolia. They do not even step on an ant if they see one. When they go to do their service, they behave compassionately there as well. Since high ranking officers also come from same moral background, this beautiful morality is preserved from generation to generation inside the army.
Iranian are immaculately pure, honest and trustworthy people. Iranians are very dear friends of ours, we will always love them and will always support them. There is a bigoted section in Iran, just as there is in Turkey. Yet this is not valid for the all Iranians, only a small section. To struggle against bigotry, intellectual and progressive statesmen should form an alliance. With love and compassion, we can stop this by putting an end to Darwinist-materialist education with rational evidence. Iran and Turkey are friends no one can change this.
Our support for our President Mr. Erdoğan is unconditional. It is for the good pleasure of God. We only look to see if a person is searching for the good pleasure of God, if he is striving to establish the Islamic unity. It is obvious that our President Mr. Erdoğan is an honest person, his efforts for the Islamic unity is out in the open. You can devise whatever plot you want and make whichever plan you want, we will go on advocating what we know is right for the good pleasure of God.
Youngsters want to be free. The children of the families that are known to be conservative want to live vivaciously, comfortably and free as well. That request for freedom is in compliance with the Qur’an. The number of people who have a bigoted mindset is very few in Turkey yet they imagine themselves as a relentless force. Youngsters want to be free. The children of the families that are known to be conservative want to live vivaciously, comfortably and free as well. That request for freedom is in compliance with the Qur’an. God is the One Who wants His servants to live free. The number of people who have a bigoted mindset is very few in Turkey but they imagine themselves as a relentless force. In fact their impact is very weak. They present the smallest spec of sand they find on the floor, as the Mount Everest, mocking the intelligence of our public, so to speak.
There is a movement ‘dividing the public into two’ that is going on ever since the first years of the Republic and that is not voiced openly most of the time. On one side there is Ataturkist, enlightened party that loves paintings, music, dancing, statues, arts and that is full of life. On the other side there is this introverted party that does not like Ataturk, that takes no pleasure from music, paintings and arts, that are against having fun and being joyous. That is an unnamed disintegration that has long been going on in Turkey and both parties somehow feel rage for one another and cannot reconcile. Generally that disintegration is presented as the pretext for coups. That has always been the case in 1960’s, in 1971 and in 1980. This can clearly be seen when the anatomy of the coups is studied. We became a target because we have an understanding that extinguishes this division. With our narrations we clear away the rage both sides feel for one another and make it possible for the lives of these two parties combine with one. We demonstrate the fact that there is no reason to keep a distance between those enlightened Ataturkists who like culture, arts and paintings, and religious people. With our existence as an enlightened, modern, joyous, vivacious group of friends who love arts, music and beauty, who attach great importance to quality, who are loyal to the Qur’an, who practice the sunnah that are in compliance with the Qur’an, we are abating a very important dissension. We reconcile these two sides and demonstrate that the rage both parties feel for one another is baseless. We thereby provide a very important service regarding the unity of our people and our homeland. Most people may not be aware of this fact but the British deep state is and that is why they are trying to give us a hard time with all their might.
Isolating the leader as a tactic is an ugly plot used since the times of the Ottomans. They are trying to employ the same plot against our President Mr. Erdoğan for a while. They are trying to avert those who efficiently advocate our President and government both inland and abroad. The same method was employed against Abdulhamit, Abdulaziz and Menderes as well. And now they are trying to create the image which insinuates ‘see that none of those who advocate Erdoğan are safe, be careful.’ On the other hand they are aiming to portray our President as a stern personality who –may God forbid- doesn’t recognize the superiority of laws and the legal system, who has everyone taken into custody. That is the basic method employed by the British deep state and their pawns, FETÖ being in the first place. Especially in recent years it appears that there is a special structure organizing this plot. Being the sycophants of the British deep state and wannabes who do not like the values of our people, who look down on them and claiming to step up in the name of our people is the common characteristic of such people. We, as a nation, are aware of all these plots and with laws and the legal system we will never ever let them achieve their goals. We stand by our President Mr. Erdoğan and will never leave him alone.
We congratulate the gallant, valiant spouse of our martyr. All of the children of our homeland are gallant and valiant. As a nation, we regard martyrdom as an honor and want martyrdom from God. Our land, our flag, our state is our honor.

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There are those who try to create the false image to insinuate that there is no freedom of speech in Turkey. Some of those people are trying to create pressure on people by using the name of our President Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan. Our President gave the best response to those people and said; ‘no one should dare to use my name.” In spite of all such attempts we will insha’Allah always stand by our President in 2019, and in 2023, and in 2044, with God’s help.
Darwinism is the religion of the PKK. But many other circles do not mention this superstitious religion of the PKK because they are Darwinists as well. Darwinism is the reason why the PKK is a Marxist, Leninist, communist organization. Darwinism is a pagan religion that is reminiscent of the ancient ages. The PKK also has this superstitious religion.
Thinking about the Creator of this image on the screen that one is not able to leave is the priority. The fact that there is one who sees and perceives this image is the obvious proof of God’s Existence. The purpose of one’s existence in this world is to think about God’s Existence, Oneness and love. Thinking about the Creator of this image on the screen that one is not able to leave is the priority. We have no intervention on the image we see on this screen. The One Who makes us watch this neat image with perfect details can put an end to this image in a moment if He wills so. The fact that there is one who sees and perceives this image is the obvious proof of God’s Existence. The purpose of one’s existence in this world is to think about God’s Existence, Oneness and love.
We want wealth from God to serve Islam. We want beautiful houses so that Muslims can come and relish, so that they live joyously. We want beautiful tables to host Muslims in the best way. The good pleasure of God is our only expectation regarding this world.
One needs to pray to God for love saying; ‘My Lord I do love you very much, grant me the blessing of loving You with the most profound faith. Save me from egoism and grant me the blessing of living for You. My Lord make me loved by others and let me meet people worthy of loving. “
Turkey does not want Kurdish people to be oppressed. Turkey does not want our Kurdish brother to be persecuted under Stalinist oppression. That is why she undertakes the mission of protecting both Kurds and all other nations of the region making great sacrifices.
Instead of the bigoted understanding, Ataturk brought a perfect understanding of Islam to Turkey. He had divinity schools established, Directorate of Religious Affairs founded, had Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır prepare a commentary of the Qur’an and had 100 thousands of copies of the Qur’an in Turkish distributed to the Turkish people.
Turkey is defending the territorial integrity of Syria. Those lands are the lands of Syria. Turkish army is going there to ensure peace and security. Our army is going there to wipe the PKK, ISIS, Al-Qaida , all other terror organizations off from that that region. So long as there is no land acquisition, such a campaign is an act of worship. Turkey’s goal is to give comfort to the people living there. Turkey is like a chief surgeon operating on a patient to remove a tumor. Syrians are our brothers and our friends.
Turkish army is a very blessed army. All of our soldiers are our children from Anatolia who perform prayers. All they want is to be rewarded with Heaven, God’s pleasure in the Hereafter and a blessed life in this world.
God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. If there is an attack of the hypocrites, that is under the control of God as well, if there is an attack of the unbelievers, God is the One Who creates it as well, or if the sleeping cells of the British deep state awakens, God is the One Who wakes them up as well. What we are to do is to behave wisely and to trust in God.
It is impossible for a person in his right man to deny God.
In Heaven all Holy Books -the Qur’an, Torah, Gospel and Psalm will be with us for all eternity in their original and real forms as blessings we love the most.
Satan wants to complicate religion. In fact God deemed religion easy. In the Qur’an, God says : “God desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you.” (Surat al-Baqara, 185) “We will ease you to the Easy Way.” (Surat al-A’la, 8) “He (God) has selected you and not placed any constraint upon you in the religion — the religion of your forefather Ibrahim.” (Surat al-Hajj, 78)
We celebrate the martyrdom of our martyr Mustafa Özalkan. May God grant us the honor of being a martyr as well.
Only through intellectual struggle, it could be possible to put a definitive end to terror. The Darwinist, materialist education should be stopped in the first place to wipe out the source of the swamp.

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May God grant strength and power to our army. May God protect and watch over our brave soldiers. Our love and our prayers are with them. God sees them and hears them. They have a splendid destiny. The system of the dajjal will certainly be defeated insha’Allah.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a radiant Muslim who served Islam very well, who opened religious vocational schools, who have had tens of thousands of copies of the Qur’an published to be distributed throughout Anatolia, who had the Qur’an translated into Turkish, who always carried a copy of the Qur’an with him, who founded the Directorate of Religious Affairs and who had innumerable numbers of mosques built.
Loyalty means not leaving your friends, your companions under no condition. For instance your beloved one becomes paralyzed from the waist down. You have to show loyalty to that person for 50 years, for 50 years you have to look after her like you look after yourself. You will work, day in and day out, spend that money on them, appease them, most importantly you will try to make her happy. Why would God help you if you do not help your loved one? Why would God show loyalty to you if you are not loyal to her?
May God bless the martyrdom of our martyrs. They have lived like lions and have reached God like the lions they are. How happy they are that they have directly become the people of heaven. May God give health, welfare, goodness and auspicious long lives and a beautiful patience to their families. We pray God over and over again that He blesses the martyrdom of our martyrs.
Imagination is an art of God. Simply by thinking about it, people close their eyes and see ten different people in front of them in their imagination. This is an example for us to see how easy creation is for God.
Mahdi has been awaited for in every century. Muslims have always been very zealous and eager about the subject of Mahdi. Only in this century there have been this many voices against the system of the Mahdi. That is one of the portents of Hazrat Mahdi’s appearance.
God doesn’t want people to forget about the transiency of the world. God shows people that this world is not created to simply survive with diseases and troubles they face. People learn about loving and being loved through troubles, ordeals and diseases. Without them people’s education wouldn’t be completed.
The British deep state has a method they employ all the time; they commit theft and then come search for the thief together with you, they kill someone and then come to the crime scene looking for the murderer. This is the British deep state’s 150-200 years old method. After committing a crime they try to give the appearance of being against that act just to shift the blame and appear to be innocent.
The British deep state organize all those dark, aggressive, hateful people they find around. Since people of conscience cannot be used for such purposes, they find and use immoral, degenerated, traitorous people who become public enemies all around. The common denominator these people have are their hostility against our President MR. Erdoğan, their advocating the concept of evolution and their being ignorant and feeble-minded.
Taking ablution and performing prayers is very easy according to the Qur’an. Complicating prayers and ablution is a plot devised by the satan to keep people away from performing prayers. All sects add arbitrary, made-up sunnah and obligatory conditions to perform prayers, on their own. They all contradict with one another even about lawful and unlawful acts. Lawful and unlawful acts according to Islam are defined solely by the Qur’an. There is no such thing as performing prayers and taking ablution differently according to each sect. How to take ablution and perform prayers are defined in the Qur’an and they both are easy to perform.
Wiping off the PKK from the region would be auspicious for Kurds, Turks, Arabs and all nations. This campaign is not against Kurds, but against the PKK terrorist organization. Kurdish people are very dear to us. We will not leave our Kurdish brothers and sisters at the hands of the red, communist, atheist, irreligious PKK. May God protect our nation and our army from harm. May God deem them sovereign , may God strengthen them. May God make them victorious. May God devastate and destroy all traitors who will not be guided to the right path.
May the martyrdom of our martyr in Afrin campaign be blessed. God has honored him and his family with a beautiful honor. How blessed he is and how blessed his family is. May his martyrdom be blessed. He is the first martyr of this great conquest. May God protect all of our other lions, may God deem our army victorious. We are respectful of every country’s territorial integrity. There is a struggle against the PKK terrorist organization. We appreciate and pay tribute to our President Mr. Erdoğan’s determination and tenacity. He should keep his heart at ease, as the Turkish nation, we are on his side.

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If people do not know the goal of their creation they start showing the characteristics of an animal. They become egoistical. For instance an animal gets the meat and hide in a corner to eat it alone and snarl at others when they approach. Under the influence of the Darwinist education they are given, people start imagining that egoism is acceptable as well . They distance one another and become merciless and egoistical.
The fact that terms of affection are used very scarcely is one of the greatest scourges on this world. Although it is the most crucial issue in the world, under the influence of the satan, love is the least use word. Politicians, writers, intellectuals, youngsters, everyone should keep love constantly on the agenda.
Muslims strive to become the wealthiest and the strongest ones in the world. That is compliant with the Qur’an. But Muslims are charged with using these possessions and that power for goodness, wellness, friendship, brotherhood and love.
Turkish army is the most compassionate, most reasonable army in the world. We will stand by our President until the very end, he should keep his heart at ease. He should trust his nation and continue on this path. May God give him strength and power.
Hypocrites burn in this world and also in the Hereafter. They are humiliated in this world and also in the Hereafter. Muslims lead very honorable lives both in this world and in the Hereafter. Because of the filthy lives they lead the hypocrites’ lives are short; they have never ending problems and diseases and end up in Hell eventually.
The hypocrites have a stressful and crazy life. They are buried under their greediness for possession and life. But not being able to do any harm to Muslims upset them the most. As they attack Muslims, they, themselves get consumed away but Muslims get stronger. They imagine that they would be able to get results and do harm to Muslims immediately when they attack Muslims. The hypocrites at the time of the Prophet Moses and those at the time of our Prophet (saas) were of the same opinion as well. Later on they all lost their mental and physical health and they all perished. All their goods and all their possessions were left to Muslims. As the hypocrites were sent to Hell, Muslims lived in health, wellness and welfare, and then were taken to Heaven later on.
Lack of divine light is the most obvious characteristic of the hypocrites. No one approach them, they do not have even a single real friend. They are always alone. God has created them contemptible and servile. They wouldn’t know who or where to attack. As they draw nearer to Hell, they start acting abnormally all the time because of the severity of their humiliation. God brings them to a point of no return. Had their actions been lesser, the response they would get in Hell would have been lesser as well, that is why God gives them possessions, means and time. They use all the means and time they have in struggling against Muslims. Their load of sins and their closeness to hell thus increases. When God deems that enough, He takes away their lives and put them in the deepest part of Hell. In the Qur’an, God says : “If only you could see when the angels take back those who were unbelievers at their death, beating their faces and their backs: ´Taste the punishment of the Burning!’ (Surat Al-Anfal;50)
Struggling against the hypocrites reinforce Muslims’ love and devotion for one another, it enhances their desire to step up for the defense of Islam and the Qur’an and understanding that the hypocrites defined in the Qur’an are real, becomes instrumental in increasing their faith. Struggling against the hypocrites makes Muslims healthy and well, increases their fervor and becomes instrumental in making them strong in every aspect. It brings abundance to Muslims. Without the attacks of the hypocrites there might be a stillness, a lethargy in the lives of Muslims but Muslims themselves see how the hypocrites cause an increase in Muslims’ strength.
The hypocrites have about 10-20 years incubation period among Muslims. Then, upon the inspiration of the satan they suddenly come alive like dead cells and proceed to attack. The attack of the hypocrites is not like that of the unbelievers. The hypocrites have about 10-20 years incubation period among Muslims. Then, upon the inspiration of the satan they suddenly come alive like dead cells and proceed to attack. The attack of the hypocrites is not like that of the unbelievers. Hypocrites proceed to attack by trying to appear even more Muslim than the Muslims. To strengthen their evilness, they use verses of the Qur’an. In fact they are very well aware of their ignominy and in order to avoid appearing as a traitor they step up with the claim of “putting things right”. In the Qur’an, God says, “When they are told, ´Do not cause corruption on the earth,´ they say, ´We are only putting things right’.” (Surat al-Baqara, 11) The PKK, homosexuals, rumism, bigotry, the British deep state do not interest them the least. They attack the Muslims with all their might. And with the guidance of the satan, they choose the most influential, the most auspicious ones among Muslims.
May God deem Turkey the leader of the Islamic world. May God unite the Turkish world, Islamic world. May God make love prevail in the whole world. May God show us this blessing insha’Allah.

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Turkey, Syria, Iran and Russia should ally about Syria in protecting the territorial integrity of Syria. Turkey should be in contact with the Syrian state. If this is ensured, all the plots devised by the British deep state would be thwarted.
Some people believe that they need to behave arrogantly in order to prevent being crushed when they see an arrogant person. Actually arrogance is something that humiliates and disgraces that person. Some people believe that they need to behave arrogantly in order to prevent being crushed when they see an arrogant person. In high-schools and social environments many people gather around an arrogant person even though they all hate that person. That is why the others falsely believe that being arrogant is important and precious. Actually arrogance is something that humiliates and disgraces that person. An arrogant person is half-insane. That is because without religion people fail to make correct evaluations and define weird criteria so they start to make zig zags. God shows us the importance of religion once more. A person who approaches matters with the morality of the Qur’an would understand the matters precisely.
Some circles misrepresented Islam as if it were introverted, joyless and far removed from freedoms. It is not possible to live by the religion they portray. Many people who appear to be conservative do not even perform their prayers. Because they have presented prayers as if it were an intricate, complex form of worship that is impossible to perform. The religion God described in the Qur’an is easy.
May God bless our army’s campaign and give them victory. May God devastate the enemies of Turkey, the traitors and the perfidious ones . May God bring down all the plots of the hypocrites and traitors in ruins. May God make the moral values of Islam rule in the world. May God bestow victory on the Turkish Nation and make them pioneers of the Islamic Union. May God make us all the students of the Mahdi.

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When the British deep state wants to devastate or divide a country, first they create an environment in that country that is devoid of science and culture, that consists of tasteless, filthy, aggressive people who do not know love and kindness. Then it would be very easy to devastate such countries. They then say ‘see the disaster in which these countries who live by Islam are dragged into, let us bring them down in ruins and rebuild these countries.’ They have applied the same tactic in Syria and Iraq. They now want to practice the same in Turkey. They want to create a country in which there is no place for art, beauty, freedom of women, joy and science, an introverted, crass country in which people do not feel the joy of life. We did not and will not let that happen in Turkey with science and knowledge. We demonstrate the enlightened, modern, high quality, chaste spirit of the Qur’an that is full of love and life and want this beautiful morality of the Qur’an rule in whole of Turkey and the world.
Most of those who claim that they are against music, paintings, sculptures and modernity send their children to Europe for school not to Saudi Arabia or any other Islamic country. That is because they are not sincere in their claims. They also like and admire these beauties. They both admire Europe and behave as if they are enemies. They imagine that they should attack at the paintings, sculptures or any other beauty. They believe that they would be performing a great duty as they spit on the sculptures when they see. If you believe that paintings are unlawful, sculptures are unlawful, that you should spit on them when you come across a sculpture, then why do you all send your children abroad to Europe, the abode of all those beauties for education.
According to the hadiths there will be big markets, where people would be able to go and get whatever they like; there would be no need for money. There will be posters of beautiful people in these markets. One would turn into the person they see on those posters as they admire the beauty of the people on them. As one looks at a poster of a woman, she would say ‘what a beautiful woman’ and then when she looks at the mirror, she would see that she had turned into that woman she liked a lot.
It would not be compliant with the Qur’an for a person to be worried about the future. A person who worries about the future shows that he imagines that there is a force other than God forgetting that everything is under the command of God; and that would be idolatry. Idolatry is ascribing partners to God and is a grave sin.
Everyone will eventually die. Only the pictures of those who are alive right now would be left in 90-100 years. God will create a new body for everyone in the Hereafter.
God creates everything for a reason. There is a goal behind the creation of man as well. People with profundity and rationality understand that. But some people are cruel, ignorant and ungrateful; they are dead beings. Being alive and not knowing God, not understanding God is not possible.

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Some circles are extremely disturbed because we support President Erdogan, because we are exposing the British deep state and because we are scientifically refuting Darwinism. Let them bring it on; we will foil all their plots with legal means, with wisdom and knowledge.
We will be very happy in Heaven because we are in love with God. We will enjoy all the blessings and all the beauties immensely because we will know that we surrendered to our Lord, Who has infinite wisdom, infinite beauty and because we know that infinitely beautiful God loves us.

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When people forget God, God gives them troubles –sometimes little, sometimes more intense- to remind of Himself. God always brings people closer to Himself through different means. This is a beautiful blessing of God.
Sycophants of the British deep state are aware that Turkey is going through very important days and therefore leapt into action [thinking that they can benefit from the situation]. Our people should be careful. Those people are mistaken; they can never discourage patriots no matter what methods they use.
Turkey is a modern, enlightened country. Those that have no love, happiness, love, art, beauty, quality in their lives, those live as if they are already dead, want Turkish people to live like them as well. Our people will not be like them. On the contrary, we will grow and get stronger as a modern, enlightened, religious, high-quality country insha’ Allah.
God immediately responds when one forgets God. That person will be confused, will not have a clear mind. I love God the most, everyone should love God the most. Those that never forget God have a very healthy, sound state of mind throughout the day.
They [some people] don't understand God’s laws; that’s why they are so worried about everything. They think that every object, every being in the world is independently capable. They wrongly think that cars, houses, medications, in short everything has a power that is independent from God. That’s why they are continuously suffering, continuously in pain. If they comprehended that there is only one God and only God has power, if they surrendered to God, they would have lived very comfortably.

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Darwinism equals to communism. It would be a miracle if a person in the clutches of Darwinism does not fall prey to communism. Despite this threat, Darwinism is being taught by hand of the state. That is such a grave situation. People receiving a Darwinist education would think that they are no different than a cat or a dog on the streets or a bacteria. They believe that their death would be the same as the death of a bacteria. Their perspective on life would completely be based on this distorted mentality. People start explaining the amazing system in the universe through dialectic philosophy that is the anchor point of the Darwinist philosophy. They would thus begin to deny the existence of God, religion and the Hereafter completely in time. The state should immediately stop giving Darwinist education.
The world will turn into Heaven on earth if we remove the oppression of the traditionalist orthodox system and the lies of Darwinism from the face of this world. These scourges have cornered the youth from two sides and taken their happiness away from them.
Turkey’s policy for Syria should be supporting the territorial integrity of Syria and Unitarian structure of the Syrian state. There is the need of recognizing the state in Syria and forming an alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey to act jointly with this state, otherwise the PKK would be legalized. Syrian government should convene, the head of the State, namely al-Assad should gather the assembly and say; “come help me.” Russia, Iran and Turkey should jointly help them. This way the PKK’s plot to divide Turkey would completely fail. Since this would be realized in accordance with the requests of the Syrian State, neither the UN, nor the US, etc. could object to this. If Turkey doesn’t enter into such an alliance with the Syrian State- may God forbid- she would unwillingly be helping the foundation of the Communist PKK state. To remove such a possibility completely, protecting the territorial integrity of Syria and to ensure that protection contacting the Syrian State is a necessity. Russia could be a mediator for Turkey in this respect. The governments of Iran, Turkey, Russia and Syria convene and take joint decisions. Cooperating with the Syrian state in this regard is the right decision both conscientiously and politically. Our government should not refrain from being brave in this matter. It is true that Syria committed murders, it is true that there is persecution there , but these are not obstacles for establishing contact. There are murders committed by almost every other country, the US, Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. Approaching others with this mentality, Turkey would not be able to establish a dialogue with any other country. We need to act wisely and to support Turkey’s cooperation with Syria, Russia and Iran to wipe the PKK completely out of this region.

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People have a difficult trial because in this world, people are given a valuable training and are educated to be worthy of Heaven.
They have taken away laughter, joy, courtesy, science, art and women’s beauty from Muslims and that is why they can so easily crush the Muslim world.
Knowing about all religions is the essence of culture. A person must know about the faiths of his own region and his neighbors.
For some, the facts of life mean forgetting about God. They jump into the world and put themselves into trouble for no reason.
Disabled children are the children of all people. Not only their own families but the whole community must also look after disabled children.
It’d be very ugly not to treat a young woman with a compassionate, polite, protective manner knowing that she carries the Spirit of God.
Logic is what makes a person take egoistical decisions. Conscience is the system that crushes egocentrism as it always speaks what is right.
Conscience steps in instantly for every incident. Logic fights against conscience. The reason why people get ugly is because they do not listen to their good conscience.
The only aim of a believer is to earn the most of God’s good pleasure as he has no expectations from the life of this world.
President Trump is now being surrounded by the British Deep State. Had Russia, China and Muslim countries supported Trump, he’d have a stronger hand.
When one is caught up in this world, the life of this world would drag him inside and suffocate him, so to speak. Such a person would struggle for a lifetime. But if one submits to God completely, he would live every moment in peace and beauty and his affairs would be straightened very easily.
The interviews we make with young people show that they have embraced true Islam based on the Qur’an and acknowledged the invalidity of Darwinism.
The most effective struggle against the dajjal’s system is the unification of the Muslim world. The Islamic Union would be an intellectual slap in the face of the dajjal.
We have uncovered the plots of the British Deep State and this has given courage to our intellectuals to address the workings of the dajjal’s system.
Those who lie in God’s name made it impossible to live by religion. Most of them do not practice their own lies and those who do live in pain.
Those who make up rules declaring things which are not revealed in the Qur’an, lawful or unlawful are lying in the name of God.
There are statements about love in the Gospel and this has had a very positive impact on many people, both in America and Europe.
People who had seen the extraordinary grandeur and radiance in the face of the Prophet Mohammad (saas) immediately believed in God.
Demanding “an opportunity to divide Turkey” is not democracy.
There is a serious attack against Turkey at the moment and the Turkish state is protecting herself while painstakingly striving to protect democracy.
Those who make statements designed to put Turkey in a tight spot in the media outlets supported by the British Deep State are making a huge mistake.
There is a game designed by the British Deep State to bring down the state in the southeast.
Some people who support the bigoted system do not practice it themselves but they dictate it to others.
God wants ease for people, not a painful life. People only torment themselves.
In the bigoted system, everything is cold, right down to a sense of humor; everything is painful yet they claim they do it in the name of God.
Bigotry is a system that brings nothing but unhappiness and pain to people. When the Qur’an is embraced and fully practiced, the pains of this system would come to an end.

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The Mahdi (pbuh) and Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be known personally but the number of the students of Mahdi will not be very clear.
The system of the dajjal is attacking Turkey with all its might but the future will be very bright and beautiful, by God’s leave.
People with deep faith experience love very strongly. Our Prophet (saas) and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) lived love to the fullest.
Art beautifies people and brings them to life.
Misogyny is very strong in the philosophy of homosexuality. As homosexuality has gained strength in the world, there had been increase in misogyny.
It is a great blessing for us that God granted us the opportunity to defend Islam based on the Qur’an
Accepting jokes about religion as normal and ordinary only shows how far removed a person is from religion. A believer would never accept that.
Since the beginning of history, people have had a surprising tendency towards bigotry. All prophets have struggled against bigotry.
Turkey and Iran have signed beneficial commercial agreements. Let us carry out our trading relations with Iran and Russia with our own currency.
Some people generally are harsh and rude towards their closest ones. This is a result of the dajjali system teaching lovelessness to the world. The system of the dajjal causes people to suffer in the darkness of lovelessness. This will be removed with the light of the Qur’an.
The conscience is God’s inspiration to the soul. God inspires everyone to follow the right and avoid the wrong. One who follows this inspiration is conscientious.
The inner self is a mechanism that works for the interests of the body. When it gets angry, it tends to get out of control and it wants to be selfish when its interests are concerned.
God is slowly imprinting the system of the Mahdi to the souls and brains of all of us. God is making us love the Mahdi’s system and informs us about the signs of his emergence.
We see that most people who criticize us have subconsciously come to accept the true Islam based on the Qur’an as we are practicing. God is making the real Islam prevail throughout the world.
Bediuzzaman said that he was not the Mahdi and the Mahdi would come in Hijri 1400 after his passing. Those who claim that Bediuzzaman was the Mahdi are not telling the truth.
When we follow the Qur’an directly, we'd become wise, loving, compassionate and of high quality. Without the Qur’an, life would be a disaster.
Most people have been raised with a bigoted understanding of Islam based on superstitions rather than the real Islam based on the Qur’an. This is why they are surprised when they see Islam based on the Qur’an providing vast freedoms and a lifestyle with art, beauty and joy.
Emotional people approach matters with a selfish spirit; they cry when something conflicts with their interest but a wise, conscientious person never acts egoistically.
Wisdom is the way of life that ensures that a God-fearing person is beneficial to his environment and himself in line with the teachings of the Qur’an.
Being emotional is stepping outside the boundaries of reason and wisdom. Conscience equals wisdom.
We can understand a person’s trustworthiness from the wisdom of his eyes and the reason, compassion and humility in his words.
Just like we cannot say that a person who pays a visit to someone but leaves without thanking the host is a respectful person with good morals, neither can we say that a person who never thanks God or turns to God, even though he is aware of God’s Existence, is a person who has good morals.
Preaching Islam is a religious obligation for every Muslim. Muslims are obligated to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong.
The British Deep State is panicking because they know that the system of the Mahdi is a fact. This is why they are intent on keeping the Middle East in a weakened state. The system of the dajjal aims to keep the location where the Mahdi’s movement will emerge weak in order to prevent it. This’s why it is attacking Turkey.
Love is a priceless diamond. Just like diamonds are found among coal, love is precious as we are living in a loveless world.
The love in a loveless environment is very precious. Since there is so much lovelessness in the world, the sincere love my friends and I enjoy draws so much attention.
The blessings that believers possess make other believers happy. The wealth of believers is tormenting for hypocrites.
Turkey should officially uncover the British Deep State and she should continue her alliance with Iran, Russia and China.
Love that opens to eternity can only be attained by loving God. This is an ever-advancing love depending on one’s faith and conscience.
True love opens to eternity. Every love with an ending is dead right from the start; it cannot be called love.
America is wrong about their attitude against Turkey as she would be taking on all the Muslim and Turkic countries and would thus be left alone.
It is seen that the British Deep State is breathing down President Trump’s neck. Russia, China and the Islamic countries must support Trump to end this pressure.

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In the Qur’an, there is no verse stating that painting or sculpture is unlawful. That is why both paintings and sculptures are religiously lawful.
One needs a sharp and continuous connection with God. Only then one can become a truly happy and balanced person.
The eternal intelligence that organized all things from the atoms to the space. One who breaks off his connection with God would also lose his joy, his sanity and spiritual balance.
Loving with love of God means loving God’s manifestations with deep passion. Without love of God, one cannot love a physical body.
Jokes should always be about honoring people. A joke that makes people uncomfortable is not a joke.
Every person makes the mistakes predestined in his or her destiny. Demoralizing someone due to a mistake would not befit a believer.
Masters of love, those who enjoy to love and to be loved, have a responsibility to put effort in and be determined about love.
Some people resist love at first but if one persistently shows patience in love, those too would melt in love like salt melting in water.
Honesty beautifies a person’s face.
Despite all their weaknesses, it is miraculous that most people have an ambition to have the upper hand and are very proud. A noble, decent person would not resist criticism.
The British Deep State is an ancient deep state structure with connections to the Illuminati and Masonic structures.
The British Deep State was the force that established America, to have a second state that will be under their rule but appear to be independent.
The actual plotter behind the referendum in Northern Iraq is the British Deep State. They think they can easily swallow a divided Middle East.
At the time of the Mahdi, the environment will be very green and beautiful. Everywhere will be full of trees and gardens. The youth especially will have a happy life.
The Mahdi will suffer through many ordeals. The vastness of his ordeals is a fact that is mentioned both in the hadiths and in Jewish scripture.
Just like we feel relief when we wake up from a dream, believers will be relieved when they die. The death of unbelievers, on the other hand, will be tormenting.
The life we see now is like a dream. The soul that is dreaming will enter into a sharper dimension of dream with death.
It is a scientific fact that proteins cannot come into existence by coincidence. And this fact alone destroys Darwinism. There is no evolution.
The soul does not need the body. The body is actually a product of the soul; it is a belief born from the soul; an image that God creates.
Muslims need the Mahdi system just as they need air and water. The Mahdi system is the essential belief spoken of in all religions that God mentions in the Qur’an.
In Kutub al-Sittah and all of the four sects of Islam, including the Shia as well as in Christianity and Judaism, there is a belief in the Mahdi. One who attempts to make the Mahdi system appear as problematic or unrealistic would be denying all these faiths and works.
The system of the Mahdi is openly explained in the verse 55 of Surat an-Nur. Surat al-Kahf explains the Mahdi system from beginning to end.
A person who reads the Qur’an understands the Mahdi system very clearly.
The people’s pride and well-being is important. President Erdogan makes his decision based on the well-being of the Turkish people. Opposing these state decisions taken for the well-being of the people due to personal pride would be very wrong.

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God makes one live a very happy life if he does not forget God and believe in Him with a profound faith.
Women are sublime works of art. They are the kindest, the most glorious and the most delicate beings God has created.
Had children known that their good manners and quality would increase with the education they are given, that they would thus be loved dearly and become useful, they would have gone to school with pleasure.
Being religious means being the wisest, the most modern, the highest quality, the most honorable person. The prophets were all the most modern people of their times.
Being an Alawite is being a man of love, one who appreciates arts and beauty. It is being an honest Muslim. Alawites are brave beautiful people, we are proud of them.
God shows us that the salvation of the whole Islamic world is in embracing the moral values of the Qur’an and uniting around a spiritual leader, that is to say, in the system of the Mahdi.
Some people do not want to think about how short the life in this world is and some others are in fact spiritually dead beings living like machines.
Weakness in faith would devastate a person; it would make one unhappy no matter what he wears, what he eats, or where he goes. With strong faith, one would find happiness even in a hut.
Strong faith is what makes one happy the most. Without strong faith no matter what, one could never attain true happiness.
Thinking rationally and logically one would easily see that hatred and resentment is meaningless and that one only harms himself with these feelings.
Idolatry lies beneath the feelings of hatred and resentment. These are feelings stemming from not understanding destiny. One should not forget that God is the One Who creates everything.
Some of our bureaucrats and politicians fail to precisely detect the sycophants of the British deep state. In fact, such people have quite obvious signs.
The system of the dajjal wants bloodshed and instigates wars and conflicts. Our brothers should not feel uneasy, this persecution will be completely over with the system of the Mahdi.
There are very few unlawful acts defined in the Qur’an. Acts not defined as unlawful in the Qur’an are deemed lawful.
Russians are very noble, respectful, obeisant and beautiful people. Putin is a brave and beautiful person and is strongly against Turkey’s division.
To be completely forgiven, one needs to provide concrete evidence of remorse and strongly emphasize one’s desire to be forgiven.
Our President Mr. Erdoğan is a man with a blessed cause and he has suffered through many ordeals. Those who attempt to come up with artificial heroes borrowing from the beauty he’s established with his efforts will not succeed.
Elderly people acquire lots of good deeds. They have a lot of possibilities to show their patience as an act of worship and thus attain the approval of our Lord.
I pray to God to become a student of Jesus Messiah and the Mahdi. May God make me and my brothers students of these blessed personalities of the End Times.
I want an enlightened, radiant generation living by the Qur’an. A sincere generation fond of arts, beauty, quality, joy and having fun.
One of the main sources of the positive energy I have is the admiration I feel with the love of God for the beauty of women.
The Mahdi would not get involved with politics and would not have any expectations for a political rank. The Mahdi is a teacher of love and would only live for beauty.
I have never claimed, and will never claim to be, the Mahdi. If I had such a claim I would have appeared on TV with a turban and would not be in contact with women, I would not have become a Freemason and I would not criticize the traditionalist understanding of Islam prevalent in the Islamic world. I have never been a person claiming to be the Mahdi and will never make such a claim. A physical resemblance is not a proof of the Mahdi. The only way we would recognize the Mahdi is when we see Islam prevailing in the world and a spiritual leader heading Muslims, the unity of Islam established and Jesus putting that person to the front to lead the prayer. We would then say, “God knows the truth, this person is the Mahdi.”
Desiring to be the one God loves the most is a religious duty on all believers.
They are forcing youngsters to choose between two fires; between Darwinism and the traditionalist orthodox Islam. When that is the case, the people lean towards atheism. If Islam is preached with science and arts, everyone would lovingly embrace Islam. Our intellectual efforts have rendered atheism weak to a large extent. Youngsters are rational, realist and are not closed to sincere discourse.
90% of our youngsters share our ideas. Our lifestyle is lawful according to the Qur’an. Showing the world that Muslims can lead free and high quality lives according to the Qur’an will take away all pressures on Muslims.
The joy of women is a great blessing. We will soon see the days that women will be able to wander around the streets freely in joy rather than lowering their eyes down at the streets.
Music is not unlawful, dancing is not unlawful. Having fun, laughing, being cheerful is not unlawful according to religion. Islam in the Qur’an bestows the utmost freedom to believers.
Believers are brothers and would never leave one another alone. As a nation we all stand by our President Mr. Erdoğan.
I live my life the way I understand from the Qur’an. While making a criticism to a believer one should say ‘you are making a mistake according to “this” verse of the Qur’an.’ A criticism made without showing a verse from the Qur’an as evidence would have no meaning. When one says, ‘You are making a mistake according to ‘this’ verse,’ a believer would instantly heed that advice.

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One should pray saying: “My Lord , grant me the blessing of death with as few sins as possible after You bless me with the joy of getting close to You as much as I possibly can. “
While believers pray God for a long, auspicious life, they do so to be able to see the Islamic Unity, to increase their good deeds and to carry out auspicious activities.
Mr. Rouhani’s statement declaring that Iran will not accept the drawing up of new borders in the region is very to the point and very nice.
People with an inferiority complex try to overcome that feeling by speaking negatively about beautiful people in order to comfort themselves. Not paying any attention to loveless, jealous and envious people would demoralize such people.
A faithful person finds love everywhere and has a strong love and compassion for cats, dogs, people and everything around them.
Faith is very precious and treasured. Those who cannot think deeply give up their faith easily.
The British Deep State is striving to alienate President Erdoğan. We, the Turkish people, are united as one around President Erdoğan.
The Turkish people love and support President Erdogan as the national leader of this country. Some circles aim to falsely make President Erdoğan appear as though he’s opposed to religious communities. The Turkish people will not be deceived by this plot. The Turkish people realize the plots of those who aim to alienate President Erdoğan, who is a very religious, patriotic and decent Muslim.
Seeing the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will excite the entire world enormously. After two thousand years, people will witness the grandeur of a Prophet.
May God grant us the blessing to see and recognize the Mahdi (pbuh) with the light of faith.
An intellectual struggle is essential in war on terror. If Turkey fails to carry out an intellectual struggle, it would be difficult to succeed in the struggle against terror. Young people are drawn to terror via Darwinism and materialism. It is vital to explain the invalidity of Darwinism as part of the struggle against terror.

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Those who do not love and embrace believers from different communities cannot form the Islamic Union. Believers must approach all communities, all sects, all religions with love.
Sincere believers must work on establishing the Islamic Union every single day. The Islamic Union is not a subject to be remembered once every year at annual meetings.
There is no force other than the Mahdi movement that could unite the Muslim World, by God’s will.
The dajjal’s system crushes anyone who bows to them but when you do not bow, they cannot do anything. That is why it is crucially important to uncover the British Deep State, which is the dajjal’s system.
Previously their motto was to “divide, conquer and rule” but now it is “divide, conquer and destroy.” They are planning to destroy all Muslims.
For years, we’ve been asking evolutionists to bring a single fossil that belongs to a transitional form which would prove their claims about evolution. They cannot even bring one.
Most bigots say that they are against science and art but then they send their children to Europe for education, not to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.
Everything beautiful in life exists in Islam but in the bigoted understanding of religion there is no laughing, music, dancing or painting.
Bigots present such an understanding of Islam that people are forced to choose between life or Islam and thus masses are allianeted from Islam.
My articles are published in Iranian papers. We have revealed the games of the British Deep State. Satan can't drive a wedge between Iran and Turkey anymore.
One of the best initiatives in Turkish foreign affairs is the betterment of relations with Iran and Russia. Shia-Sunni separation will end, God willing.
Love is important for me. People’s learning to love is important for me. I’d make effort for someone until that person learns love.
Most people falsely think that Islam is ruthless, tasteless and lacks art, science and beauty. Therefore they kept themselves away from Islam. We have shown the whole world that the Islam shown in the Qur’an is the religion of love, beauty, quality, art and science.
We will see everything we know in this world in its actual and best form without being dependent on any cause, in Heaven. We need electricity or fuel in this world but in Heaven everything exists and works without any means.
The system of idolary that cruelly destroys love, beauty, art and science is evil. This evil system can be removed with the light of the Qur’an.
Barzani has many opponents. The PKK can easily overthrow Barzani with an assasination and then a serious conflict would arise in the region. Turkey and other countries in the region should intervene before things escalate.
It is important that Turkey befriends all countries in the region. Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey should have good relations.
The panic of those who say, ‘The Mahdi will not come’ is due to the fact that they know that the coming of the Mahdi is a fact.
It is very good that President Erdogan emphasizes the fact that there is no separation between Sunnis and Alawites.

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Anyone who wants love, friendship, compassion, joy, peace, quality and art is a supporter of the Mahdi’s movement. The world is longing for the Mahdi’s movement.
Quality comes with strong faith. When one thinks superficially or when one has weak faith, true quality can never be achieved.
Our Syrian guests are our brothers and sisters whom God has sent to us as a blessing.
Love is the most natural right of people. The purpose of this world and Heaven is love. The universe is created for love. We will see love prevail.
We want love, brotherhood, and compassion to prevail throughout the world. We will emphasize these vital matters persistently.
Living a spiritually dead life is terrifying. Taking love, friendship, brotherhood away from people is like killing them spiritually.
If people learn that to love and be loved are the main purposes of life, they would be very well-kept at every moment of their lives.
Religion is not difficult to live by as the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam suggests. Religion is joy, happiness, freedom and a festival of life.
As people assume that religion divorces people from social life, high quality and beauty, they are surprised to see us living according to true Islam as explained in the Qur’an.
The traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam offers a terrifying way of life. One who realizes this disaster holds onto the Qur’an very strongly.
One of the tactics used by hypocrites who have waged a war against national values is to show themselves as patriots when they actually aren’t.
At the moment of death, believers are greeted by their loved ones. Their good deeds are shown to them and then they are taken to Heaven. All these take place in a very short time.
Since the attacks of the dajjal harm people everywhere in the world, everyone is in search of love, peace, beauty, that is to say the system of the Mahdi.
The British Deep State has a plan to break Islamic world into small pieces and crush Muslims. We are in an era that we must be united and on full alert.
Thanks be to God, He created a religious country who is in love with God and Hazrat Ali at our border. As Muslims we are proud of this fact.
An alliance between Iran and Turkey means the salvation of the whole region. Taking Russia’s support is also correct politics.
Iran and Turkey are two sister Muslim countries. Neither of them carry a racist or sectarian mentality. We will always be friends, insha’Allah.
President Erdogan is a national leader. As the Turkish people, we are tight-knit around President Erdogan.
Turkey should be a country that approaches the world with fatherly compassion and befriend every single country and nation
Thinking about death makes people profound and gets them closer to God.
Belivers read the Qur’an and practice what they sincerely understand. The Qur’an is open and easy to understand. Abiding by the Qur’an is enough.
According to the Qur’an, Muslims are guardians of one another and are responsible to protect every other person as one’s own child.
The conservative traditionalist understanding of Islam while complicating religion with additional rules, has reduced the amount of alms and charity given. In the Qur’an, God commands believers to give away what is left from what one needs to sustain their lives. But the traditionalist orthodox system -which is not based on the Qur’an- says that only one in fortieth of one’s wives’ gold should be given as alms.
Sultan Abdulhamid of the Ottoman Empire ruled under pressure by the British Deep State. In that period, the British Deep State introduced wine, brothels and Darwinism to the Ottoman Empire and split the country.
Some Turkish columnists hesitate to directly mention the name ‘British Deep State.’ Believers are brave; they should openly explain the system of the dajjal.
Taking the necessary precautions to make sure that the rights of all nations in Kirkuk are protected is within Turkey’s legal rights.
May God rest the soul of Jalal Talabani in peace and forgive his sins. Our condolences for his family and nation.

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I only live for God. I don’t expect anything from this world. I only want the love and good pleasure of God.
There is perfect architecture, engineering and aesthetics in every being. This is clear evidence proving that the claims of theory of evolution are void and that Creation is a fact.
The existence and treachery of the hypocrites shows Muslims all the intricate aspects of satan’s mentality and teaches them how to demolish the house of satan with knowledge.
We'll intellectually eradicate misogyny from the face of this world. With the wisdom, compassion and beauty of women prevailing on earth, the world will be like heaven.
People who are looking for love, quality, nobility, courtesy, beauty and goodness can find it in the Qur’an in its perfect form.
They have crushed people between the traditionalist orthodox system that lacks art, science, courtesy and the coldness of Darwinist-materialist thought. It is very difficult for those who are surrounded by inhumane practices to find a way out from that affliction.
People with weak character can easily believe the words of unbelievers against God. Believers are always noble and wise. They resist satan’s suggestions for a lifetime.
Faith is to defeat the inner self, satan and the negative suggestions and to give a struggle and become victorious against those who are unscrupulous for a lifetime.
In Islam, there is a system of guardianship as explained in the Qur’an. In an Islamic community that fully abides by the Qur’an, people are like one family. Everyone has a responsibility to protect others.
According to the Qur’an, it is a religious obligation for believers to share their wealth with others like their own family. With this system of guardianship in Islam, there would not be any poverty or loneliness left.
A shadow is an amazing art of God. Light and shadow are created separately for every object. This is a great miracle.
Women’s beauty is one of the greatest blessings in the World and is a reflection of God’s Name ‘al-Jamal’ (beauty).
It is possible that the story of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Qur’an refers to the Mahdi (pbuh) and not someone who lived in the past.
The Mahdi will be a person of love; he will not have anything to do with politics.
The standard of our Prophet (saas) is currently at the Topkapi Palace. The Mahdi (pbuh) will be the one who will unfurl this holy standard.
Compassion and loyalty are feelings that should be developed in direct connection with God, or else an understanding of compassion or loyalty based on personal prefferences and characteristics would be wrong.
Women are able to think from many different aspects. Most men are weak in noticing details. Women cannot find the love and passion they are seeking for.
By means of the hypocrites, we have discovered the existence of the British Deep State, the propaganda of irreligiousness under the name of the philosophy of Rumi and many other games.
Satan always speaks one side only. We have intellectually attacked the language of hatred and rendered the poisonous tongue of satan ineffective.
The British Deep State was attempting to prevent the friendship of Iran, Turkey and Russia. We thwarted this plot.
With laws and the legal system, we will not let the British Deep State spread their lovelessness and drive a wedge between Muslim communities.
The British Deep State seeks to set believers against one another by promoting hatred and resentment.
Trying to disturb immaculate believers and set believers against one another is the method the British Deep State uses the most.
President Erdoğan is a smart person and he is striving against the British Deep State within the limits of the law.
Believers do not ask for any wage for their efforts in the Path of God and never expect anything in return. Follow those who do not ask you for any wage and who have received guidance. (Qur’an, 36: 21)
It would be wrong to leave a Muslim who struggles against the British Deep State and the dajjal alone; we support President Erdogan to the bitter end.
Every country and nation has a leader. Turkey’s leader is President Erdoğan, whom we should support completely.

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Trying to hide the hadiths about the Mahdi (pbuh) is a meaningless effort. The whole Muslim world is waiting for the Mahdi (pbuh) with enthusiasm.
God created human beings as different nations to live as brothers and sisters. Enmity towards Christians or Jews is not right according to the Qur’an.
There is victory in the destiny of Muslims. The Mahdi’s movement is destined to be triumphant. Those who fall into despair will feel very embarrassed.
In the following years, we will see great events happening. Our brothers should be very brave, patient and strong and they should hope for the best.
In Heaven, we will not have any worldly weaknesses and we will have the things we long for. This will make us happy each and every day.
Dividing Muslims means knowingly or unknowingly supporting the dajjal’s system. Muslims must be strong so that they wouldn’t be swallowed by the system of the dajjal.
Breaking the Middle East into new pieces means ‘being an easy mark.’ Muslims do not accept being an easy mark.
This project of transparency tries to make believers appear as a potential threat and aims to suppress them.
The aim of the British Deep State is to set Muslims against Muslims. The transparency project is a step in this goal.
The British deep state should forget about all its plans for the Middle East. They will not be able to break up either Syria or Iraq or Turkey. They will not be able to set Muslims against Muslims.
Those who use their brain at its full capacity and think deeply realize that God exits and Creation is a fact.
We should approach atheists compassionately. Someone who sincerely voices an inability to believe should be shown compassion.
The behavior of some scholars preaching Islam are bereft of quality giving the impression that high quality, wise and modern people should stay away from religion. Yet the fact is Islam itself is wise, modern and high-quality.
God commands us not to stay in places where religion is mocked, yet the majority of those with the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam present jokes mocking religion as an ugly treat. This is unlawful according to the Qur'an.
Finding a true friend requires profound faith. If one has a profound faith for God, God will certainly bring people whom he can love and be friends with to him.
The British deep state advocates bigotry since it is crucially important them to create masses of people that are easily manipulated and led by hatred.

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The Islamic Union will be established. God will surely make Islam prevail throughout the world.
Even the smallest incidents might demoralize a person who has weak faith. A person with strong faith is always spiritually healthy.
The beauty and sexuality of women are seen as elements of crime while men’s sexuality is encouraged. According to the Qur’an, the sexuality of neither men nor women is a crime. What is unlawful is adultery. Being beautiful is not unlawful.
Those who follow the lovelessness of the dajjal’s system always find someone to be hostile towards whether they are Armenian, Greek, Alawite, Arabic, Kurdish or Jewish.
Everything we see around us are Manifestations of God.
Our Prophet (saas) foretold that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come as the vizier of the Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) promised that he will help the Mahdi (pbuh) in the spiritual realm even before time and space were created.
If the British Deep State attempts to oppress any of our Muslim brothers, we would not just sit around and watch. We will shake the ground within the limits of the law.
The British Deep State, which seeks to divide the Middle East and destroy Islam, is the real threat to the world.
Now there is a grand war of ‘ideas’ in the world. While the British Deep State is using ‘negative ideas,’ the Mahdi movement triumphs by using ‘rightful ideas.’
When we die, we will clearly see that we are living in a dream-like realm. With death, we will proceed to the Hereafter like waking up from a dream.
For the first time in a thousand years, the voices saying ‘The Mahdi will not come’ have been raised this much. This's a sign of the Mahdi’s emergence.

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Making an issue of small topics stems from weak nerves. One who learns to evaluate things wisely would not blow things out of proportion.
This world is a place of education and a race for doing good deeds. Every difficulty, pain and trouble is a blessing that increases the value of this race.
Wise people move through the narrow passages of life and get ahead in doing good deeds. Those with weak faith get stuck in those narrow passages.
Living is an art. The fact that God created life with so many difficulties is a valuable part of the trial that matures people.
As part of our education in the trial of this world, most of the people we see around are created as ‘spiritually dead’.
Preventing the Islamic Union and stopping the Mahdi movement are at the basis of the plans of the British Deep State in the Middle East.
People are open to persuasion. If it is explained that resentment and hatred will not bring them any benefit, they will give up being vindictive.
From now on, there will be alliances and unity in the Middle East, not divisions.
President Erdoğan recognized the plot devised by the British Deep State and he is not letting either Syria or Iraq be divided
The plan devised for Northern Iraq does not include a state run by Barzani, but rather a communist state run by the PKK. The aim of establishing a communist state among Muslim countries is to ruthlessly crush Arabs, Kurds and Turks. Turkey cannot just watch this.
When someone is subject to slander or harassment, it is his or her natural right to demand justice from the legal system.
Some people have very weak faith. It would be beneficial to tell them of the ‘scientific facts proving creation’ in order to increase their faith in God.
In the Qur’an, it is said that believers are praying to God, saying, ‘O Almighty send us a savior’ when they face hardship. Now, Muslims are facing hardship.
In order to understand the Qur’an better, one should not read with suspicion and should believe that God will reveal the secrets of the Qur’an.
The conferences and panel discussions organized to say ‘The Mahdi will not come’ are also one of the portents of the emergence of the Mahdi (pbuh)
Some scholars deny all of the hadiths that take place in Kutub al-Sittah in order to ignore the Mahdi movement. They contradict themselves.

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Muslims’ influence in preaching religion, their quality, courtesy and ability to carry out intellectual activities in the most important places stir envy in hateful hearts.
Our works serve to intellectually eliminate the brain and the ideology of the dajjal system.
Our friends explain the indivisible integrity of Turkey, the loving spirit of Islam and the works of the Turkish government at meetings they attend in Vatican, America, etc. Those who do not carry out any beneficial works cannot understand and appreciate the context of such activities.
A selfish person sees other people as objects to take advantage of, not as human beings and feels no love or mercy for them.
The British Deep State is attacking the Muslim world; all of our politicians and intellectuals must be on alert.
Muslims’ quality, courtesy, cultivation and taste in art only cause the jealousy of haters. This jealousy would only harm the haters themselves.
We are praying that God lets His Mahdi and Prophet Jesus appear as soon as possible so that the whole world would become friends.
The antibiotic resistance of some bacteria is not evolution, but a mechanism created by God. The antibiotic resistance of bacteria does not turn bacteria into a new species.
It’s seen that Barzani is being pressured by the British Deep State. If Turkey enters the region with the support of Iraq and Russia, Barzani would be in safety.
Gog and Magog are a crowd that will emerge in the End Times with the purpose of shedding blood. They will appear after the passing of the Mahdi and Jesus (pbuh).
While hundreds of Muslims are being persecuted each and every minute, I can't spend so much as one minute of my time in vain. The salvation of the believers is our main goal.
I love God very much and I fear God very much. I cannot spend even a single minute in vain; my every moment is for God.
Cemeteries, hospitals and places that represent weaknesses and the difficulties of this world are like religious schools that can help people avoid being consumed by the life of this world.

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Hypocrites are spineless people of no character; they take shape according to the situation they are in. They feel rage towards the Prophet and the people believers love.
Muslims want wealth to spend it in the way of God and make their loved ones happy.
The Mahdi (pbuh) will not hold any position or rank. He does not want the worldly life.
An alliance between Russia and Turkey is very important for the region. The two countries must cooperate to ensure Iraq’s territorial integrity.
The PKK wants a ready-to-go state system in Northern Iraq which it can easily take control of; this is a great danger. Turkey will not just idly stand by.
Human body is created weak and open to many diseases. This is part of the trial in this world.
In the Qur’an, it is revealed that Muslims have an obligation to command the right and forbid the wrong.
The dajjal has cast a spell – so to speak- on believers. This causes most of them to only care about their own livelihood. They do not place any importance on children being martyred throughout the Muslim world. We are intellectually striving to remove the state of nonchalance and languidness we can see in the Muslim world.
The efforts of those affiliated with the British Deep State, trying to oppress believers in the name of ‘transparency’, are in vain. Those who ask for transparency can begin with themselves.

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Azerbaijani people are very honest, decent, loving, trustworthy and humble. They have a strong principle of using their conscience well.
It is a horrifying situation that children are being given for adoption to homosexuals.
In the hadiths of our Prophet Mohammad (saas), it is said that about 30 dajjals will emerge in the End Times, both male and female.
The natural weaknesses of human beings should not be used to make jokes.
Seeing beauty in everything, speaking in a positive way, looking for love gives relief to the heart. People would change a lot only if they spoke positively for two days.
There should be panic rooms at hospitals for doctors and health professionals for emergency situations.
Without pure faith, honest love would not exist. Without faith, love would be corrupted by people’s self-interest and it would turn into a purely commercial relationship.
God’s Soul exists in every object, animate or inanimate. There is nothing without God’s Soul inside it.
God created man from a clean porcelain-like clay.
Believers do not need to be superior in numbers, but they need to be high quality and have deep faith. Prophet Jesus (pbuh) influenced the world with only twelve companions.

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Love would not have any meaning if it is not intended for eternity. That would not be true love, but infatuation.
In Darwinist-materialist thought, love has an ending. According to the Qur’an, there is no end in love and in friendship.
The Gobekli Tepe (Potbelly Hill) archeological site in Turkey revealed a Masonic temple. We can see many Masonic symbols at this archeological site.
Trustworthiness is the trait of those who know that they carry God’s Soul, who will melt in His love and aspire to earn God’s love.
We want Jews, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens and Assyrians, the people of all nations and religions in the region, to live freely.
The salvation of the people in the Middle East could be achieved through a unity of the Muslim world based on the moral values of the Qur’an.
The Israeli government supports Barzani for the referendum but they are acting emotionally in this case. A divided Middle East would only bring discomfort for Israel: Dividing the Middle East into small states is a serious risk to the safety of Israel. A Muslim world united within the moral values of the Qur’an would ensure Israel’s safety.
Our brothers are asking us, “How can we love God?” When they are asked if they love their mothers, if they love flowers and animals, they all say, “Yes.” Actually God is the One Who creates the mother’s compassion, the beautiful scent of the flowers and the innocence of the animals we love. We actually love the manifestations of God. We love God’s reflection in every beauty we encounter. In cars, houses, boats, the fruits and food we enjoy; all of them are manifestations of God.
One would naturally love God very much.

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The British Deep State is like a hidden fist hitting Muslims behind their backs. If it is uncovered every time it strikes, this structure is bound to be defeated.
Mourning is not right according to Islam and the Qur’an. Death is not an end for Muslims. Only the trial comes to an end with death.
Had Iraq accepted it, Barzani establishing a Muslim religious state in Northern Iraq would not disturb anyone but the purpose here is different. The British Deep State wants a state ruled by the PKK in this region. They’ll overthrow Barzani in a heartbeat and hand over the region to the PKK. Turkey cannot just stand by and watch this happen.
The dimension that we live in now is like a screen attached to our eyes. Heaven is behind that screen.
Major incidents will continue to take place all around the world until 2022. By God’s leave, almost all the problems of the world will come to an end by then.
In a single thread of the carpet you step on, there is genetic data belonging to thousands of sheep. God’s Art of Creation is amazing.
The common characteristics of the British Deep State’s sycophants are that they are losers, they support homosexuality and are hostile towards Turkey.
The students of the Mahdi do not have any ambitions for worldly possessions. They live the life God grants them and they live only for God.
In order to eradicate corruption and mischief in the world, the ideological basis of the dajjal – the British Deep State - should be defeated.

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It is unseemly to embarrass someone because of a mistake. An admission emphasizing one’s love, friendship and loyalty would suffice to make up for a mistake.
God is the Perfect One. People always have flaws.
Selfishness is very humiliating. A selfish person would be repulsive. One who loves God lives for God and the ones he loves, and is never selfish.
There are two options before the world: First is the false religion of superstition that considers women as half-beings and that declares art and music as unlawful. The second option is the true Islam based on the enlightened way of the Qur’an that supports freedoms, joy, happiness, woman’s rights and social justice.
Superstitions claiming that women are not allowed to shape their eyebrows or wear trousers in Islam are not based on the Qur’an and are therefore false.
Pains and difficulties make people wise, mature and dignified, and it helps them learn about the moral values of Heaven.
In Heaven, there is a completely new creation independent from the laws of physics in this world. There are glorious mansions floating in the air, there is no need for sleep, there is no fatigue, etc.
There is no command in the Qur’an declaring that one cannot perform prayers in a room with pictures.
The British Deep State has not revealed itself for the last 200 years. Its most treacherous tactic is to appear as a friend after every murderous act.
Barzani says that he’s willing to risk death but he should think about what could happen to his people after that. He should not abandon his people to the PKK. This is a plot against Barzani designed by the British Deep State: Barzani must not abandon his people to the hands of this treacherous structure.
Northern Iraq falling into the hands of the PKK means the innocent Kurdish people of the region falling into the cruel hands of Stalinist, Leninist terrorists.

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What offends the dajjal the most is to be denigrated and exposed.
Taking ablution is not an obligation to hold or read the Qur’an. This is simply a superstitious belief devised to keep people away from religion.
Faith is resisting the negative suggestions of the satan. One could have doubts, but should always be on the side of and think positively about God.
A society oppressed by the traditionalist understanding of religion can easily be crushed. That is how Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and others were crushed. That's why the British deep state supports the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam, because it knows that it's easy to crush such societies.
The main reason for the Middle East's backwardness and fragmentation is the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam, which is not compatible with the Qur’an. Arts, science, quality, freedom of thought, woman’s freedom and joy have no place in the traditionalist orthodox understanding. Societies embracing such an understanding are doomed to collapse.
The British deep state's plan is to martyr Barzani on the pretext of post-referendum incidents, crush the people in the region and make the PKK terrorist organization dominant.

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God is the ‘Supreme Friend’ to seek refuge in wholeheartedly; He should be loved and trusted the most.
Most of the evil-doers are actually lifeless corpses appearing as humans and are especially created by God for the trial in this world.
Hypocrites live as groveling beings, belittled and hated by other people for a lifetime, because of their despicable morality.
Death is the best tool for one’s education. Death leads people to be loving, compassionate, understanding, humble and decent.
Peace can only be achieved through love of God.
To achieve world peace, we must love the real Owner of this world, befriend Him and be close to Him.
I only tell people what I learn from the Qur’an. Many people are surprised because they do not know the Qur’an and they see the freedoms given in the Qur’an for the first time.
Jealousy and fear are not known from birth, they are taught. One who has received the right kind of education would not feel envy or fear.
One who knows that everything is a manifestation of God and carries the soul of God, would not feel envy.
The British Deep State is giving weapons to the YPG and then claims that it stands against the PKK. They can’t be expecting us to believe these lies!
Hell is actually the world of the dead, an underworld for dead, robotic beings with no soul.
Believers always long for perfection, want to have beauty and blessings in their lives. But they never forget to give their thanks to God.
Passion and love is a blessing bestowed upon those who love God very much. That is a blessing that affected or soulless robotic people cannot have.
Life is a beautiful painting, especially created for believers and it always ends in a good way.
Sincere people who do not engage in artificial and theatrical attitudes have absolute faith in God.
After we strongly emphasized the importance of quality, President Erdoğan also drew attention to the significance of quality and education.
In order to keep the streets clean, citizens should also help out their municipalities. This could be achieved through education.
Women are the embellishments of this world. It is vital that women take part in every aspect of life.

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My ideal is to end wars and enmity based on religious, national or racial discrimination throughout the world.
I believe that every issue can be solved with love and compassion.
I am a sincere Muslim; I want peace, social justice, art, trust, brotherhood and friendship to prevail throughout the world.
There should be ‘restaurants’ for cats, dogs and birds offering them nutritious pet food. Cats can tip the owners merely by saying ‘meow.’
There is a male-dominant order in the world based on the oppression of women. This system will be abolished completely with the Mahdi movement.
A woman who is in love would have a very strong and attractive facial expression. Her eyes, her skin, her face would remain the same but love would make her look utterly different and extremely beautiful.
People with a traditionalist, bigoted understanding of Islam can only offer a painful lifestyle that lacks quality and has no connection with the Qur’an. There is no place for art, music, dancing, laughing or having fun in the traditionalist, bigoted understanding of religion. This is why some people think that religion is to be practiced only when someone is 60 or 70 years old. True Islam promotes a system in which love, courtesy, beauty, quality, joy, modernity and intellectual activity are enjoyed at the highest level.
The hypocrites of the time foolishly blamed the Prophet Mohammad (saas) for injustice. Their sole concern was their own self-interests. A sincere believer could never say, ‘Why are you not making me rich?’ to the Prophet (saas).
After we uncovered the British Deep State, our intellectuals realized the importance of this structure and found the courage to talk about it.
A believer who abides by the Qur’an has a responsibility to strive day and night for the removal of corruption and unrest in the world.
The British Deep State wants the Middle East to consist of many small states ruled by governors assigned by the British Deep State. The British Deep State had plans to put forth a false Caliph for the Muslim world and promote the irreligious philosophy of Rumi to change and ultimately destroy Islam. We will not let this happen.

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Greeks and Armenians are our children. We have been drawn apart by hateful people. Let’s be friends and brothers again.
People are not responsible from their dreams but are educated in the their dreams.
Satan, hypocrites and unbelievers are like evil-producing machines. They never feel any remorse and are arrogant.
When the Islamic Union is established, international organizations like NATO and U.N. will continue their works.
Without evil, we cannot realize the value of goodness. As long as there is evil, goodness will be more powerful and precious.
The world is founded on love. God’s Names ‘Ar-Rahman’ (The Most Merciful) and ‘Ar-Raheem’ (The Most Compassionate) manifest all over the world.
Under the influence of the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion, the Middle East appears as a region that lacks freedoms, quality, art and beauty. This is why they are trying to re-shape the Middle East.
The word ‘jihad’ means ‘striving or showing an effort’ NOT in the form of 'waging a war', but in the form of an 'intellectual struggle' according to the Qur’an. In Islam, war, military action, is only waged for the purposes of self-defense.

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When young people graduate from school, they must know about the beliefs, cultures and lifestyles of all religions and ideologies as a part of the basic general knowledge about the world one should have.
Communist systems make people’s souls mechanical, eradicate art and sciences and deplete people’s joy of life.
Muslims are beautiful people who think deeply and do beneficial services for the well-being of the world.
The most important problem in Kirkuk is the treachery of the British Deep State. Turks, Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens in the region are all very valuable and beautiful nations.
Hypocrites want to sting believers like scorpions but every time they attempt to do this, God suffocates hypocrites with their own venom.
In Heaven, we will have one soul but thousands of different bodies, each one more beautiful than the other.
Ataturk (founder of Turkish Republic) valued Bediuzzaman as a very important Muslim scholar.
Had Turkey, Iran and Russia acted as guarantors for Barzani, he would have a strong hand against the ploys of the British Deep State in the region. The ‘referendum’ ploy designed by the British Deep State could turn into a plot to overthrow Barzani, crush his family and destroy Sunni Muslims in the region.
Hypocrites are odd creatures. They are treacherous and deceiving. They do not feel remorse for their immoral actions.

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The British Deep State wants to draw up new borders in the Middle East as they have a claim to ruling the world and drawing national boundaries. There is a plot underway to incite a conflict in the region by encouraging Barzani for a referendum of independence.
It is the ‘soul’ that interprets the electrical signals in the brain as images, sounds, smells, tastes or sensations. Evolutionary theory cannot explain the ‘soul.’

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Religion provides the highest level of freedom and is the best model of life.
Teaching children about evolution by force is teaching them a pagan religion by force. Advocating a pagan religion would not be scientific.
Every society that lacks quality and love is bound to collapse. Love and quality are the manifestations of love for God.
When he returns, we will, insha’Allah, see the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) a very healthy and handsome young man. Even in old age, he will remain strong and youthful.
People who are with those who love God never face disloyalty. One who does not love God would not be capable of loving or being loyal to anyone.
In the Qur’an, there are many surprising and miraculous signs regarding the End Times. There are even signs that might be referring to the names of some particular dajjals.
Barzani should see that this ‘referendum’ is a ploy by the British Deep State designed to overthrow him and crush the Sunni front in the region. This is a plot that aims to unleash a massacre in the region. Following a path that could lead to conflict is not reasonable. The British Deep State now supports Barzani for independence with an aim of starting bloodshed in the region. The British Deep State aims to persecute Muslims in the region by handing over what is left of them in to the hands of the Marxist, Leninist PKK terrorist organization.

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Nothing causes a loss for a believer. The times believers appear to hit rock-bottom are actually the times they acquire merits the most.
The Qur’an mentions the deceit in the eyes of the hypocrites. They have filthy gazes that show emptiness and they have a foul, sulfur-like smell.
Making a mistake is not a terrifying thing. Every mistake is made in destiny and people find the truth by making those mistakes.
Feelings of hatred and resentment are in people’s nature. The strong will and determination that people show in defeating these feelings beautify people’s morality and make them worthy of Heaven.
The immune system inside the human body becomes defenseless and collapses in the case of sadness, which is a state of mind that is not in line with the Qur’an. Believers should seek refuge in God from such a state of mind.
Hateful people who defame and slander others over the Internet are like machines steered by satan. They are robotic beings, bereft of souls, just like the Internet itself.
When one’s mind falls into unawareness, it also causes spiritual and physical distress.
People should always search for love and pray to God saying, ‘My Lord, show me those whom You love and do not leave me alone.’
Nothing that exists ever ceases to exist. Every image that we have seen exists for all eternity.
After Prophet Jesus returns and passes away, he will be buried next to the grave of the Prophet Mohammad (saas).
When the Mahdi appears, a feeling of exquisite exhilaration would enfold the whole world. He will wear the robe of Prophet Mohammad (saas) and open his standard to honor this divine gift.
One of the most important tactics of the British Deep State is to approach a person like a friend. It’d be unwise to be deceived by this tactic.

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Hypocrites are beings with foul mouths. The ugly words that gush out of hypocrites’ mouths would not have any negative effect on believers.
All religions and all religious sects must be taught at school. A high school graduate should have a good general knowledge about everything.
Hypocrites can only live with other hypocrites. The satan is only comfortable with the companionship of satan.
A woman’s beauty depends on her spiritual strength, the passion and wisdom in her eyes. A smart, trustworthy woman who knows passion is very attractive.
Satan is a sort of a robotic being. Many people fall into the games of the satan because they do not use their minds wisely.
God would forgive any sin as long as one repents sincerely.
There is love in the true Islam explained in the Qur’an. There is no problem that cannot be solved with the love that exists within Islam.
Left-leaning people oppose the superstitious ways of the bigoted system. They do not know the modern, liberal, enlightened religion in the Qur’an.
Those who are not at peace with God cannot be at peace with themselves. If one does not love God, life would not love that person either and such a person’s life would be miserable.
Our brothers should be strong-willed about performing their prayers.
Forgiveness is nourishment for the soul, the mind, the heart and also the body.
Sculptures or paintings are not unlawful according to the Qur’an. Such claims are based on superstitions.

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Hypocrites are satan in human form, because satan has surrounded and taken over their whole beings.
If a hadith is in accordance with the Qur’an or is realized and confirmed by happenings, then that hadith is accepted as a true, original hadith.
It would be wrong to use rude and disrespectful language while speaking to customer representatives at call centers. Doing so would be unscrupulous as their job is already very difficult.
There aren’t any obstacles in front of a person’s spiritual advancement in the trial of this world.
Disabled people have a difficult trial in this world; as a result, their good deeds are far more valuable in the Sight of God.
Performing prayers (salat) turns people into noble and precious beings. There are only a few things declared unlawful by God; all else is lawful and acceptable in religion.

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Making religion seem difficult is the greatest act of enmity towards religion, which is actually the source of love, happiness and joy.
All power belongs to God alone. Muslims never expect anything from charms or talismans.
The good always triumphs. Even if sometimes it seems like the opposite, eventually the good are always the only victorious ones.
With love for God and fear of God, love and loyalty lasts forever.

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The characteristics of this world resemble 50% of hell and 50% of Heaven. Looking at the 50% hell-like characteristics and refraining from sentimentality and looking at the 50% Heaven-like characteristics and never forgetting the hell-like features, knowing that they are specifically created, is important.
Sincerity and faith is the secret behind long-term friendships. The friendship between an unbelieving man and an unbelieving woman is based purely on materialist interests. Their relationship continues so long as the man remains rich.
The increase in the number of cold, loveless, pompous people who look down on others is one of the greatest scourges of the End Times. It is against people’s nature.
One can pray silently but God says, ‘Remember your Lord in yourself humbly and fearfully, without loudness of voice.’
The bigoted mindset has a horrifying standpoint regarding women and they do not even stop there but harass young boys as well. In the fabricated sources of the bigoted system, it is stated that young boys are 18 times more sexually attractive than women. That is a very atrocious and horrifying mindset.
The world has fulfilled its lifespan. Hurricanes, earthquakes and the like clearly demonstrate that the youth of the world is over.
We are not sent to this world to survive and to indulge in vain activities but to be tried and trained.
All the important events of the End Times will take place in Istanbul. The hadiths of our Prophet (saas) herald that the Mahdi (pbuh) will emerge from Istanbul.

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Every slander cast against believers would give them a higher rank in Heaven. Slanders, defamations and attacks always strengthen believers and reinforce their faith.
Every day a cellular check-up is carried out in our bodies. This is one of God’s greatest blessings about which most people do not think.
The British deep state has carried out a detailed plan to trigger more incidents in Myanmar and oppress Muslims.
The friendship of two believers who have strong love for God would last forever.
The quality of a person’s spirit is vitally important. The pleasure a refined, high quality person takes from love is not the same as that of a vulgar person.
Belief does not exist because of a necessity. We believe in God because His existence is an explicit fact.
Reading the undistorted passages of the Torah and the Gospel, which are in line with the Qur’an would help people remove the harshness in their souls.

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Without quality, there is no art; without art, there is no love; without love, there is no life. So quality is vital.
A woman who was raped would never be dishonored or debased. Those who perpetrated the act are the ones who are dishonorable and despicable.
Since many people appear to have forgotten about God, some other people also show a tendency to forget God under their influence. This is only an image shown to us by God; being deceived by this and moving away from God would be very humiliating.

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God created the entire universe with rhythm. There is a rhythm to be found in atoms, neutrons and protons. The human body accords to rhythm. This is why we enjoy music.
Hypocrites are incredibly disgusting. There is something like a smell of sulfur and sewage on them. They are extremely dirty.
Religion is very easy. We will be sincere and follow what God inspires to our hearts.
The best method of preaching the religion is setting an example with one’s life. Our Prophet (saas) set an example with his attire, quality and courtesy.
The best method of preaching religion is to show people the believers’ understanding of quality, their courtesy, their sense of art, their patience and submission to God, in practice.
Hazrat Khidr knows the Qur’an but he lives in accordance with the shaira (set of rules) God created specially for him.
The humanitarian aid sent to Rakhine by relief agencies such as the IHH and TIKA, as well as that sent by the Turkish government, is of great importance.

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There is no killing by stoning in Islam or the Qur’an.
There is only one Islam and that is the real Islam explained in the Qur’an.
Alawites are conscientious people who have a strong love for God. Many seemingly religious people do not possess the deep spirit of faith that Alawites have.
Enmity against the lineage of the Prophets and the Ahl Al-Bayt lies at the basis of the anti-Mahdi movement.
Molecules can recognize failures in the cells, then find and notify the related departments which would then carry out the necessary repairs. Claiming that this system, which consists of amazingly complex details, could come into existence as a result of mere coincidences is a logical fallacy.
God is beyond the concepts of time and space. There is no ‘first, no ‘before’ or ‘after’ for God. God created everything instantly in an infinitely short amount of time.
While Freemasons, Catholics, Orthodox Christians and all other faiths have their own leaders, some people claim that Muslims should not have such a leader. That is against reason and logic.

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God exists. The Hereafter exists. This model of trial in this world is the best, truest and most rational form of trial.
Ataturk was against bigotry, but he never adopted a model of modernization that led to the oppression of the public in general.
Ataturk, the founder of Turkish Republic, was a person who advocated Islam based solely on the Qur’an.
There is the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion that persecutes women on one hand, and there is Darwinist thought that regards women’s role in marriage as nothing more than the role of a dog on the other. They have pushed women into a corner all over the world.
Turkish President Mr. Erdoğan was instrumental in the swift deliverance of humanitarian aid to our Muslim brothers and sisters in Rakhine. May God be pleased with him. Masha’Allah.

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According to the Qur’an, prayers are prescribed for the believers at specific times.
Hypocrites try to show themselves as moral and sincere people even though they are very immoral.
Hypocrites’ understanding of religion takes the shape of the cup they are in like mercury.
The common characteristic of hypocrites is that they are snobbish. Since hypocrites are skeptical towards religion, they always try to find false evidence against it.
Always thinking deeply and elaborately, and being upright, respectable and clear-headed is what befits believers.
The right way is to follow one’s conscience. Such a person becomes wise. One who follows romanticism or “logicism” would stray away from wisdom.
Life is a shadow existence, an illusion.
Believers behave according to what God commands in the Qur’an.
Our top priority in life should be to earn the most of God’s good pleasure. Some people trust in God only from time to time, so they suffer a lot; we must trust in God always and in every situation. We must know that when God does something, He does it for a good reason.

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God is the real Owner of every invention. God predestines some people He had chosen to come up with the ideas for those inventions.
All the prophets used their good conscience throughout their lives. They never gave up using their conscience, even for a single moment.
The Darwinist ideology on one hand and the traditionalist, orthodox understanding of Islam on the other, have disrupted people’s artistic horizons and reasoning abilities. This causes a void in people’s souls, which they try filling with meaningless TV series and empty Internet chatter.
Sincerity is important in faith. When someone realizes the truth, the faith of such a person becomes very sharp.
The existence of hell helps people to be more balanced, wiser and more reasonable. Believers gain wisdom by thinking about the existence of hell.
Every person lives imprisoned in their physical body in this world. When the trial is over, this imprisonment inside that body will come to an end and the real life will begin in Heaven or hell.

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People learn lessons from their previous mistakes but it is not right to be hung up on the past. Everything happens for a good reason.
Believers always think broadly.
When God is loved in an unconditional and uncompromising manner, the life of Heaven starts in this world.
My lady friends whom I’ve known for 20 or 30 years have amazingly beautiful morality, loyalty and perseverance. May God create us all together in Heaven.
As they become mature and their knowledge increases with age, believers’ enthusiasm for carrying out good deeds and serving Islam increase incrementally as well.
God shows us innumerable incidents, big and small, taking place one after the other. Some people consider all these incidents as nothing more than ordinary events; after a while, they will come to see that these are not ordinary at all.
There will not be any permanent solutions - neither for Arakan nor for Syria - without the Islamic Union and the Mahdi movement.

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President Erdoğan is not against Jewish people; on the contrary, he has always approached Jews with love and compassion. He made sure that synagogues in Turkey were repaired and opened for prayer.
Turkey’s foreign policy should be based on befriending all countries.
When praying to God, it is important to be sincere and honest. The examples of prayers said in the Qur’an are concise and sincere. It is important to pray throughout the day.
Lovelessness weighs people down. One needs to take refuge in God to get away from the spiritual troubles caused by lovelessness.
In Darwinist education, it is claimed that the universe was created by happenstance. This is an outright denial of God. We need to put an immediate end to Darwinist education.
Women are a manifestation of God; they are blessed and respectable beings. Women carry the Spirit of God.
The system of guardianship in Islam can best be described as “giving what God has granted as a blessing back to God.”
The reason for the disasters we’ve seen in the Muslim world is that Muslims have turned away from the Qur’an. When we abide by the Qur’an, God will remove these troubles.

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Both the life of this world and death are pleasant for Muslims.
Some people see ‘love’ as something ‘fancy’, something ‘luxurious.’ This is wrong. Love is the purpose of the creation of the universe.
Hypocrites and unbelievers think that they are independent of God but every word they speak, every plan they make, is predetermined in destiny.
Sarcasm and mockery only humiliate those who use such language and reveal their own irrationality and envy.
At the basis of the West’s negative perceptions of Muslims lie the superstitions of the traditionalist orthodox system. Although there is no such commandment in the Qur’an, the traditional orthodox system demands killing those who drink alcohol, those who do not pray or those do not give alms. It is understandable for the Western world to be wary of that.
We uncovered the ploys of the British Deep State and eradicated the disasters of the traditionalist orthodox system.
Darwinism was the religion of the dajjal movement and we destroyed it intellectually.
Turkish President Mr. Erdoğan has a very strong sense of protection for believers all over the world. Having such a President is a blessing for our nation.

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Religion is about sincerity, love, honesty, humility and cleanliness. All these beautiful qualities exist in our young Muslim brothers and sisters.
The Eid prayer is a great blessing to show Muslims’ enthusiasm, unity and determination to the world.
God inspires people to the truth all the time. Following that inspiration is called sincerity.
The Rohingya Muslims are being ruthlessly persecuted. Their suffering alone should be enough for the Muslim world to awake from its slumber.
We can see that love is the common wish of all people. People have lost love in their lives and now they are desperately searching for it everywhere. God has made people see how important love really is and He’s made them all hungry for love.

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Degeneracy does not arise from modernity or freedom, but rather from the excessive attacks of the system of the dajjal. By doing so, they are trying to force the world towards Judgment Day.
It is very easy to manufacture ready-to-eat foods in a healthier, more nutritious way by adding omega oils and minerals.
A strong-willed person would not surrender to fatigue. Fatigue can be overcome with faith, wisdom and willpower.
The Arabic word “darabe”, mentioned in the Qur’an, is used to describe “putting a distance between man and wife” when there is a dispute, not beating her.
There is no verse in the Qur’an about beating women.
Spirituality is the main foundation of a nation. A people without religion can not survive.

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One who loves God finds God right away.
God creates bacteria, cells and everything else. Inside a bacteria’s cell, there is an intelligence superior to that of human beings.
What I want from God the most is to understand the Qur’an correctly and to live by the Qur’an correctly; to love God with the deepest love and to have the strongest faith.
There is a worldwide campaign against women. Women all over the world are living as though they are dead inside. We’re striving to put an end to this.
For some people, the reason for love is material gain. But true love is caring for one’s faith, beauty, dignity and beautiful aspects.
The Mahdi (pbuh) will be a very sincere and cheerful person.
Diseases help people surrender and get closer to God.
Islam is the complete practice of all the verses in the Qur’an.

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Lying is very humiliating for the liar. A smart person can detect a liar very easily from his or her faces.
God willing, we will turn the world into heaven for women.
Schools should be designed like a cozy home environment with sofas and cushions inside and trees outside. Children should be taught in a friendly environment.
Telling people about the miracles of the Qur’an and the scientific evidences of creation would be instrumental for people’s finding faith.
The current suffering of Muslims in Rakhine is one of the consequences of abandoning Islam based on the Qur’an.

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Secularism is found in the essence of religion. The verse that reads: “Say, your religion is yours, my religion is mine” in the Qur’an describes secularism.
To ensure the safety of doctors, nurses and other health professionals, panic rooms can be installed in hospitals, especially in ER’s.
It is a beautiful act of worship to express love with words.
One’s profession must not change that person’s character. A sincere, reasonable, loving and well-balanced personality is beautiful.
Hypocrites constitute a system based on evil intelligence. They place importance on disputes and on displaying a hypocritical wit. They use a special technique of arguing.
Satan is a negative intelligence that treats every person differently according to their weaknesses. It has the power of secretly speaking to people’s brains. Believers resist the incitements of satan. But a person with weak willpower can easily succumb to satan’s negative suggestions.
Religion based on superstitions cannot survive. Only the lucid exposition of the Qur’an will remain standing.
The Qur’an is the cornerstone. We need to evaluate everything with the Qur’an to distinguish right and wrong. Every act in compliance with the Qur’an is right and those that contradict the Qur’an are wrong.
We will take pleasure in remembering the good morality we have shown in this world. These are memories with which we will feel gratified.
Hypocrites are well aware of their own lack of character, dishonor, deceitfulness and dishonesty.

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God says that some people are created with eyes that don't see and ears that don't hear. Such people are like ‘the walking dead’ and are very immoral.
True virtue and honor is with religion. Virtue is not something that can be measured by the clothes a woman wears. The clothes one chooses to wear are not measures for virtue or lack of it.
I decided to spread the moral values of Islam and explain the invalidity of Darwinism to the whole world when I was in high school.
A compassionate person does not have prejudice or show bias against people. Being prejudiced is ignorance and vulgarity.
The lectures on religion in the school curriculum should be scientific and reasonable. Superstitious narratives would alienate young people from religion.
It’s right that our Christian brothers love Jesus as God’s manifestation but it’d be wrong to accept him as –may God forbid the claim- a deity. Such a claim would be against reason as well.
Ottoman architecture is perfect in terms of houses and mosques. It should be popularized throughout Anatolia because of its artistic quality.
Shedding blood is the essential characteristic of the dajjal’s movement. The bloodshed in the world will not come to an end until the system of the dajjal is destroyed completely.

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Computer games are good for the development of children’s intelligence but it is important for children to be active and mobile.
Synagogues and churches are also houses of God (masjids). Muslims are obliged to protect these masjids of God.

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Success is in earning the good pleasure of God.
Waiting pertains to this world. There is no waiting in Heaven as what one imagines is created instantly.
The Qur’an is the remedy for social life as well as physical and mental health.
The death of Russian diplomats is the work of the British Deep State. The killings of diplomats should not be seen as ordinary incidents.
Death is not something to mourn as it means rejoining God. It means happiness for believers.
Shia, Wahhabi and Sunni Muslims should all unite. There is no time to lose. Millions of Muslims are being martyred because of a handful of venomous fools.
Had Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey come together, all the seditions in the Muslim world would be rendered ineffective.
Now some people like to feign ignorance in the face of the sufferings going on in the world, but after a while these sufferings will become intolerable and the unity of the good will become inevitable.
The disasters and afflictions befalling the world are increasing day by day because people’s hearts do not soften. Everyone is thinking about their own salvation.
A believer could never understand the spirit of a hypocrite or an unbeliever. It is a way of life that believers do not know and would never understand.
When the angels prostrated to Prophet Adam (pbuh) it was a gesture of respect and love, not an act of worship.

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From now on, the influence of wise, deep-thinking people who truly love God will be seen in the world. A handful of wise people can rule the masses.
Malevolent people are fools. There is no need to fear fools. God is always on the side of those who are wise, good and scrupulous.
Turkey will assume a conciliatory and mitigating role in international affairs.
Knowing that the person you love is a manifestation of God is an amazingly deep and never-ending feeling. In true love, one does not live for himself. Love is the blessing of God, it is loving God. That is why being in love is a great blessing.
It is not nice to object to everything. A bad temper stems from lack of love.
It is the British Deep State that drew up the map for the modern Middle East with a ruler. We will unite and break that ruler with laws and the legal system to hand it back to them.
Women are delicate beauties that should be deserved. So men should look for ways to deserve women and approach them like works of art.
Without trust, love is not possible. Even if one has the slightest subconscious unease towards another, it would be very hard to attain true love.
Only people who have a high level of wisdom, a solid character and deep sincerity can appreciate sincere love. Thus a great majority of people envies those who have this.
Archeological findings indicate that there existed a Masonic temple twelve thousand years ago. This refutes Darwinist claims regarding the evolution of history.
The traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion is the ‘British Islam.’ The British Deep State makes this understanding prevail in Muslim countries in order to subvert them one after the other. The British Deep State ruined Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen by making ‘British Islam’ - that is to say the traditionalist, orthodox understanding of Islam - prevail in those lands. Now they aim to destroy Turkey. The only solution to ‘British Islam’ used to ruin the Islamic world is to preach and spread the real Islam that is based solely on the Qur’an.
The traditionalist orthodox system is the only obstacle to the advancement of science and art.
The British Deep State has a policy to target religious communities with an aim to oppress believers.

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This is not the real world, but a very deficient example of the real one in the Hereafter This world is only created for the trial.
It is important that believers are guarded in their speech. The only true confidant believers have is God and of course, other believers.
For believers, death is like a festival. Believers never suffer at the moment of, or after, death.
Taking ablution as described in the Qur’an is very easy to practice. God explains ablution in a single verse: You who have faith! when you get up to do salat (prayer), wash your faces and your hands and your arms to the elbows, and wipe over your heads, and your feet to the ankles. (Qur’an, 5:6)
Barzani should not go forward with the referendum. There is a game here designed to overthrow him.
People who are easily irritated by sounds, smells, lights or even smaller things have weak nerves. Outbursts of rage are very humiliating.
The existence of hell is necessary for the better appreciation of Heaven.
A normal person with an open mind and profound consciousness would believe in God for sure. Those who believe belong to Heaven.
Hypocrites are very ignoble, cruel and hateful. Inside they are like animals in a sewer. They go wherever the sewer tunnels take them.
Other than their own filthy bodies, the hypocrites don’t feel love for anyone. They only appear to love others merely to take advantage of them.
Just like satan, hypocrites also claim that they want to do good deeds. They give unsolicited advice to believers with the petty opinions they get from the unbelievers.
Hypocrites talk about religion and faith yet neither religion nor faith have any place in their lives. They wear the hijab in mosques but behave quite differently among homosexuals.
The British Deep State supports the traditionalist orthodox system in both the Shia and Sunni sects in order to oppress Muslims.

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The lie people say the most is, “We had so much fun.” Most of the time, none of them sincerely have fun or enjoy true happiness.
Sincerity is the best way to make someone happy.
Animals suffer a lot when they are caged. The places where animals are kept should be very spacious and clean.
I keep telling people that they should all pray for the Islamic Union; it will happen for sure.
Wealth turns into a disaster for those who hoard that wealth. The wealth of believers is for distributing on the Path of God and for being instrumental in goodness.
Riches become true wealth when they are combined with faith.
While people are dying of hunger and poverty, investing in weapons is profligacy. This foolishness will completely end in the time of Mahdi.
Following the actions of the majority is usually what makes people go astray. Many people only imitate what others are doing without thinking about it.
Showing respect to women is an art. Respect is protecting, reassuring and looking out for the dignity of women.
If one does not refrain from sleaziness, it means that person has accepted being a petty and worthless person. A worthy person is always high quality and admirable.
We will see Jesus (pbuh) as a handsome young man. Jesus Messiah (pbuh) is a humble person with good morals, beautiful eyes and a sharp gaze.
In Heaven, everything happens at the speed of the imagination. Everything we want is created in that instant.
Believers are recognized by the divine light on their faces.
Having such a religious, honest and courageous neighbor like Iran to the east of Turkey’s borders is a blessing for our people. Let’s unite with Iran and Azerbaijan and open our borders. The Greeks were also our own people; let’s unite with Greece as well. Let’s befriend everyone.

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A careful person can detect malevolent people from their negative energy. When hypocrites walk into a place, their negativity is sensed immediately.
I spend what I earn in the way of God; I never accumulate my earnings.
Those who love and submit to God live very peacefully.
The stronger the faith of a person, the more beautiful and attractive that person becomes.
Many people stay away from religion because of the bigoted mindset.
The quality of love between my lady friends and I is very high. Love based on love of God and faith is a very passionate and fervent love.
Wisdom is found in thinking positively all the time. Positive thinking is approaching every matter in a rational way and coming up with a solution.
Salvation is only possible through taking refuge in God.
The only secret to success is to take refuge in God, to trust in God and to surrender to God.
We will all go through ordeals in this world so that we can show our love for God. Without this, love cannot emerge.
Nothing is independent of God. God creates every word we speak and makes us hear every word spoken.

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The increase in the number of earthquakes is one of the most important signs of the End Times. There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of earthquakes since the 1980’s.
I can’t describe how cute and adorable ducklings are. Their appearance, the sounds they make are so sweet. God created them so cute to be loved.
In sports, it is best to work every part of the body in a balanced way.
Our Prophet (saas) said that medical technology will advance a lot at the time of the Mahdi and cures for many diseases will be found.
There is goodness in everything for believers; therefore, believers never truly “lose” anything.
The most beautiful person in the world is the one who loves God the most.
The traditionalist orthodox system will constantly produce new disasters as long as the sufficiency of the Qur’an is not fully grasped.
Azerbaijan and Turkey will be united as two states and one people, by God’s leave, and leave a good mark on history.
Love gives people youth, health, joy and happiness. Hypocrites age in a very revolting way as they are loveless. Believers are always youthful.
Hypocrites are arrogant and snobbish. People abhor hypocrites like filth.
The only purpose of A9 TV is to love God and God’s creations; people, animals and plants.
God’s religion has always existed since the time of the Prophet Adam. There were a few differences in their practices but in essence, all of them were Islam.
Science does not advance in the traditionalist orthodox system because it is based on superstitions and anti-intellectualism. The Qur’an, on the other hand, commands us to think.
When hypocrites go to join the ranks of the unbelievers, they certainly get their due and end up alienated because they are very ignominious and filthy creatures.
There are good and evil people in every country. May God make every oppressor ineffective and give victory to the good people.
God creates everything with wisdom, with hidden knowledge and a good purpose. There are so many good reasons and much wisdom behind the existence of pain and suffering in this world.

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Arrogance is a type of mental illness. Those who are unable to realize their own weaknesses and still act arrogantly cannot be considered as reasonable beings.
Hospitals should look like palaces in terms of both hygiene and beauty. They should not be cold, sterile places.
No one likes this loveless and cold life where no one says, ‘Hi’ to one another. Everyone is looking for love but they steer clear of one another.
The qualities of a woman that I find the most attractive are her wisdom, her passion, her cleanliness, having a strong enthusiasm in her soul and her love and fear of God.
Patience is not endurance: Patience is being determined in good morality.
Using colors from nature in decor would be refreshing.
People have a tendency towards argument and conflict. With love, there would be no basis for conflict.
Using social media is useful for children to learn about the world but it is important for them to be physically active and mobile by doing sports.
President Erdoğan is a very decent person who has dedicated himself to God. He is defending Turkey’s honor in the best way.
While asking for something good, it is not right to make comparisons. For instance, it’d be wrong to say, ‘Why help the elderly but not the young?’ It could be easily misunderstood.
Miracles do not take place in a way that would remove the free will of one’s mind, but in a way that people would find reasonable.
Moral support is important for cancer patients. They can get better with moral support and of course, high-quality treatment. Providing financial aid to cancer patients and their families is extremely important.
When we look attentively, we can see that the world is a high quality dream.
Hypocrites try to appear like busy people always doing important things, but their lives are completely empty. They are like hallow logs inside.
Hypocrites are deranged beings who strive to attack Muslims and yet seek to benefit from the resources of Muslims at the same time.
Turkey does not need Britain or other countries to give counsel about her domestic affairs. Turkey is a state that knows what to do when.

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The system of the dajjal is the name of the system, which removes love, mercy, justice – which means everything beautiful - and advocates all that is evil.
Poverty is specially organized by a worldwide committee with an aim to make a handful of people rich without any effort.
In fact, it is a grave misdeed and immorality to live thinking only about one's self.
Only with the morality of the Qur'an will it be possible to avoid egotism.
How nice it is that God exists. How nice it is that He has Infinite Wisdom. How nice it is that God wants our sincerity and shows us the easiest way for salvation.
God gives difficulties to His servants whom He loves in order to deepen their faith and love, and to let them bear witness their own love.
Love of God is what defines my life. Love of God is what I value the most.
The fear of future can be defeated with faith and the system of guardianship described in the Qur’an.
We need to ask for salvation for everyone. This will happen with the system of the Mahdi.
Modernity is one of the most important characteristics of believers.
Love and passion are like a flower; difficult to protect and doing so requires patience, bigheartedness, loyalty, fear and love of God and a sense of protection.
Hypocrites are basically dead inside. Muslims abhor seeing hypocrites.
My goal is love; that is the real goal of Islam and the Qur’an.
Elderly people should live with their loved ones and families, not in nursing homes.
Belief in God is tried to be put away through Darwinist education while aesthetics, arts and beauties are being annihilated with the traditionalist orthodox understanding of religion. It is the system of the Mahdi that will solve this conundrum.
Democratic rights and freedoms in Turkey are much better compared to other countries and are getting even better.

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Listening to music and dancing is religiously lawful according to the Qur’an and women are allowed to adjust their décolleté according to the situation they are in.
Bees building perfectly shaped honeycombs and producing honey is enough for one to believe in God
The beauty and freedom of women would prevent the advances of homosexual propaganda.
Being sincere, just, reasonable, persuadable and determinedly loyal are my best qualities.
God gives youth and health to those who truly serve religion.
The amazing harmony, mathematical precision and perfect symmetry in the universe - and the impossibility of ‘non-existence’ - are clear proofs of God’s Existence.
I am against the British Deep State, not the British people.
God is the Sole Power Who shows us all the images we see on the screen in front of us that we call our ‘lives’ and creates the destiny of these images.
I am not a prejudiced person: I never stray away from the line of the Qur’an, justice, mercy and compassion.
The British Deep State supports the traditionalist orthodox understanding of Islam in Muslim countries with all their might because that is how they destroy these countries.
I feel safe everywhere because I put my trust in God and submit completely to God.
People will have many bodies in Heaven; they will have one soul but multiple bodies. Just like both of our arms are controlled by one soul in this world, all of those bodies will be controlled by one soul in Heaven.
Jealousy is one of those negative feelings given in this world like anger and hatred. In Heaven there will be no jealousy.
Having expectations of protection from talismans and good-luck charms have no place in Islam.
God grants love to those who say, “My Lord, I am madly in love with You. Bless me with Your beautiful manifestations, I am in need of every blessing You wish to grant."

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The only secret to life is being in love with God.
Every day I spend is festive and beautiful because I live with the love of God.
God is leading the whole world in the direction of the Mahdi (pbuh).
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